Friday, January 30, 2004

Everything is spiritual

This is Friday night. Time seems to move much faster lately. Because of this perception, I sometimes have a great sense of urgency for my spiritual development. I often feel that the progress is too slow, too many distractions and wasted energy.

But then I remember what Dr. Parker said "Doing what you need to do is what you have to do for your spiritual growth". What he is saying is that whatever life throws at you, you have total acceptance, those are the lessons that you need to learn. Nothing is really trivial in our spiritual pursuit. Meditation is important, but getting along with others, paying attention to our family affairs, even doing dishes everyday with happy attitude all have bearing on our spiritual progression. TNG is coming up in 2 minutes. This concludes my journal tonight.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Wheel of life and death

For the last three days, my father's condition has gone through roller coaster ride. Thanks to my brother Albert and my sister Ming Tsai, things need to be taken care of were taken care of. They went to hospital with mom almost everyday. They took care of communicating to doctor the condition of my father. I was able to come to work everyday to take care of demanding budget crunch.

Right now, my father's condition is considered stabilized.

I still do my meditation at night for an hour. There is not much internal progress lately. I did a lot of contemplating about life, about death. I tried to tell my mom what I have learned about death and dying. Yes, theoretically, I can be very detached and very logical, yes according to the mystical experience death supposed to be a glorious time when we shed our densed physical body and be free from the material demand of our daily grind. I bet we all have dealt with birth and death countless times. Strange thing is we couldn't remember any of this. We are experiencing perpetual wheel of birth and death and seem never are able to wake up from that.

This reminds me of one episode in TNG, the starship was in a disrupted time continuum, they were actually caught in a loop. They were performing tasks again and again never seem to be aware of their dire situation. But gradually, there were some members had a faint memory of what they had been through. With enough awareness of the situation, they finally found a way out of it.

I believe People on the path of spiritual development are actually gradually gaining awareness of our situation. We are normally won't get too caught up of our daily life. We perform our duties diligently, but not attach too much on result or outcome. We are more relaxed and are able to let go most of the situation with ease and with peace of mind. For me, I am able to see the divinity of every one that I come in contact. When I can see God in everyone and everything, everything seems to flow much more smoothly. That is not to say that I am perfect in every way. I just have better part of my day filled with love, peace and harmony.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

OBE floating above the airplane

For the last two days, Saturday and Sunday, I worked for the budget project at work.
Last night, I tried to meditate but then I aborted it because I had to get up early in the morning. After that, I had a very hard time falling asleep, then suddenly I had a spontaneous OBE. I remember I was floating for quite sometime, and also remember floating above an airplane. When my consciousness was back to my senses, I also had other type of experiences. At that point, I reminded myself to be sure to record in the journal 3 different experiences, but unfortunately, I could not remember the other two experiences when I woke up this morning.

But, I was happy to have spontaneous OBE again.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Know oneself through meditation

Even though my job is quite demanding this time of the year, I still managed to do my 40 minutes meditation during lunch hour. I started by using guided meditation and then I immediately abandoned it and did my own. There are moments that I felt the energy surge around the upper part of my head, like forehead, crown chakra area. It is a very interesting sensation.

During this meditation, I asked my higher self about my past life. Even though I didn't have any insight on this meditative session, but I felt that I can have any questions answered if I just keeping up my meditation. After all, most of Jonathan Parker's esoteric knowledge came from his meditation. So, we are the universe, we only need to turn within, the answer is there waiting for the aspirant to tap into it.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Dad was sent to Arcadia Hospital for emergency

Tonight, about 7:00pm, mom got a call from my brother saying that dad is sent to Arcadia hospital for emergency due to the trouble breathing. I wish him well. Mom and Albert went to hospital half an hour ago. I am praying the Mantra : "OM MANI PAD ME HUM" continuously and silently telling my dad to go to the light if he decide to go home.

I have listened to the Jonathan Parker's "Life beyond Life" tape album. I have also read several books about death and dying. I just hope my dad has the chance to consciously experience the incredible love, light and joy of union with God when he is ready to go.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

"The Magic of number 7"

Today is the Chinese New Year Eve, This year is the year of monkey. Whatever that means.
I ask my guide to give me a number for the symbol of this year, 7 is the number.

This is the meaning of number "7":

There is a supreme power in this number. Get ready for a flight to heaven where all is possible. The doors are always open. You will gain further understanding of all of the angel that exists within you.
It is time to conquer all negativity. You will be helping others through counsel and actual physical help.
Others will see you as a shining diamond of strength, compassion and love. As others meet you they will truly feel embraced by the light.

Monday, January 19, 2004

All Is Well

I went to Oralin to ask the dream that I had this morning, this is the answer:
"Soon, it will all become crystal clear. The answers you have been waiting for will reveal themselves to you. You will smile with understanding. You will see that the path you have taken has happened for a reason. You will see the foundation that you have laid out is solid."

Unsettling dream, a reflection of subconscious mind

Last night, I went to bed after my routine one hour meditation 11:45pm, then around 4:35am I was suddenly awake, so I got up, walked around and read another 20 minutes. I then went to bed 5:00am. When I was alarmed around 6:45am, I felt very tired and had an unsettling dream. Instead of moving into a nicer home as I hoped, I moved into a place like a market place. Many people shared the common washing room, people can get into my home and steal my things. I was anxious and remembered I couldn't get up until after 8:45am, and found out my cell phone was stolen so I can't call my boss. It was not a happy dream. But the dream was much more vivid than others.

This method is supposed to induce lucid dream. The technique is sleep for 6 hours or so and fully wake up for 20 to 30 minutes then get to bed again. Some people claimed that you can easily have lucid dream this way. I did not believe my dream was lucid, because when I woke up I was glad it was a dream. I did not have any control of the content. This dream was clearly indicating my sense of insecurity about something. What is it that I felt insecure about, I don't know.

With over 3 years walking on the path of spiritual development, I would hope I have gained certain degree of control of my mental faculties. But my subconscious mind is still elusive. I can understand the difficulty of getting into and clearing many years of negative programming, cluttered thought forms and unwanted emotional baggage. The most challenging part is that we do not know they are there. But day in and day out, they are influencing, conditioning and limiting our daily living experiences. That is why most of the self help book will not work. In order to un-clutter our deepest storage house , we need to meditate, guided or not. In this sense, Jonathan Parker's Enlightenment Series have helped me a great deal. I am now able to meditate with tape or on my own. This concludes today's journal.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Should I attend Dr, Parker's seminar or not?

This morning I got a package from Dr. Jonathan Parker regarding the advanced spiritual development seminars. I felt that before the end of his journey I should meet my Master at least once. But the real reason I should attend his seminar is that I will expand my consciousness much faster if I am learning in the presence of a Master, and I get to be certified of being an "Advanced spiritual Counselor" if I take class number 6. I have been thinking of getting into the counseling profession in order to fulfill my obligation to humanity for having the opportunity to receive esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

It certainly stirred my anxiety. The class is not cheap, $995.00 excluding room and board. So the total expense will be about $1,500 or more when everything is included. Should I or should I not? I am debating within myself. The class #6 will be held on May 23-May 28 of 2004, the timing is perfect. But with my financial situation, I will have to "borrow" money to attend the class. Should I or should I not? I guess I will meditate on it.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Could it be possible that Dad is astral travel while being unconscious?

This morning I went to see my dad in the convalescent home. He is getting weaker and is very thin. Most of the time he is unconscious and drifted off to sleep. I looked at him and the knowledge and wisdom of death and dying is flooding into my thought.

Dr. Jonathan Parker once said, there is a huge difference between what death looks like and what death feels like. Although my dad is still living, I have a sense that he is ready to go home. From the vantage point of my mom, my brother and sisters and me, he looks like he is suffering a great deal. We feel sorry for our dad. But from many of my out of body experiences and from the books I read, I could not help but think, the time my dad is unconscious, that could be the time he is out of body and exploring the galaxy, the stars and other dimensions. The soul knows all things, sometimes the person in the process of dying would go out to soul travel to prepare his (her) new home. He will briefly visit his relatives who are now not in the earth plane of existence, sort of getting acquainted of his future surroundings. It sounds far-fetched for people never have experienced one's true essence. From my OBE of flying through a great wall, I know that my true essence can't get hurt in any way, bullet proof, and eternal.

Most of time, people overly identify themselves externally. We spent enormous amount of time shopping, getting beautiful dresses, dieting to be thin, getting an enviously looking car, houses, jewelries, but sleep walk on the most important aspect of our life. Yet the desires are endless, so are our incarnation to this earth plane of existence.

Thanks to Dr. Parker's Enlightenment Series, I have awakened sufficiently to know the wisdom and knowledge of our existence, and in the process of transcending the "Birth and Death of life's merry-go-round". Whether I can accomplish it in this lifetime or not, I fully enjoy the process.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Meet up my Higherself through meditation

I really did not have much to say in today's journal. I woke up feeling tired. I knew that I have dreamed, but the content eluded me.

The meditation in my lunch hour was very refreshing. I probably have passed the stage of sensing just sweetness. I felt the expansiveness of my consciousness, I can almost feel that there is an energy field floating inside my forehead. My ability to concentrate seems to increase. I was able to move into the state of quietness quickly. That was a great improvement.

I remember when I first meditate without guidance, I had great difficulty maintaining quietness. The past impressions, people and events moved in and out of my thought constantly. To even sit for half an hour was a daunting task. Practice makes perfect. I know I am still far from perfect. There are so much to learn and so much to experience in our inner world that I felt there is not enough time for me to accomplish what I would like to accomplish.

But then, I know better. For the past two years, I have literally read may be close to 50 books about subject like, death and dying, metaphysics, soul travel, lucid dream, meditation, reach higher consciousness, all these books have a common theme. We are ETERNAL, we are IMMORTAL, we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS THAT HAVE HUMAN BODIES. Also, many of my astral journey are first hand experience of my true essence. So, from the vantage point of my true essence, there is no time and no space. In the sense we can take eons for our spiritual development and no one can have any objection.

But the more I know what I know, the more I have a sense of urgency toward my goal. I might have lived many lifetimes, I might have lived in many centuries, but every time, I have passed the river of forgetfulness, I just did not have any memory of it. It took me almost 49 earth years of this incarnation to have a glimpse of this profound knowledge and wisdom. I am very thankful that I finally did have a chance to meet myself and discover who I really am.

With a great deal of help from Dr. Jonathan Parker's Enlightenment Series, I have stepped onto this journey of "Man, know yourself, then you will know the universe and the Gods". I now cherish every moment and every day. Every day and every moment is a learning and fun experience. I got very excited just to have a lunch break, because during that 45 minutes, I am meeting my HIGHER SELF, the aspect of me that KNOWS ALL, and SEES ALL. This concludes today's journal.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Meditation on deceased relatives!

Last night, I had a very strange experience after I had done my one hour meditation. I had a distinct feeling that my consciousness was floating without going anywhere. I was just floating up and down several times and then stopped.

During lunch hour I worked on the guided meditation about meeting my relatives who were no longer in the physical plane of existence. I did not believe I have mentally contacted them, but I had a vivid kind of dialogues in that session. My interpretation is that I have preconceived notion of each personality, therefore my dialogue was from my prior experience with them while they were in the physical dimension, even the persona seemed to be vivid and lively. It was a good experience.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Clear light of reality

During the lunch hour, I worked on guided meditation about journey toward merging with "Clear light of reality" and then extended to my own meditation. For that 45 minutes, I felt like my consciouness was being extended upward and outward. If time allowed me to extend another half hour, I would probably have a lot deeper experience. But it was still wonderful.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Am I intuitive?

I got the tape album of "Life beyond Life" from Jonathan Parker last night. I had a chance to listen to the first tape this morning and during lunch hour. Basically I know most of what he is talking about. I am looking forward to a more in-depth discussion and his meditative part of the program.

Last night, I did not have any experience at all in terms of astral travel or lucid dream. I did work on some of the meditation in "Intuitive" program. On several occasions, I also worked on my intuitive abilities, tried to guess which elevator door will be the one open next, who is calling me, even the last digit of my gas meter reading. Well, so far the score is ZIP! But I know this ability takes time to develop. I will continue.

Monday, January 12, 2004

My out-of-body experiences!

Last night I had an OBE (Out of Body) experience. I clearly saw myself just floated out of wall.

The strange thing about my OBE is the place I went was never the one that I can recognize in my waking hours. For the last two years, I might have more than dozens of OBE experience, once I flew over a snow capped mountain, when I went back to my bed, I felt a chill all over as if I just came back from that place physically. The other time, I flew over an expansive water, somewhere like New York's Manhattan area. I saw the night scenery in the beautiful Manhattan area, then I again I can't be too sure that was that.

Some of them were quite educational. Once I was chased by my enemy, I thought I was well hidden, suddenly I found myself being discovered by him. He was about to use arrow to shoot me down, at that horrifying instant, my consciousness (or may be my soul) was out of my body, so in a way I escaped the painful death that I was about to face. When I was back, the first question that came to my mind was, " Have I died?", since I never looked back to my body, I was not sure.

So may times I have contemplated of what people called , "Horrifying death" or "traumatic death". Is it possible, most of the stories we heard might not be what appear to be? In the moment of pending danger, often times or not, our souls know what will happen next, and we might have just bailed out in the last minute before the impact. Yes, the bodies would look horrible, gruesome distorted figures, blood all over. But that could be just the physical appearance only. The truth is that our consciousness might have already gotten out of that body before the painful impact.

Last night I had a very different experience in my OBE. I felt that I wasn't floating on my own, there was some kind of invisible hand that directing it. I went to dark places, then when I was back, I complained to my "HIGHER SELF". I said to "IT", "What was the point of going to the places that look insignificant?" How about travel to Grand Canyon, cruise over Hawaii or go deep into the Volcano so that I got inspirational scenery and expand my traveling experience? I know there must be a purpose for my OBE.

But what I really want to experience is to be my "HIGHER SELF", the part of me that knows all and sees all. How about to experience seeing the "CLEAR LIGHT OF VOID", the merging of self to the infinite light and love of "GOD"? The experience must be mind-boggling. I only need to experience it and then I will know it. This concludes today's journal.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

A teaching from enlightened teacher, Dr. Jonathan Parker

Well, I feel so much better today. Saturday & Sunday mornings' are always beautiful. The time truly belongs to myself. I got some nice sunlight, and did half an hour Holosync meditation tape to get to theta brain wave, and then work on the Jonathan parker's "open up intuitive abilities" tape.

I feel the greatest thing that has ever happen to me is to meet (not in person) Jonathan Parker. His entire enlightenment experience are all displayed in the Enlightenment Series. But he is also a very humble master. He said one time "Do you think that it is a blind chance that you listen to me? not at all, you have been led to the source of enlightenment, and I am only a channel to bring the knowledge and wisdom to you, I am glad to do that, because I love it myself" Yes, nothing that happens is truly random.

I believe for all these years searching ( even though I was searching for a completly different thing), I finally found the true knowledge that struck me deep in my soul. The knowledge and wisdom I learned from Dr. Parker resonate deep into my consciousness.

My journey started in January 2001. At the time I was ill and had a minor surgery. But at the same time I also had a chance to get hold of "The Pathway to Mastership" course. For the two weeks of my "leave of absence" from work, I have embarked on this journey. I spent most of the waking moment to listen to the tapes. I thought (and I still think) this is my mission in life. TO REACH ENLIGHTENMENT, TO ATTAIN CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS (COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS).

The journey was not easy, with most of time spent on a job and family, I will have to find time to listen to the tape, practice what I have learned in my daily living, watch my own thoughts and do the meditation. It is handful. But I love it every moment of it. I was very excited when Dr. Parker said that I have contacted with my higher self. I should consider myself blessed for many people spent a lifetime to get to this point. I am greateful.

Hopefully, I would make even greater progress in the year 2004. Let's stay tuned!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Increase my intuitive abilities!

After almost a week's ravaging flu symptoms, I finally feel much better.

I have started the "Intuitive Counselor Training" course. This time I will take time to listen each tape thoroughly, and I will work on each meditative session for at least ten times before I go on the next meditation. Practice makes Perfect.

Repetition is the best method of learning. With enough repetition, the concept, idea or practice will deeply ingrained in our subsconcious mind. Once the idea and concept seep deeply in our subconscious mind, then it becomes habit. We are creatures of habit. In order to change ourself permanently, we need to have concept and idea to take root in that part of our mind.

So I am working on the first tape of "Intuitive Counselor Training" course. I will keep progress report in this journal. My goal is that within 6-month I like to sharpen my intuitive abilities by may be 30% more?
Let's see what will happen!
I accidentally posted the same material twice of today's journal. Ignore either the first or the second one will do.

Finally, a connection - an email confirmation from Dr. Parker

For months, I have very strange sensational meditative experience. The sensation will flow from my head to my body, I felt a bit uncomfortable, and there is a sense of sweetness in it. In a way, I look forward to it, and yet feeling not comfortable about it. After the meditation, I can not go back to sleep, I would be awake for hours. I had the same kind of sensation about two night's ago. I therefore decided to ask Dr. Jonathan parker. Here is his response and it certainly looks like a good thing.

Dear Ming,

From what you explained in your email it sounds to me that you experienced a connection with the God Presence...which may also be called the Higher Self or Soul. There is a definite sense of Presence about it when it comes to the surface, and it is usually the most intense the first few times it happens, and, yes, it can keep you awake at night. Most people welcome it and even look forward to it. After some time (weeks or months) you adjust to it and your experience can then shift more into bliss or euphoria. After a bit more time (weeks or months), you will shift higher and enter a very deep stillness and peace.

The best way to deal with it is to surrender to it. You can repeat softly to yourself, "I surrender and release all resistance." Repeat this like a mantra for a few minutes and then observe the energy filling you. By bringing your attention to different parts of your body, the energy will fill it and dissolve or heal issues there. You can also bring up issues you may be working on and the energy will help dissolve and heal them. You could also do other mantras at this time to bring the experience in more fully or alter the frequency. The mantras I most recommend are those with an "ahhh" sound, such as Rama, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, Ahh-ooom. so-ham, or others. The "ahhh" sound helps open the heart to the God Presence. As you do this you should keep your focus on the center of your chest. You can put one or both hands over this area and you will feel the presence expand.

If you find the sensation uncomfortable, you may be able to diminish the effect by getting up and doing something active, although if it happens in the middle of the night I can see this may not be convenient or desired. Because the energies are quieter at night these experiences are more common then. For this reason some people on spiritual paths intentionally wake up and do meditations between 2 - 4 a.m.

In time it will come more under your control and you will be able to turn it on and off whenever you want, but in the beginning it often takes a person by surprise and comes over them at random times. It's a good thing that many people work a lifetime to achieve. Consider yourself blessed.

With love & light,


Thursday, January 08, 2004

A "Go" to develop intuition!

Just about 10 minutes ago, I ask my higher self about the decision that I made to develop my intuitive abilities. I went to Oralin's instant reading, here is what I got for an answer: "Appreciate the good things in life, there is more to come. Count your blessings and give thanks to a Higher Power filled with Light and Love for all the good in your life. Open your arms to the goodness and be filled with the wonders of life."

I think it is encouraging. I will keep progress reports on my development of intuitive abilities.

A volition for learning and growing spiritually

I am very glad to be out of office for two days. Actually, I am quite happy to be back to work also. Sounds Controversial? It is not.

Sometimes it is just great to be sick once for a long while. In those two days, I were having many different emotions. I went through frustration, questioning my life's mission and purpose, got comfort from some quote that seemed to embalm my restless soul to the elation of my mood. This morning I was quite happy on the way to work. I was having great hope and know what I need to do.

Life isn't really that bad. For me, it is all about learning and growing. I don't see much negativity in almost anything. I see my illness as an opportunity to reflect and unwind. I go with the flow most of the time. I am not being bothered by other people's attitude. I can honestly say that I can truly see the greatness in everyone that I come in contact. After all, we are "God in the making".

I also decided to develop my intuitive abilities. I don't have much to start with. But if the path of enlightenment encompasses elimination of Ego, Transmutation of consciousness and helping others spiritually, then developing intuitive abilities would not be in conflict with what I like to accomplish. I am going to start working on the materials in the "Intuitive Counselor Training course".

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Climb to the top of the mountain!

"Don't give up. Believe in yourself. Have faith in all you have been told. Persevere. Keep going.
Climb to the top of the mountain. Plant the flag of success. You can do anything you want to do. Success is your middle name."

Isn't this quote beautiful? I shall remember it by heart. Yes, I shall not give up, I shall climb to the top of the mountain.
The answer is from within!

Another reading for my question is the following: "Some deep thinking is needed. Take time to meditate to bring things into perspective and to gain understanding. Look deep within your soul for the answer. It is found there, like a pearl waiting to be discovered."

I will take the advice to meditate on it.
"A crossroad of intuitive training and spiritual development"

With the headstart of getting a flu, I feel that there are some areas of my life need a little work out. For example, I never like my home much, it is always dark and cold regardless the weather outisde of home. And there is a career that I have in accounting. I tolerated and did my very best in every situation. I need an answer. So, I went to the Website 'Oralin" for some advice.

I ask a question about my frustration, here is what it said:" It's time to get serious. Self discipline is needed at this time. It's time to put 100% effort into the situation. Consider taking action to move forward." Now what is that mean? Well, it said to take action.

To take an action looking for another home is not terribly out of line, it just need to take a bigger mortgage. But to take an action on career change, I absolutely have no clue. I never really like accounting, but with many years traning and my age, I don't see how I can switch my career in counseling.

I did take Jonathan Parker's "Intuition Counseling Training" course, but I got nowhere with that program. In the mid of the program I started to realize I have tripped off course of my main goal: To reach Enlightenment, to reach Christ or Cosmic Consciousness. So, I continue my journal without developing the counseling skills.

Now, my question is can I develop this skill and still walk on the path to enlightenment at the same time?
I am going to ask another question to find out the answer. So, I tell myself to stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Many Lives, Many Masters -A Book

I have re-read the book "Many Lives and Many Masters", I believe this book is still a classic for the people in search of enlightenment. There are many spiritual gems in the book. From the book we can defer the fact that we have been many people, living in many different countries, experienced in many centuries even lived in many dimentions. It is mind boggling. Jonathan Parker's piercing illusions also stated that his meditation took him beyond space, beyond time and beyond physical dimension. I will elaborate this point a bit later for I am going to get on the internet search at this time.
A state of Plateau!

I started the day by calling sick this morning. I then went out for a light breakfast. Sometimes it feels good to just relax a day by doing nothing. I did try the meditation a little, but I felt I lack of concentration, so I got into a meditative sleep. I have requested many books from Library but none has arrived.

This afternoon I did a guided meditation calling on master teacher's guidance. I did not receive any messages or gain any insight. I am now probably in the state of plateau in terms of my spiritual growth. Just as Dr. Jonathan parker had predicted, we will all reach a state of no growth or plateau on this path. According to him, this is a stage of intergrating of all the knowledge, experiences and wisdom you have learned before the next ascend. I hope he is right.

I will trust my higher self to present higher level teachings to come to me, in the meantime, I will meditate, being the best person I possibly can be, read, affirm my oneness with God.

Monday, January 05, 2004

"A dream with an embarrassing scenario"

Last night I practiced the technique of lucid dreaming. I went to bed at around 12:00pm, set an alarm to wake up at 4:00am, then I read a book called " Recovering Soul" for about 15 minutes. But I had trouble sleeping after that. I did have a very bizzare dream. I am sure I was not conscious and aware because I would have reacted very different if I knew this was a dream. I couldn't even mention this dream in this journal because it was too weird and a bit embarrassing. I have contemplated the dream scenario, hoping to understand the message it bring. I believe it was some kind of subconcious testing. During the scenario, I was able to focus on what he was trying to tell me instead of being annoyed by his unexpected behavior.

Since I did not sleep too well, today I felt I have developed flu symptom. I tried to fend off by taking Advil, vitamin c and cough drops. I decided to take it easy tonight.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

"Lucid Dreaming Technique"

For the last two weeks, I have not been doing enough of meditation. I did try to work on lucid dreaming, the technique of having full 6 hours sleep, fully wake up for 10 to 30 minutes, and back to sleep seemed to have potential. The first time I tried this technqiue, I was able to recall my dream. I will continue working on this.

Since "Dream is the royal road to the knowledge of the mind", it is definitely worthwhile to work on understanding myself, on conscious level and subconscious level as well.

"A Beginning"

I have just created my blog page. I will start using this posting to record and reflect my inner journey in search of reaching highest frequency, vibration, awareness and consciousness.