Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Mantra - Om Ma Ne Pad Me Hum

Lately there were too many things happening in my outer world making my meditation a very difficult task. I had a sense of desperation in my work situation. I simply could not empty my mind while meditating. As soon as I felt I was ready to clear the thought, a full motion picture will stream through my consciousness. The movie in the mind screen would play back frames after frames of daily encounter, before I knew it, it was completely out of control.

So, two days ago, I set out to revise my meditation routine, I chanted a Mantra to help clear my mind of intruding thought. The Mantra that I use is one of the highest Mantra blessing for humanity according to Tibetan Monk.

I started using it on Friday morning meditation, I was quite successful with it and since this mantra also invoke a cosmic sound of blessing, I felt that my situation in life can only be helped by it. So, I used the Mantra again this morning. When I finished my meditation, my anxiety, sadness and hopelessness that I felt for the past several days was gone, replacing it with a sense of calmness and serenity.

The most incredible thing is I set out to solve problem that I have at work. I have some kind of inspiration and just know what to do to solve it. This afternoon, I went online to my company website, retrieved the needed data for my experiment. After about one and 1/2 hours concentration, I have figured out the problem of the account that I am currently managing. I feel great confidence that I can present the case. Here is the affirmation I have used for the last several days. The affirmation helped me to set a positive mind set in a could be very negative situation.

I relax and cast aside all mental burdens,
allowing God to express through me
His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Electrical current

I am using electrical current as an analogy for my meditative experience. It does not happen often, but when it does, it is like a wave of electrical current course through my entire being in just a second. I am wondering, what happens in that instant physiologically?

I now realize when science claims that energy and matter are interchangeable, they are basically one and the same, matter being the lowest vibration and the highest density.

When we meditate, we are piercing into higher level of vibrational reality; and with that, the veil of inner world of ultimate reality is gradually revealed to us.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Autobiography of a Yogi

It is fortuitous that I have the opportunity to read "Autobiography of a Yogi". It is a treasure for people who seek the truth of our ultimate reality without outward guidance of a teacher. My teacher is my living environment, my teacher is my daily interaction with people, my teacher is the book that I have the fortune to read, my teacher is my meditation, and ultimately, my teacher is my Higher Self, the part of me infinitely resourceful and infinitely wise. My Higher Self that sets up circumstances so perfectly for me to learn and grow not just once, but numerous times until I assimilate each lesson into part and parcel of my very being. Yes, the learning opportunity is relentless, and insistent. Yes, the lesson will be presenting itself over and over again until I got it. Some lessons I will learn it in an instant, but some may take me a few hundred years, nevertheless, learn I will. And so will everyone else in this world. Not a soul will be lost!

When I read this book, I am savoring the aroma of wisdom emitting from the pages. I will read a sentence or two and so enchanted with the profound meaning and wisdom that I will put the book down and contemplate it. It is a splendid gem among the spiritual jewels.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Don't lose sight of The Goal

Last three days, while in meditative state, I had an intoxicated feeling first permeating in the forehead and then gradually descending down to the upper body, at the same time I also felt a great sense of relaxation, like layers of layers of tensions and worldly concern melted. In this state of meditation, thought intrusions of any kind have no disurbing effect on the meditation. It is like clouds that floating in the blue sky, once dissolved, left no trace on a clear day.

I remember I had the same meditative feeling two years ago when I meditated in earnest. How time has quickly passed and it would take me two years to pick up the pieces again.

I was like a traveler aimed originally to climb Mount Everest of 29,000 feet, and yet was distracted by the green pastures and beautiful flowers, wondering around the forest and thought that the pastures and flowers weren't too bad after all. The ambition of climbing the steep mountain was forgotten, the 360-degree panorama view from the highest peak seemed impossible to reach.

Lucid dream, astral travel, are like little distractions here and there all the more enticing me to yearn for inner experiences. I have come to realize that they should not be the reason of my meditation. Meditation is a means to have deep communion with our source, to realize our true nature. If meditation leads to other spiritual adventures, then they are treated as extra bonus and not to be focused on exclusively. The goal is to reach the highest level of frequency, vibration, consciousness and awareness. So, press on and persevere!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A flashback

My main spiritual goal for last year was to learn lucid dreaming. I will not say that I failed, but I could say that I was not successful. Actually the last several months I practically giving up trying. The main reason is that I had decided to focus my energy to serious meditation. I can not juggle, within my limited time, with both meditation and lucid dreaming. I have to choose either one of them but definitely not both.

I had some interesting dreams, read some good books, took a trip to Hawaii, rode a helicopter. These were the things that I did, but the most important growth came from within, an inner understanding and constant endurance of personal relationship among family members and my co-workers.

I have known several wonderful people in my professional life outside of my company. I can impart goodwill,fairness and understanding towards others, because they don't stay with us at the end of the day. The most challenging interpersonal activity will always be the people in our inner circle. life is not a race that you win or lose, life is a progressive learning toward the realization of our infinite self.

I shall continue walking the path of liberation!