Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mother Teresa

Up until I read the biography of Mother Teresa, I really don't know anything about her. I only know that she won a Nobel Peace Prize on 1979, and she served and helped the poorest among the poor in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Much of her interior and external life of details was not something that I aspired to follow. After all, I believe my inner work is more toward the practice of Juana Yoga, Yoga of knowledge and contemplation.

She was aspired to the calling from God to serve humanity while she was twelve years old, an age most people will like to just play and have fun. But there was a very distinct family influence on her vocation, at the least her mother was devotional, and as a family they prayed together at all times. She was an Albanian, but most of her life was spent on caring the poor and the under
privileged in Calcutta, India. I admire her absolute faith on the Divine.

The author of the biography told, "What one has to understand about Mother Teresa is that she sees Christ in every person she encounters." It is one thing to acknowledge this statement, yet entirely another to live and breathe the statement. She was literally taking the verses in Bible by its face value and incorporate it to every aspect of her life. She saw the poor and the sick as Christ distressingly disguised. In a way, she reminded me of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis would approach, touch, embrace and care for lepers while most would shun away as quickly as possible.

Mother Teresa's life is
exemplary, but only one among many millions will walk the noble but lonely path.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Path of Self Discovery -

Since I do not have any inner experience the last several weeks I went back to review my blog posting. I am actually amazed of how much wiser and confident I was a few years back. Now I am just wondering, am I de-evolving in my spiritual progression?

I was in a "beginner's luck" a while back. Nature has a way to encourage new paradigm shift. I had many interesting dreams, I astral travelled, read a substantial volume of conscious breaking books, I also experimented different types of programs like
Holosync, Gateway, Shapeshifter's DNA Activation music and other meditative technique. Boy, was I busy the last few years!

It comes to the point of my study that I have a wealth of knowledge of spiritual teaching but without substantial inner experiences to validate or confirm the knowledge that I have accumulated. Do I really just rehash Dr. Jonathan Parker's teaching? Have I truly understood and experienced his teaching? The answer is yes and no.

I remember the first time that I listened to his
"Enlightenment Series", it resonated with my core being. I immediately realized that I have walked into the vault of esoteric teaching that will start a long and meandering journey to self discovery.

As in every learning process, I occasionally stumbled into some difficult courses that took me many months to get it clear from my head. One of them is leaving the past behind by understanding why things happened and how it was merely a lesson to learn. One of the most profound teachings from Dr. Parker is that of seeing life as a staged play with actors, actresses, supporting roles
pre-arranged and the script, the background have all been known to each of us in different level of consciousness. To top it all, each of us plays a starring role with our family, our coworkers, our friends either play as good guys or bad guys all dedicated to help us grow.

Come to think about it, it makes a lot of sense. There are billions of people currently living in the planet earth. How that each one of us congregated to a particular circle of family, friends and whole different kind of life experiences? Even a twin are unlikely to experience the same life scenario. Our experience in life is unique to us. Even though it is unique, I do sometimes feel that my life is pretty boring, nonetheless I have chosen to live this way either consciously or unconsciously for a reason.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Bad Guy

I now on my sixth month of metaphysical study from University of Metaphysical Sciences.
There are courses very fascinating and informative, but there are some I will procrastinate until the time that I need to do my homework. "Crystals and Gemstones" is one of them. I myself like crystals, I have several of them that I wear regularly, but I am not inclined to study further for their uses. I figure that inanimate objects will not be the essential components to elevate our level of consciousness. Ultimately, it is our own thought and attitude that is the key to enlightenment.

In an article written by Dr. Christine Breese, the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, I found the section of " Note of caution about the meditation" from "Reincarnation" course very much resonant with Dr. Jonathan Parker's
"Enlightenment Series". The following narrative from Dr. Breese serves as a reminder for me to be open, forgiving, and accommodating to myself and others in all circumstances because we are all been there, done that even if we do not consciously remember them.

----It is not unusual to remember a string of lifetimes of suffering and victimization, and then remember the "bad Guy" lifetime that started the whole process. Every one has a bad guy lifetime, if not many. It is required study on the earth plane and no one can complete the reincarnational cycle unless "Misuse of Power 101" has been taken. This might not be your favorite "class", but like most degree obtained, there are a few classes in the curriculum that aren't as fun or as pleasurable as others, and might require more perseverance to get through. You would not graduate from the earth plane with true wisdom if you had not experienced being the bad guy. You must experience the bad guy's point of view if you are to truly understand what this reality is offering to the soul. You must experience what it is like to abuse your power and free will, misuse it, and then experience the law of cause and effect in action. It is one thing to be told about the law of cause and effect, but it its quite another to experience it.----

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lost in Philadelphia - A Dream

I was back on Temple University campus in Philadelphia. For some reason, I lost contact with my sister. I do not have transportation to go around the campus.

It is getting dark and I have been carrying a shopping basket full of stuff walking on the city street. The inner city of Philadelphia is not exactly safe. So, I left an urgent message to my sister but then I remember that she is taking classes at night so she might not be able to give me a ride back to campus.

What a dire situation that I let myself in ! Even worse than that, my sense of direction is terrible, I can not remember where I am just five minutes ago. I am desperately need some help, or else I will be left homeless in the danger looming inner city. My mind is in over drive, I can sense stress and nervousness swelled up in my body.

After walking aimlessly for a while, I notice there are still some people walking around in this late hour. I tell myself that I can not walk aimlessly, I need help. I finally get enough courage to ask several people that I need protection and direction to get back to campus....That was when I woke up.

When I open my eyes, I found myself in meditative sitting position. That means I was dreaming while meditating.

Lately I have experienced a little strange phenomenon. I will close my eyes and relax in various location, not necessarily to meditate. After a while, I will have inner dialogue within myself, as if I were talking to a person, addressing some urgent issue or just chit chatting away. Several times I will wake up from the brief relaxation and ask myself, what is going on there? I have a tendency to dose off when I am too relaxed! The dialogue may be a condensed, short dream!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Earth School

This post is not intended to reveal me in an ordinary sense. Long since I have walked the path, I have examined and decided that whoever I am from other people's point of view could not and should not disturb me in any circumstances. In a way, I live with this philosophy on a daily basis. I no longer try to impress others, and I no longer feel sorry for people who have psychological or mental difficulty, cause I for one live very closely with this situation. Basically, I understand that I may be playing a role of villain for all to see, but each of individual soul has a hidden agenda that is not apparent in the midst of hustles and bustles. Sometimes let it be is the wisest approach.

My take on the people that I deal with is that I know fundamentally we are part of this cosmic consciousness. Everyone comes in the world has spiritual help whether one is aware of it or not. With this knowledge, I tend to err in rendering free will as my strongest belief when dealing with others who have rough edges. I usually do not impose my view, my way of thinking or doing as absolute and uncompromising. I leave plenty of room for people to experiment and to make mistakes. As a result, the outcome that shows to the world is not too pretty. But then again, given the illusory nature of the world, and the possible eternity of our existence, what is the hurry to get it over and get it perfect the first time or the first 100 times?

Nothing that happens is truly random. It may seem that way from our naked eye for our naked eye can only discern very limited range of perception. Our naked eye can only see the tip of the iceberg, while the masses of iceberg is beyond our detection.

As far as I know we are here to learn lessons whether we are old or young, a parent or a child. A parent isn't necessarily wiser than a child. A position in a company or in society isn't indication of one's spiritual level of achievement. A homeless people that we see lying on the grand central station could be a old and wise soul incarnating into this lowly social status so that he or she is able to invoke our sense of compassion and help raise our level of consciousness. In a way, the homeless is helping us evolve, not the other way around as normally perceived. I know to some people this is completely against conventional wisdom, and does not make any sense. Well, obviously I can't prove my point here, at least not until I have evolved to certain level of mastery, but there are infinite ways that we can learn, conventionally and unconventionally.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A good meditative session

I got up as usual time of 5:am and meditated for one hour and forty five minutes. I consider this morning's meditation a fairly successful one. I was focused and fleeting thoughts were less intruding than what I had experienced last a couple of weeks.

I have been working on meditation a long time, but to reach a state of no thought is still a "once in a blue moon" kind of deal, rare and spontaneous. Although I did not have astral travel experience this morning, but just to have a good session of meditation is in itself quite satisfying. I got up feeling happy and upbeat!