Thursday, November 15, 2007

Energy Surge in Meditation

All life form have energy body that is best demonstrated by Kirlian photography. The dictionary definition of Kirlian Photography is a photographic process that supposedly records electrical discharges naturally emanating from living objects, producing an aura like glow surrounding the object on a photographic plate or film with which the object is in direct contact.

There are times when I am in a deep meditation, my body is asleep and relaxed, but my mind is sharp and focused. I can detect the slightest sound and stir in my room. After maintaining this focused mental state in a duration of an hour or so, I would experience a surge of energy pulsing through my body accompany it with a warm sensation. It happens when I am able to hold my body-mind in a still state for at least an hour.

There is not much information about energy surge during meditation. I am speculating that meditation is a very personalized practice, and not everyone experience the same kind of phenomenon due to the uniqueness of our individual life experience. Could it be that the energy body of ours is most likely to surface even in a minuscule second when mind-body is in an intensely aware and profoundly relaxed state? It is a glimpse of our true being, the essence of who we really are.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lost My Way in Corporate World - A Dream

I am leisurely walking down the mass hall of the company that I am working for. One end of this mega company is in one city and the other end happens to be in another city, the length of the corporation stretches over several miles long.

It's been known that each department has its own unique architectural design. marketing department particularly, is hailed as one of the marvels of technological prowess and I have not gotten the chance of witnessing it until now. I walk a long way down and finally reach the marketing department. I swear I have not seen the inside of Plaza Hotel in New York, but the spectacular lighting, high ceiling with exquisite design and sparkling floor give me the impression of what Plaza Hotel must look like.

My accounting department is usually a quite place. We are a bunch of unassuming, down-to-earth people spending hours immersing ourselves in seemingly endless number crunching loop. But not here in marketing department. This is the place buzzing with people coming and going with posters and notebooks in their hands, walking with great sense of posture and purpose. The scene seems to have a dizzily hypnotic effect on me.

Suddenly, I remember that I have a 10:30 meeting to attend and it's time to get going. I search my mind for what is the fastest way to get back, instantly my logic ( however faulty it is ) tells me to get on a train ride. But I don't know which train I should be taking, so I ask one of the conductors for the correct train number, I do not receive any verbal confirmation but I get on the first train that roll on the station anyway. When the train is moving out of the station, I suddenly realize that it is heading the wrong direction toward Hollywood. I start to panic and feel anxious that I would not be able to get back in time for the meeting.

As the train snail its way, I see rundown inner city littering with trash and graffiti, with youths carrying an air of idly, indifferent attitude chatting away on the sidewalk looking rather bored! It is definitely not scenic for my taste. Gradually the scene fades, I regain my senses and wake up with a great relief that I am soundly in bed and there is no meeting. The time is 4:35 am.

Friday, November 02, 2007

A delightful Surprise - Fluff's New Behavior

One of the headaches of taking care of bird is that I can't train it going to specific place to poo like most of dog or cat do. I gather that may be it's because of its puny sized brain that it couldn't comprehend such a civilized habit like our designated bathroom as a place to relieve ourselves. Under normal circumstance, after a passage of a full week, Fluff's cage would be full of shit (not a curse) that cleaning her cage is the last thing I want to spend my weekend on. But obligation is obligation, there is no way out except the times that James volunteered for the chore, which is not a common occurrence.

I always tried to avoid having Fluff standing on my shoulder too long because I know that the bomb shell can drop on my somewhat clean shirt in any moment without notice. It was quite embarrassing walking around with bird poo on my back. I have personally experienced several awkward moments like that so I am now making darn sure that there was none of those ugly stuff on my clothes before I walk out of the door to my office.

Fluff is now busy hatching almost 24 hours a day saved the time we take her out for a little break and for her humongous-sized pooing opportunity. For the last three weeks, I was excused of cleaning her cage. Why? Because Fluff is suddenly very conscientious of her hygiene in the cage. I can not see even a single drop of poo in the cage in the last three weeks. I can't say the cage is sparkling clean, but it is unstained and unpolluted. It is nothing like what we have known of her the last twelve years. It is amazing that laying four eggs have totally changed her pooing behavior.

Nature has inbuilt certain safety net into Fluff's instinct, when event triggered that sensor, like laying eggs for reproductive purpose, she instinctively knows what is good and what is bad for her upcoming offspring even though the eggs will not be hatched because they are infertile. But Fluff doesn't know it yet. She is willing to sacrifice her carefree bomb dropping habit to ensure that the eggs are not contaminated by her own excrement.