Saturday, August 28, 2004

DNA Perfection

DNA Activation 2 Session
Ming Chen

Hi Ming,

Your 2nd DNA Activation went very well. Let me give you a little background on this so you can understand the process a little better. In the previous evolutionary cycles of humanity, actualization of the 12 strand DNA potential took place slowly in Earth terms, spanning multiple incarnations and many thousands of years. Due to distortions in the Earth's grids, for over 200,000 years humanity has been unable to realize this 12 strand potential because the 12th dimensional frequencies were blocked by these distortions.

The people living on the Earth can only accrete the types of frequencies that are available to Earth itself, so we've basically been in a frequency fence for a very long time. But, in January 2000, these 12th dimensional frequencies were re-anchored here as the grids were fully repaired and thus this is why 12 strand DNA Activation has been re-introduced to humanity - because it's now possible. So, in my sessions, I use this 12th dimensional frequency and run the current from my own template into yours to clear energetic blocks, karmic imprints, and eventually activate your dormant DNA.

When the human genome was operating in its original organic form in pre-ancient history, the process of cellular transmutation took place in ONE lifetime, over a period of about 44 years. The whole idea of evolution is to be able to bring in and embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness and be at-one with Source. This means activating our complete 12 strand DNA blueprint and thus being able to change the angular rotation of particle spin inside each of our cells to be able to ASCEND to another dimension through a stargate like Jesus and other Avatar masters.

So for your 2nd DNA Activation, I first connected to your higher self and did some techniques to remove the inorganic crystal seal implants that ordinarily block the activation of the higher DNA strands. Then I worked on activating the 2 dormant Kundalini currents that are spiraled within the 1st 8 cells of conception, located in your tailbone at the base of the spine. This went well and now that these currents are activated, the frequencies of consciousness for dimensions 4-9 will progressively awaken within your body, fully activating 4-9 strands of your DNA template. I next asked to see your DNA template and the current activated strands. I then asked permission from your Higher self to activate as many as I could, one by one, including all of the sub-harmonics of the strands. I was able to fully activate strands 1 through 6 and then your Higher self said that was all we could do at this time. The final step in the procedure that I did for you is to activate your 12th chakra, which is located 6" below your feet. This allows the 4th dormant Kundalini current to activate and allows you to anchor 12th dimensional energy from Source and the Earth's grids, initiating the process of cellular transmutation and intentional de-manifestation of the biological form. It also prepares strands 10-12 for activation, and as soon as you can handle this frequency within your biological form, it will naturally occur.

So….. Ming, we've removed a lot of blockages, karmic imprints and miasms to prepare you for these DNA Activations and you are progressing well. You are at the point where you have strands 1 through 6 active and can now basically embody your soul's frequencies. You can also tap into the knowledge of your other incarnations that are happening in different time vectors now. As your frequency rises even more and you use your free will choices more in line with that of the divine right order, you will quickly activate the additional strands and then be able to embody your Oversoul, and eventually reach Avatar consciousness. Or you can choose to have more sessions to speed up the process.

Everything can be achieved now as long as you set your focused intent. You don’t have anything holding you back because you have the DNA active to do all of these things. The key for you now is to just apply yourself and use your intent to coagulate your dreams into reality. In 3D it takes most people about 3 days to manifest something so please keep that in mind.

So that's where you are at this time and it's the highest level of consciousness that you've ever embodied so you should be proud of yourself. Please let me know how you're feeling and if you have any questions.

Kindest regards, Toby Alexander

Founder DNA Perfection

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Self Realization is the Ultimate Success

Practically no one understands the subtle inner workings of the universe. We are in the middle of a phenomenon known as existence. It is not without rhyme or reason. It is a well-balanced poetic expression of the Absolute Truth. Why then do we experience so much disharmony and feel so much discontent in the midst of what is supposed to be a beautiful well-ordered creation? The answer is simple. We are out of sync with the Supreme Consciousness.

Each one of us is an individual consciousness. Each one of us has a relationship with the Totality, the Total Consciousness, the Universal Consciousness. But we have forgotten that relationship having divorced ourselves from the Supreme many lifetimes ago. Therefore we have a world society that is extremely fragmented and almost completely out of out of harmony with Mother Nature and her source, the Absolute Truth, the Ultimate Source of all energies. Self-realization is a process of fully dovetailing the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness and thus regaining one's original natural identity that is eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss.

Nowadays we sadly measure success by how much one is expert in accumulating money. All too often we see those who are most expert in gathering wealth are those who are the most expert in exploiting others. We need to take a new look at how we define success. The current paradigm for success is gradually bringing about the total destruction of our modern civilization. We're raping the earth. We're raping each other. All for the purpose of seeing who can accumulate more material wealth and enjoy his senses more than everybody else. There is full facility here to satisfy everyone's need, but not their greed.

The real fact is that in most cases the more one becomes materially successful the more he becomes a karmic disaster area. The Ultimate Self Realization Course is providing the remedial measures for a society that is like a body with its head cut off. This course will put the head back on the social body. It will give a brain back to the intelligent, thoughtful people and the powerful leaders of the human society. I hope this course will be taken in the right spirit, even though I am certainly not highly advanced from the academic viewpoint. Nor am I highly trained in the art of writing. This course is a humble attempt to bring about a complete revolution in a society that has disconnected itself from even the most basic understanding of what existence means.

What we want you to understand is that when you master the art of fully dovetailing your individual consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness you will experience a success that goes far beyond the greatest conquerors or successful entrepreneurs of this world. You will become completely transcendental to the unavoidable four miseries of material existence, namely birth, death, old age, and disease. You will reawaken your eternal spiritual identity that cannot be touched or disturbed by anything within this material world. There is no greater science than this. There is no greater knowledge than this. There is no greater art than this. There is nothing more worthwhile to devote your life to than this.

By the combined mercy of Lord Sri Krishna and my eternal spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada I have been blessed with the highest realization of the Absolute Truth. If you will follow this course very seriously I can assure you that you will also quickly realize the Absolute Truth. If the leaders of the human society can also follow the instructions of this course a new age of peace and prosperity will dawn upon the face of the earth.

Om Tat Sat

Sankarshan Das AdhikariBhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, TexasJanuary 13, 2004

Thursday, August 19, 2004

DNA Perfection

DNA Activation 1 Session
Ming Chen

Dear Ming,

Your 1st DNA Activation went great! Your intent was wonderful and I connected with you immediately. I first asked if you had any blockages to this and I then focused on removing some star crystal implants right below your 2nd chakra in what is called your E-umbi point which normally block DNA activation.

After I removed these, I then got the go-ahead from your Higher self that we could proceed with the DNA Activations.

For this first DNA Activation, I worked on calling upon two archetypal chromosomes that are primarily responsible for activating the 12 strand DNA to its full potential. These are called the "Youth" chromosome, the spiritual record-keeper chromosome of your life, and the "Vitality" chromosome, the most mysterious in nature, that carries the key that unlocks the door to permit the dormant DNA to be activated to its full potential.

These archetypal chromosomes reside in your etheric body with their physical complements in the pineal gland. They serve at the Soul level for all the chromosomes and must be activated first. I first activated your Youth and Vitality chromosomes in your first 8 cells of conception then in all of the other cells of your body. Your Higher self was very glad to assist me with this.

These DNA strands have their own color, with the top pair (immortality) having a gold/silver thread. I then commanded that the ends of the new DNA connections be capped with the protein, telomere. This protects the chromosomes. The telomeres help the molecules divide, replicate, and live longer. It has been proven that chromosomes with breaks in the telomere are subject to degeneration. A complete telomere wrapping strengthens the chromosomes, and in turn, stops the aging process of the cell.

I next asked to see your current level of DNA activation. You are in the process of activating your 4th strand but not all subharmonics of the other strands were active so I first worked on that for strands 1, 2, and 3. I did this by running 12th dimensional current using specific sacred symbols. Your DNA strands 1, 2, and 3 lightened up quite a bit and then I focused on strand 4. Strand 4 corresponds to your 4th chakra, your 4th axiatonal line, and your astral body. It's great that we removed those blockages from your heart chakra before or this would not be possible. I was able to totally activate strand 4 and then your Higher self said that was all we could do in this session. But this was great and actually much more than I can usually do in the 1st DNA Activation with most people.

So the activation of your Youth and Vitality chromosomes is now done in every cell of your body and strands 1-4 are totally active. Refinement and perfection of bodily structures is also now occurring. You will soon notice many changes on all levels - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This causes an infusion of higher amounts of energy into the body, while releasing obsolete and restrictive elements, at the cellular level. You will most likely have surges of energy over the next few days, or lethargic bouts and longer sleeping periods. Over a period of time, the body will regulate itself, and you will begin to sense positive physical, emotional, and psychological changes.

If substantial cleansing does occur, it's best to let the process do what needs to be done and keep a positive attitude. Since your body is not used to accreting this level of frequency, it’s not uncommon for this process to be a bit uncomfortable at times.

Ming, let me know how you are feeling, what changes you start to notice over the next week. Please also let me know if you have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Toby Alexander
Founder DNA Perfection

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I have just received my 1st DNA activation from Toby Alexander. I followed the affirmation instruction as follows:

"I, Ming Chen, am now ready to begin the process of activating the dormant potentials within my DNA. I now activate the dormant potentials within the 97% of my 2 strand DNA. I awaken to my fullest potential so that I become a fully actualized being of light. I call forth my divine blueprints so that I may obtain optimal health, well being, and rejuvenation in my physical form. I call forth my expanded sensory perceptions to increase my intuitive awareness and my connections to higher forms of consciousness. I empower myself to increase my manifestation abilities in order to achieve my dreams and desires. I am ready to move into the flow of unlimited abundance of the universe. In alignment with my highest good, I begin the activation process of awakening my additional 10 strands of DNA so that I may move forward steadily on my evolutionary path of light."

Immediately after my relaxation and affirmation, I have expanded awareness. My entire body is warm and I feel my head area expanded outword. The visualization of double Helix DNA holographic image is very powerful. I imagined the DNA image gradually turning and radiating powerful white light emcompassing my entire being and extended upward toward the universe and downward toward the earth. But after 1 hour later, I broke the meditative state and went downstairs to greet my visitors. I hope this interruption will not affect the effectiveness of the activation.

I will be getting a report from Toby soon and I expect a newly improved Ming Chen emerging after this session.

Are you an Indigo Child?

Issue 16 August 17, 2004

Fascinating Facts about Indigo Children

Questions and Answers about Indigos

Hello friends, Recently I've received a lot of questions about Indigo children and have actually done many sessions for parents with troubled Indigos (Type 3's). So I thought it would help to answer these questions for everyone for a few reasons. The first thing I want to do is clear up misconceptions about Indigos by describing genetically how they are different and what the different types of Indigos are. The second thing I want is to give you some characteristics of Indigos so that maybe you can discover if YOU or one of your children could be one and what this means. And finally, I want to go over the mission of Indigos and how we can help "wake them up". So, on to the questions!

Q: Who are the Indigo children and why are they called that?

A: Over the past 100 years, a new "breed" of children have caught the attention of the scientific communites in the U.S., China, Mexico, Russia, and other countries because their unusual physical and psychological attributes separate them from the "norm". These children display enhanced immunological systems, advanced genius or highly gifted intelligence, and oftentimes extraordinary abilities of a "paranormal nature" such as "seeing blind" (see while blind folded) and communicating using telepathic visioning (transferring visual imagery and direct cognition to receivers). The "Indigo" description of these children emerged through intuitive observation of the "subtle body" or Auric Field, in which a greater concentration of color in the BLUE wave spectra is a dominant feature.

Q: Why are the Indigos here?

A: The Indigos are in truth representatives of a very old breed of consciousness once prevalent on Earth, and they are coming back as the way-showers of things to come, and are here by design and intention. They are here because they were asked to come and fulfull their part within a much grander evolutionary mission. That mission is to reverse-mutate the human gene code and restore the original Diamond Sun 12 strand DNA template potential within the Earth human lineage. The plan is being orchestrated by members of the elder races of higher evolution that still reside in higher harmonics of matter.

Q: How does the DNA of Indigos differ from contemporary humans?

A: Contemporary humans are currently in the 5th Aryan Root Race evolutionary cycle in which the 4th DNA strand begins activation. Aryans (and this DOES NOT mean white supremacy, Aryans have all 5 different skin colors :), are born with the imprint for DNA strands 1-4 with varying degrees of 3rd strand activation. Through the course of a lifetime, the 4th strand begins activation, through a process of frequency accretion (drawing consciousness, in the form of frequency, into the personal morphogenetic field via the DNA). Contemporary humans are born with portions of the imprint of their DNA strands 7 through 12, potential for full 12 strand activation, and may have activation of strand 4 at birth. Indigos on the other hand, are born with the Elder Race Human Oraphim imprint of 24 to 48 strands of DNA. During fetal integration the Oraphim spirit activates the 5th and 6th DNA strands to retain open connection between its embodied consciousness and Soul Matrix (dimensions 4-6). From birth through age 12, the Indigos rapidly activate strands 4, 5, and 6 and can then embody 6 dimensions of consciousness and COMPLETE soul integration. By age 33, they can activate 12 DNA strands. If their gene code activates properly and they are not tagged by Illuminati drug companies whose agenda is to STOP this evolutionary advancement, they have the potential for shape-shifting, cellular transmutation, ascension, and inter-time teleportation by age 33.

Q: I think my soul purpose is very similar to yours, because I feel the need to raise people and bring them into the true human god state on earth, and I constantly have thoughts and ideas about how I should go about this, like being able to effectively communicate with any person and to create a situation for them that brings out the search for higher knowledge through themselves, so I am not forcing but teaching them through their own experience. But of course I can't perform the way I feel I should be able to. So if this is my soul purpose why aren't I already like that and doing it?

A: To fulfill their potential, Indigos MUST clear distortions in the DNA/Fire Letter sequences that were inherited from the fetal body and PARENTS during fetal integration. As discussed earlier, the Indigo child commences soul integration by activation of strand 6 by age 12. In the fetal integration process, the incoming Indigo spirit brings the DNA Fire Letter/scalar wave patterns of its own consciousness into the fetal tissue, which ALREADY contains portions of the DNA Fire Letter program from both parents. As contemporary humanity carries many DNA mutations and Fire Letter distortions, these distortions are replicated in the morphogenetic field and genetic code of the fetal body and the incoming spirit inherits the DNA distortion from the parents. The DNA distortions that cause contemporary humans chemical imbalance and hormonal malfunction at the onset of 4th strand activation at puberty occur in Indigo children from birth to age 12, creating excessive buildup of frequency within the DNA and bio-energetic field. The excessive dis-harmonic scalar waves in the DNA translate into the further biochemical/hormonal imbalance and amplification of the original DNA distortions. This is why many Indigos are so sensitive to their surroundings and are very prone to to drug use to try to "numb" themselves. But these are mostly Type 3 Indigos which we will discuss later.

Q: You say you have a 48 strand template, what do normal people have? And what is the difference?

A: Indigo Composite Type-1's have an Emerald Order Oraphim 48 strand DNA matrix, which gives them the maximum potential of 30-48 ascension codes through which the Avatar identity may embody and the consciousness may expand into the Ascended Masters identity levels. Type-1 Indigos are part of the Oraphim-Human hybridization program, serving to accelerate and expedite reaching critical mass of the 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA matrix within the race gene pool, before 2012. Type-1 Indigos have advanced psychic and occasionally direct manifestation abilities, are sensitive to everything, and often remain detached from human issues to focus on their service contract. They hold great love within for all life forms.

Indigo Dominant Type-2's are also here to restore the codes of ascension to the human lineage. They have a maximum potential of 24-30 ascension codes through which the Avatar identity may embody and the consciousness may expand to the Rishi identity level. They have advanced psychic development, are very personable, but may become excessively introverted due to the fear of the Earth environment. They are gifted in linguistic translation, the arts, music and interpersonal diplomacy.

Indigo Recessive Type-3's are the most common and often troublesome of the group. The reason is that they are literally incarnations of 2 different avatars in ONE body, an Oraphim avatar overseeing a Nephilim avatar spirit essence. The core of their life purpose is to mend the extremes of polarity between the reversed 11 strand DNA matrix of the Nephilim and the 12 strand Diamond Sun matrix of the Oraphim. They have a maximum potential of 12 strand DNA activation, but their lifetimes serve an important role in the greater plan of healing the DNA distortion within the Nephilim, Annunaki and Human genetic lines. Type-3's have the most extremes in polarity of all Indigos, are highly intelligent, mathematically inclined, and athletic. They may sometimes seem like "angel and devil" in 1 body. They are most vulnerable to obsessive-compulsive behaviors, bi-polar disorders, and extreme polarity in perspectives. The Nephilim imprint tends to activate first in the Type-3, often creating an aggressive, hyperactive child that spends most of its early life testing the extremes of the boundaries between right and wrong, constantly challenging authority. Just as any Type-3 may sometimes seem like the "Child from Hell", it may do a complete turnaround into nearly Angelic, loving behavior.

At times it may seem as if the child has an "evil twin" that emerges, a dark side of the personality that is capable of extreme thoughtlessness and cruelty. Indigo 3's are usually the ones responsible for going on shooting sprees in schools. The negative characteristics of the Type-3 Indigo emerge as the DNA imprint of the Nephilim activates, and shortly thereafter the Oraphim part of the identity attempts to clear the distorted DNA imprint by counterbalancing it with its opposite Fire Letter sequence, creating the most extreme and rapid shifts in polarity within the behavior and attitude. The polarity extremes in the personality of a Type-3 often lead to self-destructive behaviors and substance addiction as the identity tries to numb itself from the near constant feeling of internal conflict and apprehension. If the Nephilim avatar identity attempts to OVER-RUN the identity, the Oraphim avatar will ASSERT it's authority, shutting down the communication facilities if necessary. Most cases of AUTISM occur in Type-3 Indigo children as a result of the Oraphim avatar "unplugging" some of the Nephilim codes to retain control over the body.

Q: So what is the best way to treat an Indigo child if you are a parent of one?

A: When dealing with Type-3 Indigos, it is best to realize that 2 different beings are literally inhabiting the same body and that frequently, they DON'T get along or agree. Tough love and clearly defined boundaries are often necessary, but must be administered with fairness, not using phrases like "BECAUSE I SAID SO". Type-3 Indigos can be helped immensely by bio-energetic healings such as DNA Activation, but must usually be done without the child's conscious knowledge, as there is usually too much distraction by internal emotional conflict to allow understanding of what is taking place. The softer side of the Type-3 can be very innocent and childlike, with a quizzical desire to learn and expecially to experience emotion involving bonding, although the Nephilim part of the Indigo-3 has difficulty with this because it is a new experience. Though Type-3 Indigos may seem as highly conflicted souls, and sometimes die early, it is important to realize that their lives are not wasted. They have incarnated to assist in the creation of a new race line through which an ancient race can re-evolve back into the light.
They are doing a great service for both the Nephilim and the Human lineage in terms of realigning the Annunaki genetic distortions in both races.

Q: How can you tell if a person is an Indigo?

A: Once you have developed some of your higher dimensional senses such as higher dimensional sight, you can do a specific meditative technique to request to see a person's original root race, family line, divine blueprint, DNA strand template, number of activated strands, and type of Indigo coding. These appear in specific symbols that correspond to the various kinds. I can tell if a person is an Indigo when I do DNA Activations. Usually people who are interested in ascension, DNA Activation, earth grid mechanics, and helping raise the frequency of other people ARE Indigo children and they are in the process of WAKING UP.

My practice is dedicated to helping these people remove the karmic imprints from their parents distortions so they can wake up and realize what they came here to do. If you are an Indigo and would like to expedite the process of waking up so you can realize your soul's purpose, or if you are the parent of a Type-3 Indigo, I highly recommend that you schedule some sessions with me to clear these blockages. I hope that you enjoyed and benefited from this information.

Please do not drug your Indigo child. If you cannot afford sessions, please e-mail me and I will help you anyway that I can. With much love, Toby Alexander Founder DNA Perfection

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Karmic Session Report
Ming Chen

Hi Ming,

Your Karmic Session went very well and you were able to release some important past attitudes and energy blockages.

For this session, I focused on calling up and removing the highest priority issues your Higher self showed me.

The first thing that I was shown was that you had an actual blockage to receiving information and guidance from your Higher self. This was preventing you from receiving your intuition and being able to act on it. So what I did is remove the blockage, and then did a technique to open up the connection between you and the 5th dimensional level of your self. I did this by running frequency through your 6th and 5th chakras. Now if you can just quiet your mind, you will be able to tap into your higher sensory perception, and receive guidance or even ask questions and receive telepathic answers.

The next thing that I saw were some identities (ids) associated with fear, guilt, worry, and sadness. At one point in your incarnational cycle, you considered yourself a failure, and this generated a very solidified complex of little energy blockages inside and around your 3rd chakra. This had a tendency to make you sometimes be criticizing and condemning to others because in reality, you had a lot of guilt constructs about yourself. Guilt is the great boulder that blocks joy so I was happy that I could transmute this for you. I also focused on and removed the Ids associated with your worry and fearful thoughts. With this gone, you should feel much more at peace with yourself, and will not have to get approval from others regarding your self-worth.

The most important thing that I did was more work on your heart chakra. What I received is that you have been subjected to a lot of “hard” love in this life and many past ones. While hard love can be appropriate at times, it’s not really what you needed. You were very sensitive before being exposed to this, and afterward it made it a bit difficult for you to completely open up and give your OWN heart and trust to anyone. So you had some Ids scattered through your heart chakra that were keeping it closed and even though it made you “tough”, it did not allow you to become really intimate with anyone. With this gone, you should be able to accrete the frequency of unconditional love for yourself as well as direct this to others. Since love and bliss are actually what make your DNA immortal and keep you healthy, it was very important that we helped you with this.

The last thing I did was ask about James and why you two were mother and son in this lifetime. What I received is that James is a special type of Indigo child called a Recessive Type-3. Indigo Type 3’s are literal incarnations of 2 different soul’s in one body. They are part of a program to allow a specific race line to re-evolve by mending the extremes of polarity between the 2 different soul essences. One soul essence has reversed 11 strand DNA template while the other one has 12 strand potential. The core of their life purpose is to heal the DNA distortion between the 2 different template combinations. This is why James has emotional bonding issues and up and down mood swings and why other Type 3 Indigos may seem like “angel and devil” in 1 body.

Probably the reason James picked you as his mother is that you have the qualities to deal with him and help him with his struggles. When dealing with Type-3 Indigos, it is best to realize that 2 different beings are literally inhabiting one body and that frequently they disagree. Tough love and clearly defined boundaries are often necessary with the Type-3, but must be administered with fairness and democracy. Working with the bio-energetic field as we have done with James is the best way to assist Type 3’s, as there is usually too much distraction by internal emotional and perceptual conflict to allow true conscious understanding of what is taking place. They are better off not consciously knowing that they house 2 separate beings, and function best when in calm environments without many distractions or unnecessary interactions with others. Like all Indigos, Type-3’s often feel out of place, bored or disinterested in earthly affairs. They definitely “march to their own drummer”, so please keep these things in mind when dealing with James. I hope this helps you understand him more and what you can do to help him along his path.

At this point, your Higher self said that was all we could do in this session, so I ended the session by extending gratitude to your guidance for helping me and by asking that you integrate this session in the best way possible for you. Please let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Toby Alexander
Founder DNA Perfection

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Yes, I have done my first DNA session - Auric Clearing. I have been looking forward to this session for a while. The night of 4th of August, I entered into meditative state for about an hour. About half an hour or so, I felt energy surge on top part of my head, I knew that I have received the clearing energy.

The second and the third day after that, I felt sluggish all day, I was spacy and not quite connected. But on Friday night and Saturday I was back to normal and very happy that all the discordant energy, occupants and discarnate entities that I have accumulated for many thousands of lifetimes had finally moved into the plane of bliss. The clearing is good for me and good for them.

Toby said that my session is pretty light. I was not surprised. Given the wisdom and knowledge that I have acquired for last 3 years from Jonathan Parker's teaching, and constant daily practice of love, light and blessing as best as I could, I suspected some of the discordant energy has been transformed into light. I thank Toby for the session, and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to clear my energy fields so that I can move on even greater spiritual advancement.
Auric Clearing Session
Ming Chen

Hi Ming,

Your Auric Clearing went great! I was able to maintain a great connection with you throughout the session. It’s great that we could get this done for you at this point in your soul’s evolution. Your light body will be spinning off magnetic fields for the next few days (after session instructions below). Your personal session details are below in BLUE.

A person's health and experience of life (a person's reality) has it's basis in holographically-recorded attitudes, beliefs, and emotions, and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relationships to others, and shape our world view. By removing important blockages and unwanted attachments from the "unseen" or "subtle" bodies and unplugging them from the neural networks of the brain at a quantum level, a person's life starts to change and bloom.

There are a few kinds of blockages that everyone has which affect the flow of Life Force in the body. These are not "solid" in the material sense, but they are "solid" in faster time flows, in the seven subtle bodies that operate in these faster-frequency time flows. They are blockages of life-force energies, and they become "solidified" in the subtle bodies due to stress, trauma, and unresolved emotions such as fear, hatred, self-pity, et cetera. The emotions in a human being can become quite powerful, and these "manifest" as blockages that look very real to a clairvoyant person who can "see" these different frequency bands. (An example of frequency bands is Infrared, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, Gamma, X-Ray)

These blockages (emotional thoughforms), often look like grayish orbs (spheres) representing an accumulation of emotional energy that has not been owned as wisdom, or that is unresolved and not forgiven. These orbs become condensed and solidified in the subtle bodies, and locate themselves in the body's chakras, or energy centers, according to the frequency. In other words, each of the seven energy centers, or chakras, which are located in the groin, lower intestines, abdomen, heart, throat, pineal, and pituitary, correspond with different emotional frequencies, so the kind of emotion determines where the blockage will be located in the chakras. For example, an unresolved experience of heartbreak, or rejection in love, will probably have a blockage in the heart chakra, and an experience of the guilt of not speaking the truth will have a blockage in the throat chakra. (These are very simplified examples of a complex subject, but I hope this gives you an idea.)


An "occupant" is a thoughtform that thinks it owns the body, and is hindering a person's evolution. These are thoughtforms that can sometimes have very strong magnetic fields that attract undesirable experiences and relationships. These are the top-priority removals, as occupants interfere with a more natural flow of people, places, times, things, and events. When they are removed, their influence is also removed, and a person's experience of people, places, times things and events manifests more in accordance with the person's desires. Occupants often enter a chakra (seal) of the body during periods of illness, trauma, or stress. We scan the Light Body in a systematic way, identifying occupants and all lesser thoughtforms associated with them, removing them as we go.

Ming, your session was pretty light compared to most as you didn't have too many blockages, which is GREAT. I removed one occupant from your head, one from your throat, one from your heart, and 1 from your 3rd chakra. You did have several discarnates in your field though (6 in all). Discarnates are earth bound entities who have not gone through the tunnel to the Plane of Bliss yet. These entities can affect our lives in negative ways and are often the voices in our heads of fear and worry. They can also affect your ability to focus and can siphon your life force energy.

The occupant in your head was suppressing your ability to tap into your psychic abilities and to receiving information from your Higher selves. The occupant in your throat along with the 2 discarnates there represented past life religious mind control and beliefs that women should be subserviant to men and must go through a male priest or "Holy" "middleman" to have a connection with God.

The heaviest release in your session was when I worked on your heart chakra. The occupant represented some past life frustration and betrayal from men and affected your ability to fully trust men. You had been subjected to a lot of "hard love" from fathers in the past and due to your culture and so this became what you expected from men. You also had 3 very controlling past life male discarnates here which were NOT happy to see me at all. After negotiating with them and explaining how they needed to leave you and evolve their own souls, they finally all went to the Plane of Bliss. With these gone, you should finally be able to fully embody the frequencies of unconditional love and will be able to totally forgive those in your past who you may have perceived as doing you wrong.

In your 3rd chakra, which is about self-power and self-esteem, I removed an occupant having to do with self-worth. This one was also about past religious suppression of women, where you were taught that you were supposed to suppress your genius to please a man and not be in control of your birthing cycle, have a voice, etc. You released this without much resistance as you were ready to own it as wisdom. With this gone, you will be able to realize that your gender does not hinder you in accomplishing your goals and also in your spiritual endeavors.

The good news is that you didn't have any occupants in your 2nd or 1st chakras - the emotional body. This means that you don't subscribe to the "victim" consciousness that most people on the planet now are playing, and you are free to live from the upper chakras, which are spiritual in nature.

Most women are generally more evolved than men because men usually only have the 1st chakra open, and cycle through lifetimes only concerned about sex, survival, war, etc. But some women get stuck in the 5th chakra, because they have been given the belief by religions that they should not have a voice. And most women have their heart chakra open, because they give life. They would never send one of their children off to war or even start a war in the first place. So most times, women have to “lower themselves” down to the 1st chakra to connect with a man, and I'm sure you can relate to this.

The removal of these occupants was very significant for you at this point in your life. You will notice many changes in the coming weeks and months and this session also prepared you for having your DNA activated by allowing you to accrete even more light into your field and raise your frequency even higher.


We then check for portals, which are openings in one or more chakras that act as "vacuums" for other peoples' adverse thoughtforms. We find them on people who wish to heal the pain and suffering of others (consciously or unconsciously) by taking upon themselves other peoples' burdens -- their undesirable thoughtforms generated by discordant emotions. Portals have the potential to cause health problems, depression, and energy loss. We close the portals permanently by obtaining a subconscious release of the emotional trauma that caused the portal to open. They are vertical, and are found in the center of the body, along the "pranic tube" that extends from the top of the head to the ankles.

I didn't find any portals on you which is fantastic. This means that you don't let your energy get sucked out of you by victims and other energy vampires who want to take advantage of your compassion.

At this point, your Higher self said that we were done so I closed the session and asked that you integrate this in the best way possible for you. The removal of the discarnates was very important, as now you won't have these interferring in your life. You will also feel like a much stronger person as soon as all the discordant energies finish spinning off of your light body. This may take a few days to integrate, so please just be patient. It was a GRAND session indeed and your timelines and destiny will shift because of it.

You are releasing, and will continue to release magnetic fields of these intense emotions quite strongly for several days, and release them more slowly into the weeks ahead. It will get better. Please grin and bear the discomforts of integrating this session because your body may possibly feel like it's recovering from a long debilitating illness. Actually, on a practical level, it is. I believe that it is releases like these that are so valuable in preventing illnesses from manifesting in the future. If you don't feel very much, which is also possible, don't worry about that either, the body is releasing these magnetic fields regardless, so don't think the session didn't work.

Ming, please let me know how you felt after I did the session and if you notice any differences in your life in the coming weeks. Looking forward to helping you with the next step of this process - your Karmic Session on Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 10:00pm EDT.

Lots of love to you,

After-Session Instructions

You've released very deep layers of old emotional pain, and so much came off that you may be a bit uncomfortable for a few days. You may even have "divine fever". That is when your body temperature goes up and your skin feels warm to the touch, as if you have a low-grade fever. This is a sign that your Light Body is "burning off" old emotional trauma, old identities, old contracts. It means also that the brain is opening to greater genius, greater creativity, greater peace and happiness. Divine fever is a very good sign that the session was indeed very effective.

You've had major "psyche surgery" -- you may feel very different, as your psyche and unconscious adjusts to the removals of old pain and trauma. You may have strange dreams, sometimes unsettling or very "odd" dreams. Don't place significance on these dreams or try to analyze them. Please remember this is the processing and letting go of traumatic and painful issues that were unresolved in your unconscious. This is a natural process of letting go, so please let go. Analyzing would be "holding on". In a few days you are going to be feeling very much better. You'll feel a lightness that you may not have felt in many lifetimes regarding the issues addressed in your session because the issues or unresolved traumas are often centuries old. This session has released thousands of years of limiting considerations, beliefs, and ideas.

If you feel to eat sweets or salt, please do so. It's the Light Body balancing itself through your physical vehicle (body) which needs very physical types of nutrients. Salt and sugar in particular help the body after a session. And please drink more water. Water is "conduit material", and it is so important to be fully hydrated.

It is also very important to have calcium in abundance in your body. Calcium supplements have very poor “bio-availability”. A much better way to get calcium is by mixing 4 tablespoons of Jell-O (called Jelly in some parts of the world) with hot water and drinking it straight away. This is the most bio-available form of calcium that I know of. Also consider taking Coral Calcium daily to get your cells ready for the DNA activations. Drinking a lot of pure water is also invaluable for conducting Light energy through your physical body. These suggestions will help your body integrate the session with much more ease.

In some cases, there is a mild depression as the emotional body adjusts to higher frequencies. If you are still feeling a significant level of discomfort on the fourth day after the session, please email me and I will check in on you to see if there is any activation remaining from the session. This is rare, yet this is why I ask my clients to please email me a few days after the session and let me know how you are doing.

You will notice long-term benefits from this session. Your future will change because it will no longer be under the influence of these unconscious forces. And your life span may have possibly increased also since these major restrictions to it have been absolved.

~~~Karmic Sessions~~~

Soul Wisdom's Karmic Sessions deal with the removal of "karmic contracts" that are causing disruption in our lives. Our definition of karmic contracts is: Decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, contracts, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes, held consciously and unconsciously that create, influence or magnetize events and experience in current reality.

These are always polarized, hence they "output", or radiate, discordant magnetic fields. Examples of polarized issues are: "I love myself, I don't love myself; I must forgive, I can't forgive; I love men/women, I despise men/women; God loves me, god doesn't love me, etc. These unresolved, polarized emotions and attitudes are carried by our soul's memory from lifetime to lifetime, and become "hardwired" into the brain's neocortex of the bodies we've incarnated into. Unless the neural nets of polarized issues are unplugged from the brain's programming, through obtaining releases from the subconscious level of awareness, any kind of energy work will not be permanent. Most "energy" modalities, and even psychiatry, rarely obtain such deep releases in such a short time, so you might possibly consider yourself lucky that you found this work!!

The most important paradigm for understanding this work is that the subconscious, the god-within, does not judge. SoulWisdom's "God-Concept", is that God is Everything -- it is the "platform of thought" that sees, allows, and loves everything. It does not see that we are wrong or right. It just sees. And loves. It is Oneness with all things, so if we wish something on someone else, we're also wishing it onto ourselves. Another example is that if we hate someone, they're only reflecting back to us our own self-hatred. Masters who are awakening become acutely aware that what they see in another so are they. For how could we recognize something in someone else unless we have been the same way?

The God-within allows us to be, loves us, and says "so be it" to whatever we emotionally embrace. The more passionately we embrace anything -- fear or love, and anything in between -- the faster the experience of that emotion will manifest. This is the true paradigm that has been taught by Masters and Christs for eons -- that whatever we emotionally embrace becomes law in our kingdom.

SoulWisdom's Karmic Sessions are directed by the person's GodSelf, the subconscious, not the Psyche Doctor (PsD). The PsD facilitates the release of the issues that the GodSelf shows us. This "True Self", this deep-subconscious Self, shows us the priority issues, the source-decisions that cause the greatest fragmentations of Life Force and the greatest suffering. The holographic language of the deep subconscious is comprised of archetypes, personas, polarized contracts and potentials/constructs on each of the seven levels of awareness. Polarized contracts are absolved, all contract-generated Thoughtforms are transmuted, all related neural nets are unplugged, which corresponds to the quantum level of awareness, or the Void.

Any given hang-up or issue has layered neural nets, and any given karmic session absolves a significant number of layers. The session is experienced as a "high" or a freedom. Communicating directly with the subconscious, via the "holographic language of intent" has very definitive advantages over traditional psychotherapy and even hypnosis, because the deeper neural nets of past life emotional terror are usually compartmentalized by the brain and often unreachable by those means. Also, it's my truth, based on giving hundreds of karmic sessions, that psychiatrists who insist on the Christian paradigm of ignoring past lives are utterly incapable of explaining, or expediently dealing with, 90% of the phenomenon that occurs in the human psyche.

Have a great weekend!

Toby Alexander
Founder DNA Perfection

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Entering the Circle: Spirit Twin...Deer Hunting! - A Book

I have just finished reading a book called: Entering the Circle. It was fascinating, it kept me spell-bounded for several days. It was about a Russian Psychiatrist's mystical experience in Altai, a place in Siberia. I am going to copy entire two paragraphs here so that I can refresh my mind with this wonderful wisdom.

"Every human has a particular entity who inhabits the place of their Spirit Lake. These entities exist within this inner space, waiting at the entrance to Belovodia. I call this entity the Spirit Twin, but its name could also be Spirit Helper, Shadow Watcher, Spirit Guide, or Inner Guardian. They are really many different things. "

"To begin with, they are intimately connected with the ultimate purpose given to each person at birth. They are also pure observers, set apart and invulnerable to the influences of the outer world. They watch and silently consider everything we do. They are the holders of the primal essence of our natal being. If called upon in the proper way and circumstances, they can be important helpers to us in performing actions that move us in the direction of our correct purpose. And finally, they can be our guides to Belovodia. "

"There are seven different kinds of these Spirit Twins. Just seven and no more. The seven types of Spirit Twins that exist for people are these: Healer, Magus, Teacher, Messenger, Protector, Warrior and Executor. Understand that the last is not a person who kills, but one who make things happen."

"One of our most important tasks is to learn the identity of our Spirit Twin and then to integrate fully with it. In this way, we come into unity with the ultimate purpose of our being. When our lives have finally been illuminated by the pure light of our inner observer, everything we do becomes much easier. Only by discovering the nature of one's Spirit Twin, and then by coming into total association with it, can one really find and open the gate to Belovodia."

There is one more section that I would like to copy down, this is an experience of a doctor who went hunting in the area of Altai.

"It's amazing what a simple change in perception can do to our minds. As I walked through the forest, I realized that just leaving behind all the noises of the big city and entering the primordial silence seemed to alter my state of mind even more greater than some of my patients experience in the deepest stages of their hypnosis. I walked in utter silence, relaxed and absorbed within a special kind of meditation, yet still with keenest instincts of a hunter. It was exactly what I had anticipated in going there, and I was enjoying it."

"Then a small sound on my right drew my attention. I looked, and there she was. A beautiful young deer, standing near the trees. She seemed somehow strange to me, and I knew indistinctly that she would need a special strategy to be hunted."

"She stood watching me in absolute silence. She made no movement at all, but she was not immobilized by shock or fear. She was like a sculpture. Her graceful pose, her beautiful shape, could only be compared to a masterpiece of art. Every line of her body was drawn with incredible grace."

"Always before, my relationship to the animals I had hunted had been purely utilitarian. They were simply impersonal quarry, and if I could outsmart them and shoot straight, they would be food for the table. I don't know why I never saw more than this, but until that moment I had never imagined an animal could hold so much beauty. "

"At the next moment my eyes met hers. Her gaze was straight and direct. I lost all track of time. I was looking into the soft black eyes of nature itself. Then something happened inside me, and I realized that it was my own eyes that were looking back at me. The boundary between me as a human being and the deer as an animal completely dissolved, and we were one. I became hunter and prey at the same time. It was real, not just something I imagined. It was a hundred times stronger than imagination. I was connected with that animal throughout every level of my entire being, from the smallest molecule to the depths of my very soul. At that moment I lost the curse of my damned rationality, my usual need to explain everything logically, to symbolize everything. It was a moment of pure, concentrated existence. "

"At the next moment, my hand moved without thought and pulled back the hammer of my rifle. It was all part of the same flow of energy that connected me with the deer. It was all natural and right, because I felt both sides of what was happening. I was ready to kill, and I was ready to be killed. It was all part of the same continuum, the same balance. "

"I aimed and pulled the trigger in one motion. At first I heard no sound. I saw only that this beautiful wild animal, the deer, swayed slightly and then started to sink. Every tiny fraction of her movement formed an intricately choreographed pattern, accomplished within itself, as if a set of beautiful pictures were placing each other in my mind. And at the same time, I felt that it was me falling, falling out of this life. Then her eyes finally closed, and the connection stopped."