Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Seeking Spiritual Guidance From The Higher Self

I got E-zine from Asoka Selvarajah for this month. He is an inspiring teacher, one that I admired as much as Dr. Jonathan Parker. Here is the article that will continue help anyone to stay on course for seeking spiritual freedom.


Much of what we think about habitually is negative and unproductive. Not only are most of the thoughts we have the same as the ones we had yesterday, the majority of them are also unhelpful and do real harm to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Fully 80% of illnesses are psychosomatic in nature, i.e. are self- inflicted as a result of the quality of our thoughts. The effect on our minds is equally devastating. We are anxious and fretful, forever concerned about things that are none of our business, projecting the worst on the future and calling it worry. Generally, we use this miracle mind of ours against itself.

The mind is at war with itself and with its surroundings. Your ego consciousness seeks to protect its own existence. In doing so, it introduces the illusion of massive separation between you and the rest of the universe. Only by doing this can it preserve its own existence and value to you. If you should come to realize your oneness with all of creation, and recognize the presence of your Higher Self, who stands ready to give you
full liberation from ignorance and illusion, what further use would you have for the ego?

Through perceiving reality with the powers of everyday consciousness alone, we have short-changed ourselves. We have fallen short of all we are capable of and were designed for. Instead of watching the actors on the stage, we are engrossed with their distorted shadows on the backdrop curtain. Moreover, ego consciousness cannot help you with your spiritual quest. The most you can really do is prepare yourself for the unveiling of
truth that will definitely come when the Higher Self reveals itself in your life. The reason the everyday consciousness is powerless to assist is because the spiritual realm is alien to it. It knows nothing of it. The ego was designed purely for life here on earth, via the uses of our five conventional senses!

Some Obstacles To Inner Guidance

When it comes time to listen for inner guidance, it is important that you have no in-built bias against the answer that you may receive. Realize that you may not know what is in your own best interest. However, the Higher Self always knows.

There is very little purpose in asking for inner guidance if there are certain answers that you are unwilling to accept. Otherwise you are merely seeking justification for what your conscious mind has already decided upon, or else seeking a boost to your ego. This has to be more than a mere intellectual gesture. You have to strive for true openness with yourself. Otherwise, you will be in danger of merely perpetuating the traps
of self-delusion that have held you thus far.

Often, our questions arise from a lack of control over our own lives, or a desire to control external circùmstances and people. Most of our doubts and frustrations in life arise from this direction. The Buddha taught that our greatest obstacle to spiritual progress arises from a refusal to accept “what is”; the things that we cannot change and must learn to accept with grace. The Christian tradition would re-phràse that to “accept
God's will”. Our obsession with resenting situations or people over whom we have no control whatsoever is the primary source of our unhappiness!

You should seek to develop acceptance of some of the most frustrating situations in life. They are actually our greatest growth opportunities, if we deal with them in a calm patient manner. You can use them for rapid growth, both emotionally and spiritually. Such an approach may even cause those situations to evaporate. Once the lesson they have been trying to impart has been fully integrated into your life, there is no need for the experience to continue.

Remember that your guidance could come in one of a million different ways. Perhaps whilst reading a book, the solution is there before you. Or perhaps it will come in a dream. Your worst enemy may suddenly spit out the very guidance you need with
pure venom in his voice or it may come during a night out with your best friènds. And yes, it may even be a quiet voice or intuition in your head. In whatever form it may appear, an open-hearted willingness to hear without pre-judgment is essential. Only then will you recognize the answer when it presents itself.

Allow all thoughts in without initial pre-judgment. Let the Higher Self do the judging and focus you in towards the correct guidance. The answer may not come when you expect it, and it is likely to be in a completely unexpected form. Hence, patience and continual inner communion must be maintained. Learn to wait and to keep asking again and again until you are satisfied.

Copyright 2001. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Just got back from a mini-vacation.

The place I went with my son is Ramona. It is not a well-known place, but a town looks quite countryside. I was surprised to find out there is a Casino called Barona just 15 minutes away.

For a person who is in search of enlightenment, you might think I won't go near gambling place. But I did go and played some losing hand. The place is decent and have Las Vegas style of decoration in a smaller scale. We got a 2 free buffet coupon given by our resort helpdesk, and that is even more reason to go. The buffet isn't too shabby but not grand either, most importantly it is free.

My trip to Barona Casino reminded me of what Dr. Jonathan Parker once said about the enlightened master that smoked Havana Cigar. We can enjoy (or suffer) anything comes our way but the key difference between an enlighten person and the one who is not lies in the attitude toward what comes our way. Are we enjoying with unattached attitude or are we suffering while cursing what our soul want us to learn? As our soul lives on eternally, the drama of our life is only a parenthesis of our eternal life, or just a comma with endless scripts. The scripts can be changed in every incarnation until we are purified in our core being. I assume this takes many incarnations to complete for most of us.

But I also believe that we can speed up the process of reaching the highest level of consciousness by having the focused intention and practice whatever we believe in earnest manner. For me, that is the only worthy goal in life.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I am not perfect

I have been lacking on posting to my blog page, but the truth is I don't have much to report. I am listening to DNA activation music, taking remote viewing course, reading books for self development and continue my spiritual path. Yes, I am on this path for about 3 1/2 years, for all these years, I have walked miles, up the hills, down the rivers, every bit of truth and experience is fascinating.

I know, I don't have much to show for externally, but there are so much transformation and richness internally. I seek only the kingdom of God and nothing else. I have come to this stage of life knowing that any seeking of man's kingdom is merely illusion.

Yes, I do enjoy amenities of life, but I have developed a sense of detachment knowing that God experience through me and through all my brothers and sisters and my near and distant relatives (animal and plant life).

But occasionally I also killed some insects when I should have let them go, I occasionally do something not purely from my higher self's point of view. I lied occasionally. I took sides when I watched the NAB ball games. I covered up some of my wrong doing (although it is extremely rare for me to do that now). I took some of my office supplies home and I called it employee fringe benefits :) I know universal mind is watching every deed, every speech and every action, but overall I think I am still on the right track.

To live in this world of physical dimension, it is extremely difficult to maintain a pure heart at all times, but I forgive myself and love myself every time and any time. The key is to maintain a pure and kind attitude going about our daily living. Keep this in mind, I also extend this attitude toward others. I would see others fault as my faults and forgive them just as I always forgive myself, love them just as I love myself. Yes, I can't do it 100% of the time, but I do it for a larger part of the day.