Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Path of Self Discovery -

Since I do not have any inner experience the last several weeks I went back to review my blog posting. I am actually amazed of how much wiser and confident I was a few years back. Now I am just wondering, am I de-evolving in my spiritual progression?

I was in a "beginner's luck" a while back. Nature has a way to encourage new paradigm shift. I had many interesting dreams, I astral travelled, read a substantial volume of conscious breaking books, I also experimented different types of programs like
Holosync, Gateway, Shapeshifter's DNA Activation music and other meditative technique. Boy, was I busy the last few years!

It comes to the point of my study that I have a wealth of knowledge of spiritual teaching but without substantial inner experiences to validate or confirm the knowledge that I have accumulated. Do I really just rehash Dr. Jonathan Parker's teaching? Have I truly understood and experienced his teaching? The answer is yes and no.

I remember the first time that I listened to his
"Enlightenment Series", it resonated with my core being. I immediately realized that I have walked into the vault of esoteric teaching that will start a long and meandering journey to self discovery.

As in every learning process, I occasionally stumbled into some difficult courses that took me many months to get it clear from my head. One of them is leaving the past behind by understanding why things happened and how it was merely a lesson to learn. One of the most profound teachings from Dr. Parker is that of seeing life as a staged play with actors, actresses, supporting roles
pre-arranged and the script, the background have all been known to each of us in different level of consciousness. To top it all, each of us plays a starring role with our family, our coworkers, our friends either play as good guys or bad guys all dedicated to help us grow.

Come to think about it, it makes a lot of sense. There are billions of people currently living in the planet earth. How that each one of us congregated to a particular circle of family, friends and whole different kind of life experiences? Even a twin are unlikely to experience the same life scenario. Our experience in life is unique to us. Even though it is unique, I do sometimes feel that my life is pretty boring, nonetheless I have chosen to live this way either consciously or unconsciously for a reason.

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