Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A live band, playing and singing of "The way we were" - Astral travel music

After one-hour meditation this morning, I went back to sleep affirming, and reaffirming, " I am lucid in my dream". About 15 to 20 minutes later, I heard live, full-band Jazz music playing as if I was there in the studio, I was enjoying it. When the Jazz is over, the band started playing the song "The way we were", there was loud applause from the audience when the singing just started. It was chorus, several singers taking turns to sing, it was beautiful and I was so moved that I was almost in tear in the middle of the singing. Gradually the song faded and I was back to my senses.

It was a very interesting experience, for the whole time I did not have any visual impression, I heard the band playing, the singer singing but I can't see them. It is possible that I was so absorbed with the music that I could not care less for seeing anything.

This is not a strange experience for me. Several times in the past, when I was mind projecting, I will hear music while I was floating in the air.

From this experience and many similar experiences that I have, I suspect the phenomenan has something to do with range of perception of a meditator. Now, we need to ask, what is reality? Are there any other reality except the waking reality? I can use analogy of radio tuning. There is whole range of radio stations that we can tune ourself in and listen to many different kinds of program, the waking reality is one station that our conscious mind can tune in. There are many levels of consciousness embodied in our mind. With training and practice, meditation broaden the range of perception and enables the mind to tune into other stations. In the sense, there is nothing mysterious about it.

When we quiet the mind, enter into a state of expanded awareness, we are always pleasantly surprized by the experience that we encounter. When I went back to sleep, I was expecting some kind of dream scenario, never have I expected a live band playing so beautifully, a very pleasant surprise indeed.

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