Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Energy and Matter - A Layperson's View

I don't claim to know much about energy, but we know a lot about matter. We live in a physical universe that we enjoy many things including the gorgeous sunset, the mind exhilarating music like one of my favorites, " The Procession of the Noble", the experience of feeling the refreshing raindrops hitting our face, the smell of the aroma of our favorite dishes and savor the eye opening morning coffee. The physical reality is indeed rock solid and absolutely real to our five physical senses.

Then, there is another level of awareness like our nocturnal musing of dream and astral travel when we are supposedly asleep and our body tugged under the comfort of our bed; yet we see and we hear, we travel to places, we visit other dimensions and we converse with others.

However, the ancient mystics of both western and eastern culture had the notion for thousands of years claiming that the matter in the physical universe is illusion but the invisible and unquantifiable mind stuff is paramount important from our evolutionary viewpoint.

Quantum Physics postulated that the very essence of our being, atoms, are made out of vortex of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. The picture of balls and the sticks of atoms that we had learned from our physics class is not the true property of atom. The stuff that we call matter is not made out of matter, it is made out of energy. The six-million-dollar question is how does the energy coalesces into matter? So far, it either remains a shrouded mystery for the mankind in spite of our advanced scientific achievement or the topic is just way over my head from my measly understanding of physics. May be it has to do with the vibration and density of the atom? I am not technically proficient to understand the detail of how it works.

The atom exhibits the properties of both wave and particle. Observation coalesces the wave into particle. Thought is also a form of energy, an electric current. If we substitute observation with thought, then the previous sentence will read " Thought coalesces the wave into particle." So, thought with direction and purpose is a driving force of our advanced civilization. Every man-made creation first exist in some one's thought. The concept seems to be basic, but yet profound in a way indicating that our mind is a controller of the matter and event to a certain extent.

Take an example of my night time excursion. I will spiral out of my body and pass through the wall of my room with my physical senses fully intact. I can see and hear. I travel to snow mountain, fly on the expansive ocean or glide over the sandy beach. None of the place was close to home. In a matter of seconds, I will traverse a vast distance to unfamiliar places.

According to my very rudimentary understanding of Quantum Physics, the property of wave is not confined in any space or time. The wave property of the atom is fluid and can travel beyond the speed of light. It could potentially be thousands of miles away in seconds. May be our soul, the essence of who we are, is made of vortex of energy. If that is the case, we can make an assumption that our energy body also has the property of wave that is transcending our current linear concept of space and time. We could potentially travel back to past or move forward to probable future accessing the all encompassing Akashic record.

I admit, without proper scientific training, the science of energy and matter is mostly beyond my intellectual comprehension. This article, like many others, merely extrapolates its profound implication from the viewpoint of a novice trying to make sense of the correlation between science and spirit.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Egyptian Wall Exhibit - A Mind Travel

I woke up from the loud and incessant alarm blaring next to my bed. I felt groggy and tired but I had set an intention for my meditation as a daily ritual. I struggled out of bed, went to bath room and drank some water. After all these, I was sufficiently awake. After forty minutes of meditation focusing on the brow chakra, I laid back to sleep......

The vibration started and off I went floating around my room several times, and then I deliberately urging myself to float out of the room. The scene had changed, I was not outdoor as I always was in the past, I was in a large exhibition hall. The wall was the reflective grayish black tinted with exquisite gold tone. On the four walls were Egyptian art, resembled the ancient historical museum that we sometimes watched on the History or the Discovery channel.

I was marveling at the beautiful life-sized paintings in the room, then I heard a chattering noise , sounded like coming from a radio, piercing the pin drop silence in the museum. I was startled and annoyed, so I floated around trying to find the source. I saw it. It did not look much like a modern radio, it looked more like a black bottle. There was no knob that I could turn it off so I yanked the cap out and the noise stopped. I floated out of the museum and was happy to be outdoor.

It was a countryside with lush forest and green pasture, I floated happily. But my momentum of floating was about to fade, I immediately took a deep breath, like infusing a balloon with air, I floated again. I was quite surprise that it actually helped. I did it several times while I was floating, but then gradually the floating stopped.....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Last Hope for Malta

My memory of history is vague and tilted toward non existent about WW II. We have learned that "The War" had favorably determined the fate of mankind, was the largest and deadliest conflict involving many nations and decimated a population of sixty two millions worldwide.

Ironically and incidentally, The massive technological advancement of WW II had a great impact on the scientific community and it was for the benefits and enjoyment of many generations to come.

What I indulge myself is one of the great stories of what human equation had played in the Mediterranean front of the war. A small island nation of Malta consisting of seven islands situated in the middle of Mediterranean Sea just south of Italy. These islands had long and interesting history way back since 5200 BC. A small island nation may be, but it had a strategic importance during the WW II. During the war it became one of the most bombed places on earth.

Sam Moses took us back in time to witness how Malta played a crucial role in defeating the Axis Power. Through the courage and bravery of many merchant marines and convoy's concerted effort sailing over treacherous battlefield of Mediterranean Sea , Malta, desperately dependent on outside resources, was saved and was able to turn the tide of war favorably toward Allied. Securing Malta was to prevent the unlimited fuel and oil resources of Middle East to be captured by the German. Hence, the Operation Pedestal was launched and changed the history as a result.

It is interesting to note that history making events are convergence of many seemingly isolated, unrelated bits and pieces of events developing on a unbelievably synchronized time scale. On a hindsight, there seemed to be a set of destiny inherently built into the world events, and it may also be true for the individual for that matter.

I truly enjoy the book, "At All Costs" by Sam Moses. This is the book that educate and entertain as you step back and relive the history.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Elevator Ride - A Dream

I was glad to get a different assignment and out of this boring desk, and was happily walking on all floors delivery some important documents to all department VP. I stepped into the elevator again to the sixth floor.

As soon as the door was open to the sixth floor, I found myself stepping out of the office and into the balcony. That was very odd. I turn a corner and expect a door leading into the office, but there was none. So, I decided to walk around to find the entrance, and finally there was a narrow doorway but it was completely blocked by a huge black pick up truck.

I was wrestling with the idea of how to get back inside. To climb the truck would be useless because there was no room on the top for me to climb down. I decided to climb the back of the truck and peek down the balcony on the fifth floor, hopefully there were smokers that can help me out. Sure enough, there was a gentleman deep in thought and smoking.

I was somewhat excited and yelled my dilemma to him haphazardly saying there was a truck blocking my entrance to the office. But he seemed either not understand my predicament or completely indifferent of my situation. I tried several times and there was no action on his part.

I was hanging on the rear end of the truck, and felt exhausted. And then suddenly I realized that what I was hanging on was not a metal part, but instead a cardboard, and the cardboard was bended down from the stress of my weight. I looked down and started panic knowing there was good 40 feet down to the cement. I could not survive the impact.... The alarm sounded just that moment, I awoke with a start and very glad that it was just a dream.

So, this was a typical non lucid dream. A dream that everything happened was real to a dreamer. If I had been lucid, I could let go of the hanging and let myself fall and know full well that nothing can hurt me, or if I were bold and adventurous, I would fly and out to the sky and visit Himalaya mountain. Well, I was disappointed of myself for not being lucid and taking control. I suspect it will be a long journey till that day.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


For several years now, I must have read a little less than a dozen books regarding cases about reincarnation. The most famous researcher of the subject, Dr. Ian Stevenson, had collected minute detailed evidences around the world, most of them were from Eastern Religious countries. His intention was not to prove or disprove the existence of reincarnation, his was to use rigorous scientific method to gather data to explore the paranormal phenomenon such as reincarnation.

Although I have no personal knowledge or experience about reincarnation either from family, friends or colleagues, I would not discount the possibility of its existence given many volumes of books detailing the incredible synchronicity even the best novels would be pale in comparison in its plot and intricacy.

Have you ever had a sense of Deja Vu? I remember when I was only five or six years old, sometimes, I would be playing intensely and suddenly I would look around the house, sky or just some building structure like a column, I would have a vague sense of familiarity, like I had been there before. Usually this could happen to young children since they have just freshly arrived from the other side. They have still retained not too distant memory of their past life.

For the western religion of Judeo-Christianity, the reincarnation used to be considered a devil's act, the concept was clearly rejected. But I suspect with the global infusion of knowledge and wisdom from the Eastern philosophy, the idea is gradually being accepted if not in your local churches but at least for family and friends who have been intimately affected by its occurrences.

Reincarnation holds the notion that some essential part of a living being can survive death in some form, with its integrity partly or wholly retained, to be reborn into a new body.

The book that I read recently about reincarnation is "Return From Heaven" from Carol Bowman. The stories are engrossing and fascinating. Whether you believe it or not, there are some good books out there for the subject if you are interested in making your own judgement and conclusion. May be you just want to entertain yourself with this wild idea.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Battle In A Cave - A Dream

Since last night was a Friday night, I allow myself a more relaxed sleeping pattern. I still got up 5:00 am in the morning for my meditation, but I intended to meditate for as long as I could hold my focus. But I got around it by 6:10 am, not a good record. I stretched refreshingly after the meditation and read several verses of Lucid Dreaming book and set my intention for practicing Wake-Induced Lucid Dream technique.

It took me quite some time before I got to the hypnagogic state. There were ever- changing geometric patterns, all shapes and sizes of color images dancing before my closed eyes.

Then, all of the sudden I was in a cave witnessing the unfolding of the most unusual scenario. I heard explosive grenade blasting all over the place, loud and unrelenting machine guns firing. There were soldiers falling after the blast, shouting and commanding voices from all sides. The sight and sound were very real and intense. After a while gradually the fighting frenzy subsided and all pervading sound stopped! I woke up feeling incredulous of such a strange battle episode.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Simple Joy

I was driving home tonight with this beautiful piano piece swirling graciously in my car stereo streaming from Southern California Classical Station 105.1. I was enjoying the music and suddenly I looked up to the sky in the east, and there it was, a huge glittering, shining full moon with its incredible glow. It looked like it was just quietly observing a river of night lights of traffic buzzing below.

If moon were conscious and aware, what would be its impression of human and earth? I am sure it will enjoy our beautiful night sky at Las Vegas, the awesome Eiffel Tower in Paris or the mysterious Aurora Borealis in Alaska. We can also be sure moon has visited many hundreds of earth's magnificent mountains, cities and oceans.

It is hard to imagine such a beautiful moon of ours is a barren land devoid of life. The piano piece ended and the freeway exit was near....