Saturday, May 30, 2009

Smiling Opens the Heart
Good feelings are like ointments that heal wounds and re-establish friendships and relationships. Good feelings are generated in the mind, are transmitted through your attitude and are reflected in your eyes and smile.

- from Copyright © 2006 Thought for Today

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deep Within
Just as the highest tower needs a deep foundation, so too our higher thinking is based on going deep within.

- from Copyright © 2006 Thought for Today

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Practice makes you perfect, so be careful what you practice!

- from Copyright © 2006 Thought for Today

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Moraine Lake, Canada

Athabasca Glacier, Canada

Friday, May 15, 2009

The ability to enjoy one's own company is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Learning to turn my thoughts away from all my responsibilities at the day's end and take my mind into a state of peace and benevolence enables me to carry greater and greater loads without feeling the burden. When my inner landscape is full of beautiful thoughts, everything I do is a pleasure. Gently, I calm down chaotic situations and offer solace to troubled minds.

- from Copyright © 2006 Thought for Today

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trustee Consciousness
We all have a relationship with everything. Obviously the relationship we have with the people and objects in our immediate vicinity is more intimate than the rest of the world. For most of us the most common relationship is possession.

In our minds we think we own and possess things like cars and houses and carpets and golf clubs etc. This thinking easily spreads into jobs and tasks and positions and perhaps even other people. "I want you", and "You are mine alone", is the essence of many romantic film scripts and song lyrics.

It is not possible to possess anything. Care for..yes. Use...yes. But You can't take it with you when you go, so we say! And yet it's the idea of possession which lies at the heart of all fear, war and conflict. Can you see it? Fear of loss, fear of not acquiring what we have already decided is ours in our minds.

So what is a better relationship we can choose which takes all the fear away? Be a trustee. Everything comes to us in trust, for us to use and then to set it free. The consciousness of trustee sets us free of the tension of grasping and guarding. To see ourselves as trustees of everything that we receive, including our bodies, encourages our innate capacity to 'care for with dignity'. It is a much more relaxing way of relating to the things which we are privileged to receive in life.

- from Copyright © 2006 Thought for Today

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Transform Negativity

The energies of life come to meet us at every moment. Most come from other people who either in the same room or on the flickering, technicolour screens with which we now share most of our homes.

The vast majority of these energies are not positive. So how do we handle the 'the negatives', whether it's someone's attitude, their hurtful gestures or our daily dose of world violence and mayhem.

There are three cardinal rules.

  • First, do not absorb it - don't be an emotional sponge.

  • Second do not reflect it back. Otherwise you begin a cycle of emotional exchanges which may last a long time.

  • And third, do the one thing which marks us as intelligent human beings - transform it.

Even if the scene is a disaster there is some benefit somewhere in it. Even if you are watching two peoples beliefs or opinions slug it out to the edge of violence don't take sides. Instead offer a solution then stand well back. Even if the person hates you, accept their state of being and return the light of love. In time, with patience, it will illuminate their darkness, and return to you by the bucketful! Just wait.

- from Copyright © 2006 Thought for Today

Friday, May 08, 2009

In this life, you cannot be responsible for anyone's happiness but your own.

- unknown -