Friday, May 27, 2005

A fantastic astral flight

"I feel that my head is being squeezed, there is a tremendous pressure around it, it is unbearable and scary, I yell " I am God, I am God" several times, then seconds later, I am floating out of my house into the darkness. I float down to a grassy area, I can actually feel the texture of moisturized grass. It is so real, I am conscious and aware.

I say to myself, I should be able to fly. So, I get up and jump several steps and there I go. I fly higher and higher, I feel that I am flying toward Los Angeles area. I am having a good time. I encounter some people, have conversations , actually in complete conscious awareness. I bump into ceiling of a large building just to see if I can pass through it since I am aware that I am only invisible energy, an astral body....."

When I came back to my senses, I felt that my memory did not do justice of my experience. I have experienced a lot more but I can only remember a small portion of it. A lot of details were not remembered. This astral projection last the longest that I have ever recalled, and this is also my first astral experience that it was not just happened spontaneously. I was actually conscious and aware after several seconds initial out of body and was able to direct my movement and had intention to experiment while I was in it. The state of emotion was elation, a sense of awe and excitement. WOW! It was fantastic!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spiritual Blackout

I feel like I have experienced a complete blackout of conscious awareness of my dream. Last seven days or so, I don't remember a thing of my dream. Despite my diligent work on reality checking every hour during the day, my dream time is still off-limit to my waking conscious mind. How can this be? Isn't the saying "We are what we think" still a true statement?

I admit that my life situation on last week did have some effect of my ability to recall. I slept late, sometimes very late. On average, I probably have only 5 to 6 hours sleep. My body may just need that little time to restore and recharge, and no spare moment for elaborate dream exploration. In any case, I am still on course toward my goal of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dream is dream of being conscious and aware. I imagined many times what would I do if I am conscious and aware? I will fly over the mountains of Tibet, stand on the summit of Mount Everest, walk on the moon, visit Rome, cruise to Hawaii, witness glacier of Alaska and many other thousands of places. What about the possibility of BEING my Higher Self, talking to GOD, visiting other dimensions and other worlds. The last but not the least is to know the truth of our existence, gain wisdom and knowledge of our world and the universes. There are so much to learn and to grow into, I am hardly able to contain my excitement whenever I thought of these mind and spirit adventures. It is like entire universe is on your backyard.

Are these spiritual experiences attainable? I believe it is. It will take time, effort and persistence. Yes, it may take a very long time and a lot of patience.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Walk the dog - A Dream

I had a field day walked the dog. I and my dog were out walking in many places. In the dream, I talked to my dog as if it was a person. I advised the dog to take the cane while walking, so that when it sees something that it does not like, like a nasty dog, it can just sweep the walking cane, scare the dog away and it will be safe. I even demonstrated by swinging my cane several occasions so that our path were clear.

Then we came to a place where we saw the second son in the show of "Melcolm in the middle" hanged himself in a upside down position. I used my cane to hit him in the face, then he suddenly jerked up from a comatose state...then I woke up.

This was an interesting dream. Never had I ever walked the dog in my whole waking life. First, I don't have a dog. Second, I am scared of dog, I have dog phobia. If I walk on the street and I see a cute small dog walking toward me, I will get fearful and nervous and will try to avoid it as far away as possible. To be walking side by side with a big dog naturally like in my dream was unthinkable in my waking life. Well, may be my dream is trying to tell me, nothing is impossible. I could overcome phobia, transcend fear and some day accomplish something that is unthinkable at a time.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A friendly neighbor - A Dream

"A friendly neighbor"

There were several dream scenes mingled together, I could not tell which one happended first.

One time I was playing with my sister's baby, the baby was cute but it was crying. The other time, I was having a good time talking to my neighbor, I had a handsome neighbor, we were close friends. He had this flashing, pleasant smile, we were having fun visiting each other. In the dream, whenever I want to talk to him, I just knock his door, and he is always pleasant and full of smile ..... A quite pleasant dream indeed!

Then I have this fragmented, vague dream memory about 3 types of brain wave patterns....I lost most of the content when I woke up early this morning.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Can conscious frontal lobes facilitate lucid dreaming?

There were several disappointing nights as far as lucid dream training went! But there were gains in other areas. I finished reading a novel from John Grisham, the Broker, an interesting story. I got a package for "Hypnotherapy course - module one". I have used the program for several nights trying to program my mind for lucid dreaming. It has not bear any result yet, but I will continue my learning and exploring.

During the day, I continue using the vibrating alarm to help me randomly asking my self "Am I dreaming or am I awake?", then reality checking by looking at some text, turn way and look again. Of Course, I always find myself completely awake and aware in physical reality. My biggest question is, " How can I maintain conscious awareness while I am dreaming?" It is quite an impossible task, at least to me. While I am dreaming, I am in a totally different dimension, and my conscious mind is not able to penetrate it, because it does not belong.

Now, I read a theory about the likelihood of non-sleeping "frontal lobe" for lucid dreamer. How can I manage to have my frontal lobe not to sleep during my dream time?

Monday, May 09, 2005

What a mess - A Dream

Just before my son knocking my door asking for an "Ambien" sleeping pill, I was having a full-blown dream of having taken four college courses but don't quite remember what classes that I am taking. This is about mid quarter, but I have not attended the class and worse still I am not preparing for the tests that are coming soon. I was confused and nervous. The time was about 1:30am. His knocking abruptly ended the confusion. Glad to be back on waking reality.

My bedroom pergo floor is ruined. There is a dish washing sink just next to my bed, I am doing dishes and water is dripping all over the floor. I even see soy sauce spilling all over the other side of the sink and it smells. The once beautiful wooden floor looks like a mess....

If dreams are reflection of my mind, I must have a chaotic reservoir of subconscious memories that were firing up rapidly last night! What triggered the surfacing of subconscious memory, I asked? Well, it could be anything or nothing. Mind indeed is mysterious!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Magical gadgets - A Dream

Early morning, I remembered a vague dream, but when I fully woke up, I can only remember a sentence, " The bloodline is pure", whatever that means!

Then I fell back to sleep again, I dreamed a group of us taking a trip onto the woods, and deep in the jungle, but we all had miraculous gadgets helping us out on the expedition. For me, I had a pair of magical shoes that I glided along the trail, making my hiking effortless. James had a giant sleeping blanket that kept him warm and somehow also helped his jouney. My sister in San Diego was a director of this trip. After the trip, we settled in a villa in the woods. I remembered we were looking at some sentences, every sentence represented an accomplishment. We checked each sentence and fully satisfied that we indeed accomplished what we set out to do.

Even though the dream seemed to be quite satisfying, but I woke up exhausted, tired, disoriented, my brain was unclear and I was spacing out. It took me sometime to re-orient myself to the waking reality.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Do I know you?

This morning I woke up with the most absurd dream that I have ever had. I could not even articulate what was dreamed in this journal. I am absolutely appalled of the dream content. Do I know myself? If you ask average person, "do you know yourself?" Well, we know pretty much of our look, height, weight , personality, likes and dislikes and so and so... But Do we really know ourselves? I would not be so sure if we think back of our mysterious dreams. We see the tip of the iceberg, the 1-10% of us, but what we don't see accounts for 90-99% of the entire iceberg going down miles underwater.

I believe the hypnotherapy and dream exploration are the tools that would be helpful to understand ourselves. After all, we are not just composed of this body and this mind, we are the product of many thousands if not millions years of evolution. We are a mystery upon ourselves.

"Men, know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods"

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Barbecue chicken - A Dream

"We have a picnic at my work. We went to an underground cave to retrieve a chicken that we stored there earlier. We were debating if the underground cave was a good place to keep chicken fresh. After sometime, we established that due to the low temperature setting at night, the underground is perfect to keep chicken fresh.

We then contemplate how to cook the chicken. I suggested to wash it clean, tenderize it, chop it or ground it so that we can make chicken steaks and barbecue them. Well, everyone seems to agree with that!

The scene then changed to a lecture hall, I attended the lecture but had no recall what was being said...."

Our dreams are sometimes hilarious, the stone age and the modern era are all mixed up. The people that I dream are real but setting and logic are quite off on this dream. Well, who will be putting chicken in underground cave for freeze? None of us in my dream have heard about something called refrigerator?

Imagine how this dream would be different if I am lucid, conscious and immediately I will realize that it is ridiculous to freeze chicken in a cave. I might have a good laugh of myself and my coworkers by being so stupid. And yet, I and my coworkers had no questions about what have been presented to us in my dream. We take everything in face value in our dream, or may be I should say "I" take everything in face value in my dream. After all, dreams are the construct of my own mind. To shackle the illusions of dreams take lucidity of our conscious mind. Well, I got a lot to work on!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A shapeshifter? A vampire? - Dreams

A shape shifter? A vampire?

I dreamed a couple, the husband is a vampire. Is the couple related to me? I don't know. After he bite his wife, then he transformed into a werewolf. I saw the wound is huge and out of the side of the wound suddenly a grasshopper ( or some kind of large insect) jumped out of it. The werewolf dressed and behaved like a man. I saw him tossing around the content of a big coffin- like box, looking for something?

I was a onlooker of this whole thing. I was not afraid, it was almost like I was watching a movie.

How did I dream things like that is a mystery. Most of my dreams are practical, and very much related to my daily living. This vampire dream is not an ordinary dream. I did not watch scary movie like this for a very long time. If there is a meaning to it, it is beyond me. The most interesting part is the grasshopper jumping out of the side of wound, a transformation of some kind? who knows?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Psychology/Superconscious? - A Dream

I visited a psychological clinic, the clinic located on the top several-story building. I was trying to drive up to the clinic, spent several minutes looking for parking, and then I found that I had to park in the bottom garage and took elevator to the clinic. The doctor is a good and sensible person, but I don't know why I needed to visit a psychologist..... The time that I woke up was around 2:30am.

The next time I woke up round 6:30 am, I got a strange feeling about the concept of subconscious, it was vague but I felt information was important so I lied back down and tried to recall the detail of content. I twisted and turned, the phrases of ....

-Subconscious runs the show of my life
-It is overly competent , no need to eat and....
-Several days, Super conscious occupy the better part of my daily life
-What is the end result of running my daily life with Super conscious ?

These phrases were repeated over and over in my mind, it sounded like nonsense, I was unable to get past those sentences.... as if the mind was like a broken audio tape recorder caught in a loop, I felt frustrated and gave up.

So far, I have practiced reality checking, intention setting, vibrational alarm setting during the night for at least 3 months, but lucid dreaming is still a non-reality to me. Most of the time, I have hard time even to recall my dreams. It is either a hit or a miss. I need to cultivate having all parts of my consciousness to work in concert and in synchronicity to support my goal of lucid dreaming. But how do I do that?