Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mother Teresa

Up until I read the biography of Mother Teresa, I really don't know anything about her. I only know that she won a Nobel Peace Prize on 1979, and she served and helped the poorest among the poor in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Much of her interior and external life of details was not something that I aspired to follow. After all, I believe my inner work is more toward the practice of Juana Yoga, Yoga of knowledge and contemplation.

She was aspired to the calling from God to serve humanity while she was twelve years old, an age most people will like to just play and have fun. But there was a very distinct family influence on her vocation, at the least her mother was devotional, and as a family they prayed together at all times. She was an Albanian, but most of her life was spent on caring the poor and the under
privileged in Calcutta, India. I admire her absolute faith on the Divine.

The author of the biography told, "What one has to understand about Mother Teresa is that she sees Christ in every person she encounters." It is one thing to acknowledge this statement, yet entirely another to live and breathe the statement. She was literally taking the verses in Bible by its face value and incorporate it to every aspect of her life. She saw the poor and the sick as Christ distressingly disguised. In a way, she reminded me of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis would approach, touch, embrace and care for lepers while most would shun away as quickly as possible.

Mother Teresa's life is
exemplary, but only one among many millions will walk the noble but lonely path.

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