Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why are we here? An article from

The Age-Old Questions of Life
“Why are we here?”
“What is the meaning of life?”

According to basic spiritual principles, we are individual expressions of Infinite Being and we are here to experience life. Each person is unique, and our purpose on Earth is to experience life from our own unique perspective. We are the eyes and ears, so to speak, of Infinite Being. You are here to experience your uniqueness, and to experience it as fully as possible. That way, you learn as much as possible from the experience of being who you are in this particular incarnation.

The Paradoxes

It is a paradox that everyone is here for the same reason and yet everyone has an individual purpose. Everyone is here to experience life as deeply as possible, and yet your individual purpose is to explore your unique character. Everyone, therefore, has an unique function within the infinite variety of Creation. Another paradox is the question of destiny versus freewill. People seem to have freewill, and yet, if destiny exists, wouldn’t pre-destiny cancel freewill? Not exactly. Here’s how it works. You planned your overall path through life before you were born. That life plan is your overall destiny, but the details of life leave plenty of room for freewill. You could even use your freewill to change your whole life plan, but then, why would you want to change your own life plan? The fact that your physical brain doesn’t remember your own pre-made plan doesn’t hinder the fact that it continues to unfold as time goes by. Your inner self, your soul, remembers your plan perfectly. One of the functions of your inner self is to give you hunches that you can follow. These hunches, when acted upon, assist you to explore your life’s potential to the fullest effect.

Meditators Have More Fun

Regular meditation keeps you in tune with your inner self and helps to guarantee that you get the most out of life by being in the right places at the right times. Then synchronicity can unfold in the form of meetings and events which support your life’s purpose. At a soul level, you are a member of an extended family of many hundreds of people. All of these people know and love you, so there are always ample opportunities available for incarnation through parents that you already know at a soul level. People usually choose lives where they can surround themselves with members of their extended soul family. People in the same soul family share common themes. They are in tune with your consciousness and therefore interested in the same issues and experiences in life. Before the Veil of Birth When it was time for you to incarnate into this life, you viewed several alternatives, including several possible sets of parents. Your final choice offered you the best opportunity to explore the activities and issues that you have been experiencing.

How much detail goes into planning an entire lifetime?

Destiny exists for the main events in your life – the major choices, events and connections in your life. Important relationships are carefully planned so that they have the best chance of happening. Your parents and your environment are chosen for how they will mold your life in the direction that you wish to explore. In the pre-life planning stage, you actually get to see how everything will turn out as you explore different alternatives and scenarios. Then you make your big choice. You say, “I’ll take Fred and Freda Smith as parents. I’ll be their baby boy, starting in 9 months when I get born. Until then I’ll hang around them in spirit, at least on and off, until it’s time to emerge and become a baby person. Then I’ll grow up in their family, attending that local elementary school. When they move to Phoenix as planned, I’ll go to high school there and meet my old buddy, who’ll be called Freddie, and he’ll be the same age as me. Sylvia’s family will move into town when I’m sixteen, and being her boyfriend will start to shape the direction of the rest of my life. We’ll go to the same college together and explore the idea that she will need me to support her while she goes on to medical school to become a doctor.” And so on, and so on, as the plan unfolds.

Themes, Issues, Adventures

Personal themes are planned for exploration in life, as well as soul family themes. Also, there are cultural themes and global issues, especially in today’s growing global awareness. One theme that society has been developing over the last few decades is the issue of liberation from the imbalance of a patriarchal society. At the same time, an even larger shift has been taking place – the shift from a consciousness of separation to one of integration. Separation of Consciousness has been the theme for thousands of years. We have separated into tribes, then countries and empires. We have separated ourselves by race, sex and religion. We have even separated our own consciousness, focusing it further into the external world and away from the inner light which is the very source of our consciousness.

One of the first differences that will be noticed as the world evolves towards integrated consciousness is that people will care more about their work. Most people today see their work as a means to an end, as a way to pay the bills and maybe get ahead a little. Tomorrow, people will work at what they love and they will care deeply about the quality of service that they provide, because they will care for their customers. Of course, there are people who work just like that today, but they are in the minority. Tomorrow, it will become the new standard, the new work ethic. Loving what you do and doing what you love. Basically, even when you’re knee-deep in issues, remember that the purpose of life is to transform reality and to have fun doing it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Projecting over Mediterranean towns - A Mind Travel Experience

I was not meditating too well, my mind was not as quite as yesterday morning's session, after about 45 minutes, I got back to sleep and remembered to affirm " I am dreaming....". After a little while, the vibration started and off I went floating up and out of my bedroom window. I floated in an expansive space, and saw a city dotted with red and white buildings.

I was conscious and aware and remember myself silently affirming that I like to go to Himalaya mountain. But my intention did not translate into changing my travel direction. I was still floating and observing the scenery down below. Gradually I descended down and landed on the street next to a small booth selling animal toys. While I was landing I saw two toy tigers locking head to head fighting with each other and when I landed next to it, I said to them "stop fighting" as if they are real. As soon as I landed, I was back to my physical senses and the scenery faded.

When I was back to my senses, I immediately labeled the city that I was traveling as Mediterranean cities. Well, the strange thing is I have never been in Mediterranean Sea or cities. In my conscious awareness, I do not know how they look like, but I was certain that was the city in that mind projection.

I like to point out that my experience is more like mind projection than astral travel. when most people astral project, they have the conscious awareness of their body, some people can see and feel their hands, feet and other part of body, and they often turn around on top of the ceiling and are able to look at their physical body lying on bed.

For me, I never feel any connection with a body, I never see or even desire to see myself. The way of my out-of-body experience feels more like energy, mind or spirit that was traveling. My awareness at mind project feels exactly the same as when I am physically aligned.

With many mind project experiences, I have long realized that the essence of me is not the eyes, face, hands or figure that I am presenting to the world. These are but the temporary shelter for my soul, the essence of me lies in my consciousness, my awareness.

Like many of my mind projects, I do not have control of where I am going. I just go with the flow. And even if I stated in my mind where I like to go, it does not change anything, so basically I am not in charge of my mind project.

What if I can be in full control of my flight plan? Then the world, my backyard, and the universe, my playground.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

In a thousand years or in an instant

A week has passed. During the week, I am following my routine. I am reading a book called: "The Mind Accelerator". Not very surprisingly the first phase is about mind conditioning and identity restructuring. I am familiar with using affirmation in alpha and Theta brainwave state to reprogram our mind for optimal performance. After so many years engaging in self improvement program , I believe there is a common thread on all the self help program. The common denominator is meditation.

Before meditation can be effective, one must undergo a good program to understand how life works, what is the force behind all the seeming accidents, illnesses, violence, tragedies, traumas as well as happiness, fulfillment, peace and joy. In this sense, I am grateful for Jonathan Parker's Enlightenment Series and The Pathway for Mastership program. They lay the foundation and instill in my consciousness the growing seeds of knowledge and wisdom. With the seeds planted solidly underground, the meditation serve as water, sunlight and fertilizer.

With last several years self training, I am able to maintain conscious awareness in that state for one and half hours, the maximum for me is two hours. The quality of meditation is just as important as the quantity of meditation. I admit, there was always an uphill battle for stilling one's mind. With the hustles and bustles of modern society, the stillness of the mind is a much more difficult task to do than the ancient time when life was much simpler.

Meditation is a slow but sure way to enlightenment. Each session of meditation pierces a layer of illusions of what we call life. Gradually and eventually, our true self shines all around, we are one with the infinite universal mind. Yes, it might take a thousand years, or it may happen in a instant.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mind project into industrial compound

After one and half hour's meditation, I layed down and relax, within may be several minutes, the familiar sensation of vibration forcefully eject my consciousness up into the air, this time the energy seemed to be stronger than usual, I was not just float, I was gripped in a powerful energy field that snapped me out of my body into the direction of my bedroom ceiling.

Before I hit the ceiling, I halted abruptly before it, and I saw images I can only describe that it is like a sponge magnified in 10,000 times or so. There are huge space between the elements of ceiling material, the ceiling is essentially not as solid looking as it usually look. My consciousness then suddenly back off from celing and then speed up to approach it several times.

I got brave the last time, I stretch out my hand to touch the ceiling, but I felt nothing, as if it is just an empty and hollow space. I then journey out of ceiling and into outdoor. I flew through the space and then I was landed in the area looked like industrial compound. I saw concrete boulders all over. Just when I thought, "what am I going to do in this place", I came back to my senses.

When I got back to my senses, I was contemplating the images that I saw of my bedroom ceiling. According to quantum physics, matter is energy, they are not just exchangeable, they are one and the same.

Last time that I mind projected, I saw the granite texture of my ceiling, this time of projection, I believe my consciousness has become more refined and aware, I saw the texture of ceiling as hollow like quantum physics's atom. Expansive space between the material. My astral hand is an energy field that can pass through the wall.

In the realm of astral is as in the realm of spirit, I am a spirit, a forceful energy field, that can fly through the wall and penetrate any solid material.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Carl Jung -Dreams, Memories, Reflections

I finally read Carl Jung's autobiography, "Memories, dreams and reflections". For years, Carl Jung's name and his works flashes in my mental screen many many times. Books of psychology, metaphysics and mythology all have Carl Jung's trademark in it, but I lacked the courage to read it because I thought it will be difficult for me to understand. It turned out that his biography is not theoretical, but full of his many interesting inner experiences. A very interesting and inspiring read. I personally can relate some of his dreams and mind project experiences

He was a giant in psychology for the early Twenties Century. It is absolutely a must read for people who are interested in psychology and mythology.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A live band, playing and singing of "The way we were" - Astral travel music

After one-hour meditation this morning, I went back to sleep affirming, and reaffirming, " I am lucid in my dream". About 15 to 20 minutes later, I heard live, full-band Jazz music playing as if I was there in the studio, I was enjoying it. When the Jazz is over, the band started playing the song "The way we were", there was loud applause from the audience when the singing just started. It was chorus, several singers taking turns to sing, it was beautiful and I was so moved that I was almost in tear in the middle of the singing. Gradually the song faded and I was back to my senses.

It was a very interesting experience, for the whole time I did not have any visual impression, I heard the band playing, the singer singing but I can't see them. It is possible that I was so absorbed with the music that I could not care less for seeing anything.

This is not a strange experience for me. Several times in the past, when I was mind projecting, I will hear music while I was floating in the air.

From this experience and many similar experiences that I have, I suspect the phenomenan has something to do with range of perception of a meditator. Now, we need to ask, what is reality? Are there any other reality except the waking reality? I can use analogy of radio tuning. There is whole range of radio stations that we can tune ourself in and listen to many different kinds of program, the waking reality is one station that our conscious mind can tune in. There are many levels of consciousness embodied in our mind. With training and practice, meditation broaden the range of perception and enables the mind to tune into other stations. In the sense, there is nothing mysterious about it.

When we quiet the mind, enter into a state of expanded awareness, we are always pleasantly surprized by the experience that we encounter. When I went back to sleep, I was expecting some kind of dream scenario, never have I expected a live band playing so beautifully, a very pleasant surprise indeed.