Sunday, November 14, 2004

Spiritual wealth or material wealth

I am now coming down from heaven to fully engaged in physical dimension. For many years, I longed for complete freedom. I started to realize that a job could not get me far. I feel like I am trapped in this little cubbyhole. Day in and day out, like millions of people fighting on the freeway to get to the prison cell. Yes, a job is like a prison. Just imagine that one day you feel like to walk out of your office in 10:00 am without telling anyone in your office. What will be the consequence? Yes, we are not free. We are definitely not free even though we live in what we called a free country.

I started to think about wealth, fantasize wealth and desire for wealth. That seems to be the only route to freedom. Well I can desire whatever I want, but the cold reality is how to get there from where I am. This is a painful soul searching process.

In a way, I like to keep a balance between my material wealth and spiritual wealth. But without material wealth, it is quite difficult to truly achieve spiritual wealth.