Saturday, December 18, 2004

I have been neglecting my blog page long enough. I started to realize that when I was off-track of my path, I am very restless and my mind went many different directions. It is time to get back on track.

On the other hand, I am also started to realize that I am almost on the verge of retirement age. About 6 years from now, I would be 59 1/2 years old, government recommended retirement age. My idea of retirement is not really retire from life, but retire from a job. Am I prepared for that mentally ? NO! Am I prepared for that financially? NO! What do I need to do to play catch so that I can comfortably retire in 6 years.

So, the search went on. I borrowed a book from library called: Multiple streams of Internet income. I found the information fascinating and sounded like many great ideas. For many nights I read whenever I have a spare moment. I even open an online store and ready to capitalize the exploding Internet business. The race is now on.

Now, advertising! What do I do with it? There are many methods you can implement but some of them are quite complicated and for a non-technical person like me it is merely impossible.