Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tumbling down the stairs

Around noon time yesterday, I got into the routine of doing my running fast downstairs and excited about the meditation that followed after my brief 15 minute lunch.

I was thinking about something and did not pay much attention while I flew down, and in a split second I found myself tumbling, and rolling downhill unable to stop on the 12 steps of concrete stairs. I finally stopped at the third base and heard the water bottle that I held in my hand precipitated down yet another flight of stairs below to the last base. I was shocked when it was over. It took me more than several minutes to get back up, I felt hurt on my knee, and I rolled up the pant and immediately saw several good size scrapes on my knee.

What happened? I can't remember how did it start? I missed the step? All that I remember was that while I rolled down the stairs, I thought to myself, wow! you weren't walking down, you were tumbling down. The sensation was quite unique, profound and shocking.

I was lucky that I did not break some bones in the process. I was able to walk and go back to my office and report to safety committee. I was grateful that my company sent me immediately (safety officer even ask me whether I need an ambulance or not) to St. Jude hospital several miles down the 57 freeway. I was taken good care of, the X-ray was taken on both of my knee, the scrapped knee was cleaned and bandaged, blood pressure measured, temperature normal, got a tetanus shot and I was released after an hour's ordeal.

The beautiful part is that I excused myself from work today and tomorrow. I am happy that I got a chance reading a book "South of the Clouds", interesting stories about China from the view point of foreign journalist, a perfect escape of drudgery and tedious office work.

I have learned a lesson, never run down the stairs, walk instead. But I will continue walk up the stairs as part of my exercise.

I like to think I can learn any lesson in any situation without any hard feeling, pointless regret or any kind of bitterness. I have come to understand that any incident that happens to us has a cause that may be hidden from view at the time , nonetheless, it is there. I am very grateful that I have only minor bruises and aftermath soreness, nothing serious. I do not even mention this incident to my mother cause I believe once I have learned the lesson then I just let go. There is no need to recounting the incident to anyone except I have mentioned to James, and James kept telling me I was lucky coming out of it without serious injury. I feel the same way indeed.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A journey of inner plane!

A week has passed, I have no dream experience. For some unknown reason, I seem to not remembering anything at all upon waking. In this past week, I also got back to my meditation routine in earnest. I will take my quick 15 minute lunch and settle for 45 to 50 minutes meditation. I felt refreshed and clear minded after that. I especially like the morning meditation. It is like clockwork, I will wake up between 4:35 to 5:35 am and settle for 1-2 hours meditation.

I have since finished reading "shadow Divers" and gone on the book "One Giant Leap" about the only astronaut that I can remember the name, Neil Armstrong. As I have shifted the selection of my reading from theory to experience, I increasingly enjoy especially the real life experience as opposed to novel. I have not come across a novel that can rival the detailed accounts of human inspirational spirit in overcoming obstacles and uplifting the mind and soul of the readers.

Life is a journey, but my journey is more focused on inner exploration as opposed to outer discovery. I have not one day forget reminding myself the possibilities of reaching the highest level of frequency, vibration, consciousness and awareness afford a man in this lifetime. If I desire enough, if I work hard enough, if I impress my subconscious enough, all these inner discovery and adventure are waiting to unfold. As a man think, so is he.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

OBE with chorus and children giggling!

I drove to visit someone. By the time I got midway, it was dark. I did not get to where I intended to go. Then, I found that my car was trapped in between two big trucks. I was not sure what to do. Then, there was a gentleman led me to his house. I am not sure why, but I waited in a room that had an altar. While I waited there, I saw a metal scrupture image of a man in the altar. Then the gentleman that led me to his house came in the room and woked up the metal sculpture. I was shocked and embarrassed of knowing he was a real person. I kept thinking, was I behaving appropriately while I was watching that sculpture? He seemed to have magical power.

Shortly afterwards, I floated up and down around my room, then headed across the window, while I was floating, I heard pleasing music and children's giggling sound. I felt that I was not the one that in charge of my flight. Several times, I felt a sharp turn and I immediately changed the direction of my float, almost like a roller coaster ride. I sensed there was an invisible force sending me on this journey. All the while, the singing and children's giggling continued. I woke up feeling very happy indeed.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Electricity, what is it?

Not much progress made on lucid dreaming project. In fact, I have not remembered my dreams for more than 3 weeks.

During the time, I have continued to work on my connection with univese, finished reading the "shadow Diver" and gone on reading "Electric Universe" as of now. As I have indicated in previous post, my book selection start to shift from theory to practical application of any known universal laws. Under previous inclination, I will not be interested in reading physics related material, but I found "Electric Universe" fascinating. As scientists gradually discovered many different aspects and properties of electricity, the application is infinitely expanding. We are taking granted the convenience of electricity in our modern society, that we seldom think about it at all. But looking back, we realized that many scientific breakthrough was the result of many decades (or even centuries) and many scientists relentless pursuit of their vision.

Now we live in a society that electricity infiltrate in every aspect of our life. We can't live without it anymore. Just a short two hundread years ago, we did not even know its existence.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Back to the square one

I have a feeling, I need to get back to square one again with my lucid-dreaming training. My recall ability is getting further behind. I have practically no memory of any dreams lately. That wasn't the case two to three weeks ago. Things are not happening. I went to bed every night with great anticipation, but got up in the morning with zero inspiration. I need to fire up my enthusiasm and instill a beginner's mind.

Think about when I started the lucid dreaming training, I was all excited and full of hope, but now the fire of enthusiasm is nearly extinguished. That is not good. "Lucid Dreaming in seven days", that seven day now stretches to months. How do I project my conscious awareness in my dreams? how? how? I wish I have the answer.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


It is a Saturday, I can spend whole day reading a fascinating book about discovery of WWII German U-boat, called: shadow divers from Robert Kurson. I got this non-fiction in Rowland Height library quite accidently. I was running short of my reading material. I started uninterested in theories, principles. I have read many inspirational books for last four years. Now I want different kind of reading material, I want to read the experience of life inself. The book took me to the heart of human spirit that have stretched my imagination.

With the story unfolded, the destiny have paved the way for two men obsessed to discover the identity of shipwreck 50 miles off the New Jersey coast. I am half way through the book, my spirit is uplifted with every page turn. I shall know the identity of the U-boat that lied in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in a few days.

In the meantime, my voyage for lucid dreaming seems to go no where. For a week, I don't have significant impression of my dreams, I have hit a void in my dream world. There must be a way to project my conscious awareness into my dream word, yet I have no idea how to do that. I still carry with me the vibrational alarm every day, every hour to remind me doing reality check. I fill my thought of fantasizing lucid dreaming often, and yet when I was dreaming, none of what I have done matters. Dream world is still off-limit to my conscious awareness.