Thursday, November 15, 2007

Energy Surge in Meditation

All life form have energy body that is best demonstrated by Kirlian photography. The dictionary definition of Kirlian Photography is a photographic process that supposedly records electrical discharges naturally emanating from living objects, producing an aura like glow surrounding the object on a photographic plate or film with which the object is in direct contact.

There are times when I am in a deep meditation, my body is asleep and relaxed, but my mind is sharp and focused. I can detect the slightest sound and stir in my room. After maintaining this focused mental state in a duration of an hour or so, I would experience a surge of energy pulsing through my body accompany it with a warm sensation. It happens when I am able to hold my body-mind in a still state for at least an hour.

There is not much information about energy surge during meditation. I am speculating that meditation is a very personalized practice, and not everyone experience the same kind of phenomenon due to the uniqueness of our individual life experience. Could it be that the energy body of ours is most likely to surface even in a minuscule second when mind-body is in an intensely aware and profoundly relaxed state? It is a glimpse of our true being, the essence of who we really are.


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Dear sir,

    I have been meditation now for 2 years and recently using mindfulness technique in my daily life. I also have simmilar experince , I could enduce the surge of energy feeling when my mind is in deep calm. I dont have to meditate for long hours to induce the sensassion. Hard to explain it in words but it feels like a wave of energy going like a current in my body starting from lower part of my spine and upwards out throught my head. I loose that sensasion when I dwell to mucha about it. I have also researched about this on the net, but sofar have not found any relevant information about it. My speculation is simmilar to yours, I think this is the feeling of life force that we tap into, this is the force that drives all living beings in the world. I enjoy your blog and please keep up the good work. Excuse my spelling becouse English is not my first language..


  2. Hello,

    I think you are very well advanced in meditation. The experience that you have is called, Kundalini Awakening.

    This is the awakening of your higher consciousness through the seven Chakra; the energy surge from the base of the spine moving upwards and out through the crown Chakra. Only a dedicated meditator is able to achieve this level of Kundalini uprising.

    If you need more information, search the internet for Kundalini awakening, you should get a lot of information. I shall congratulate you, and you are on your way....

    Ming Chen

  3. hello everyone my name is robert. i am very terribly excited to speak with you all because since i was about 14 years old i have been able to achieve something very similar to your feelings of energy at will without meditation. i have since learned to focus it into whatever parts of my body i wish, that used to take intense concentration but i can now also do that at will. i never knew what this ability was for if anything and i have often wondered if i was actually harming myself. i will research this kundalini awakening as you have advised ming chen. i really look forward to communicating with you or anyone who can help me figure out what this is for i am 28 now and this has always been a great mystery to me. my e-mail is

  4. please pardon my lack of grammar in my previous comment for i was extremely excited while typing it.

  5. Hello Robert,

    Apparently you have much greater ability than I do as far as focusing your concentration in certain part of the body for energy surge.

    If you are in some kind of path for self development, the ability will definitely help you to achieve greater level of attainment. But I think it's best not to focus too much on the meaning of the surge. The bottom line is the essence of us is energy, or soul.

    Look at the ability as a stepping stone to what you want to achieve and leave it as one of the phases of your development and press on.

  6. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I am 25 years old and have been experiencing kundalini since about 5 or 6 years old. When I was very young I didn’t know that what I was experiencing was kundalini – I used to see lights, have visions of past life occurrences and “gods” or deities, and even have out of body experiences. When I was 12 years old my mother started to learn about yoga and told me that what I was experiencing was kundalini. I faced digestive problems throughout childhood, always had leg pain, had bad headaches, throat problems, and anxiety issues. Every time I would meditate I’d feel the k energy spiraling throughout me. I was very fearful of kundalini – which caused pain in rising, along with nightmares. I was always very unbalanced both mentally and physically while in college, which prevented the k from rising completely.

    Now, I work.. and every chance I get I read about kundalini to prepare myself/balance myself. I feel the k energy rise from my lower back to my crown.. and sometimes when I meditate everything within me feels numb, almost neutral.. as if I could hear only my thoughts – which become clear and minimal. The energy is tingly and warm, and it spirals. However, although I feel the energy in my crown.. I still feel energy in my upper back.. and I feel like it hurts. I’m afraid for it to go up from that point because I think it might be too powerful. [One day in college when I was meditating the energy rose up all bumpy and jagged and it hit my head and went slamming back down.. it was scary because it was so strong. I’m afraid that might happen again… but happen when I’m not mentally balanced, which I know I’m not yet]. I feel like I still need to prepare myself. I feel like I have some control over it though because I am able to feel the energy in any part of body if I just focus, and I can see light in any shape or color if I focus. I can also see energy fields around people or objects.. and can hear peoples thoughts at times.. even predict events. I feel like if I focus I can even move things with my mind, connect to other people mentally, or even transfer my energy onto others.
    Does anyone know what stage I am at in the kundalini process based on all I explained? How do I balance myself? Do I need a guru or can I do it myself? And is the pain I feel in my back bad? If I let the k rise fully.. will it be ok?

  7. Hello Anonymous,

    I have very limited ability to help you. But I contacted Dr. Jonathan Parker on your behalf. Please see the following message that he sent me:

    Dear Ming,

    Thank you for writing. I appreciate hearing from you and knowing that my work has helped you.

    The best book I know of on the subject of Kundalini is "Energies of Transformation" by Bonnie Greenwell. It is well researched and covers many aspects of the subject.

    I can often help people through their experiences however it is not a one-session project. It usually requires work on many levels including energy work, karmic clearing and consciousness shifting. It just depends on a person's issues and commitment level.

    I am sometimes contacted by people who have had chronic problems for years and they expect a miracle in one session and that is generally not what happens. My sessions have a cumulative effect which with long-standing issues can sometimes require two or three sessions before a person notices improvements, but then they continue with each subsequent session.

    If a problem has been with a person for years there can be physical effects that are challenging and take longer to heal than shifting consciousness or clearing emotional issues. A short description of my sessions is on my website. (

    From the heart,
    ** A note about Dr. Parker -

    He is one of the enlightened beings who does not advertise himself like most of the so called Guru, but he is genuinely great spiritual master that you can trust.

  8. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Thanks Ming Chen. I will read more books about kundalini to help me prepare for the final stages.
    Since I last wrote I have been meditating often which is speeding up kundalini. I am starting to realize that the way we feel is based on our state of mind.. And we have control over our nervous system if we allow ourselves to. Thus, the negative effects that people experience with advanced kundalini rising is because they are mentally unprepared for the expansion of consciousness. Yoga may help physically, but really it is one’s state of mind which eliminates the occurrence of any negative effect. The ultimate test is the ability to wipe out desire, and all emotion. Physical and worldly objects will only drain our energy – it is like the devil.. it will deceive and ultimately destroy.. one will seek the devil for more, but it will only take one farther from the source. To meditate for bliss or peace is not the purpose. To meditate to bring ourselves back to where we belong is the ultimate purpose. We are all energy from the same energy – we just need to go back to the source to be unified.
    Balance yourself in all aspects – achieve clarity of mind and self. The key is to ace the test – do not fall into the pit of desire.

  9. Hello Anonymous,

    You are wise, my friend.

    Balance yourself in all aspects – achieve clarity of mind and self. The key is to ace the test – do not fall into the pit of desire.

    Buddha would have agreed and pleased of your realization.

  10. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Thank you for your help Ming Chen. :)

  11. Anonymous6:20 AM

    I doubt this forum is still active. but i have been researching this feeling as well. I do not meditate though. I can do it at will. My body feels with a great surge of energy, sometimes I can do it for a long period of time to where my body starts to shake. I wish i knew more about this. What it is maybe a biological thing I can force with my mind? Whenever I am tired I do this to wake me up. Gives me alot of energy. When I do it too long though I become weak, tired.. if anyone can help me understand this. please e-mail me at


  12. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Hello my name is Bettye. I have been a meditator for over 18 years. During a recent meditation. I experience a scurge of vibrations from my left arm througout my body. It was a feeling that reminded me that we are all electrical magnetic energy. I don't know what it was, but where I am in my life, it's feels like healing energy.

  13. Hello Bettye,

    With over 18 years meditative experience, you know better than anyone that the essence of us is not just flesh and blood.

    It could be just what you said, a healing energy.

  14. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I experience these waves of energy too, through mediation and i can turn on when i need more energy and/or to cleanse my energy. (like this chris dude)
    is there a name for this?, as i think it is a bit different than kundalini energy???!!!???
    thank you for your time

  15. Hello everyone,

    I am a reiki level pretitioner and attend spiritual churches mostly every sunday. since the begining of this year I have been experiencing something of wave of high vibrational energy threw my body, tingling mostly around the 6th chakra.
    this takes place on a regular bases.

    however last sunday while I was giving healing at the church, I had a surge of electrical energy flowinG from my crown down to my 5th chakra for about 10 seconds. It felt like lightning and thunder.

    Has anyone any light to share on this.


  16. DanTKD5:37 PM

    I have recently started to meditate on a regular basis and I have this happen alot to me. Excited to finally finding something about it. Its hard to explain but its like a tingling warm focused wave that comes from your root and seems to burst at the crown or the shoulder area. The first time it happened it felt like my shoulders had a bad sunburn after. Recently no pain is felt anymore but now a tear comes out of my left eye during it.

  17. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Hi, Wow I'm glad, I found this site.
    I also experienced a full body surge whilst meditating, and then straight after this, I experienced two heart shocks or surges so to speak. I can't wait to see what sensations come next.

  18. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I've also discovered this ability and when I talk to others around me they think im crazy. For as long as I can remember, I've been able to almost seems like flexing my brain and shoots a tingling feeling from lower back to my head typically the near my brain where my forhead is. I can also focus it into my arms heart and legs. It depltes if I do it to long. I twitch when I really try and focus it. I've always beloved in the flow of energy and that all life is energy. I've also laid with my gf and I can focus the energy into my finger tips and draw close to her skin without touching her and she says that I am when im not. Throught my life I've always been viewed as a very insightful perso. Always calm and always thinking rather then out loud and typically very caring and sensitive towards others. If so.done wants to contact me my email is sorry for any spelling or grammar issues im using my android phone to write this.

  19. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Oh man am I glad I found this!
    I can do this at will, without meditation. I just sort of zone out a little, like a daydream and at first the 'shivers' as I first called them came randomly and now if I concentrate I can make them happen at will. They mostly occur down my spine and in my arms, literally causing the hair on my arms to stand straight as though I've been electified or something. This has never really scared me, I just saw it as something natural and to be honest, I had thought EVERYONE could do this. Imagine the looks I got when I tried explaining this to friends when I was ten.

  20. I have always wondered if this happened to anyone else as well. I have the same sensations and have been able to control them to an extent since i was a teenager. The feeling always starts in my feet, and when I really focus it makes my legs tremble, and my eyes roll around in my head. What is this?

  21. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I have been experiencing this same thing for several years and always wondered what it was and weather or not it could be harmful. I am still curious about it wanting to learn more. As a meditator, my intuition tells me that the energy surges are the result of beginning stage of being relaxed and calm. This typically doesn't happen when you have internal conflict or agitation. At least for me. So I think the way to deal with this is by simply observing what it does and let go of attachment regarding this phenomena. If you attach yourself to it, your ego could manifest itself into a different form, thinking that you are special etc, when in fact it's a body entering an extremely relaxed state, and possibly trying to go deeper into meditation. I have to tell you, I have used this energy to focus on my injured body part and have been able to successfully heal strained muscles etc with this. I think you can also send vibes/energy into others with this energy, haven't tried it.

    All in all, I know that as a meditator we have to get past this and the way to do it I believe is by constantly observing it and watching it, letting go of any attachment to the phenomonea. I know I say this like a teacher, but I must say my scientific teaching might be ahead of my practice. So I'm still practicing what I deeply believe is something that I should be practicing when dealing with these energy surges. To help with the process I'd avoid labeling with anything outside of what you are not feeling and experiencing.

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      I have noticed since I have been getting these surges on a more regular basis, I have been healing much more quickly than I ever had before and am noticing some differences in appearance making me look younger which is very strange. I have never been in the mental place I am now as far as finding my needs so small and my agenda so selfless. I have always been very analytical so when I went through this phenomenon, I must say I was in shock. I have become accustomed and now enjoy all aspects of it and welcome the feeling of peace that accompanies this surge. I have to say, had it not happened to me personally, I would think that the person might have lost their mind. But I assure you, even though some of my meditations have brought me to some strange conclusions at first, I am well grounded now.

  22. Anonymous6:46 PM

    too much of this and my sleeping cycle get's messed up, sometimes I can't sleep because of it.
    I had to abandon meditation because I thought it was problematic that I couldn't sleep and I always had too much energy. Now I'm realizing that this is something I should've just monitored and not get attached to.

  23. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I too am so glad that I found this blog. At the age of 15 I began having tingling from feet that moved upward while laying down, see lights similar to kaleidescope while my eyes were shut, and then out of body experience. The first time I heard a voice say,"you are not going to sleep tonight." It frightened me. I had my mom come sleep in my room that night and it happened to her all night too. She explained to me that it seemed that this ran in our family and seemed to start at the age of 15 to the eldest child. Apparently, my grandmother also had these things start at 15. I learned to stop it as it would start because I feared it. I had a complete shift in consciousness in November 2011 while listening to Eckhart Tolle's audio book The Power of Now. Since listening to that book, and practicing meditation, I have learn to not have fear. I am filled and surrounded with love, light, positive healing energies, and protection always. I started researching yoga, kundalini, chakras, meditation, the pineal gland, Christ Consciousness, Buddhism, and spiritual awakening in general. I started practicing meditation, and have made many changes in my nutrition and lifestyle. I stopped eating all meat, poultry, and fish. I eat mostly organic. I cut fluoride consumption/use out. I refrain from drinking alcohol unless it is a very very special occassion. In researching all of the topics I mentioned, I realized that it is important to live cleaner, and to decalcify the pineal gland. I have recently signed up for yoga at a small local yoga studio because I know that it will help to balance my physical body with my spirit and mind. I have been experiencing the vibrational surges on a regular basis for about six months now. I thought I may be alone in this experience because no one has seemed to understand what I have described. I am so glad to find that so many others have and are experiencing this energy surge sensation. It is a very powerful but pleasant sensation. It happens to me throughout the day whenever I have a realization, spiritual thought, or intuitive thought. I also can induce it by just thinking about it. It is a blissful feeling. May we all collectively help to raise the vibrational frequencies of all those we encounter so that the vibrational frequencies of all humanity may raise up into pure love and Christ Consciousness. :) Namaste ~Julz

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM

      I forgot to mention that it has been a long time now since I was 15. I am now 38. ~Julz

    2. Anonymous5:50 PM

      I love the surge and it happens just as it does for you, while thinking. It is refreshing to know I am not alone.

  24. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Hi, I am not sure about meditation, but I have a feeling, and I cannot find an explination. I am a 16 year old male. I randomly get these strong feelings, it never happens when I am testing or doing anything serious, but when I am tranquil. Like when I have no worrues or I am happy, anxious, about the future. A strong urge comes over me, I feel happier during this time, though it lasts less than 2 seconds. My body jerks awkwardly. When it is over my body will rejuvenated, but extremely relaxed at the same.time, and I just want to lay there. Any I crazy? Is it all in my head? Is there an explanation?

  25. Anonymous6:09 AM

    What if you have the energy serge in your left arm and it causes an object to then serge as well. This happened to me about an hour ago. I was laying in bed half asleep and half awake when my left arm starts to pulsate and tingle at the same time my fan is on and is what I can only describe as a power serge and blowing out air faster then slows down then faster aging and slows down and this is in sync with the pulsating in my srm. This hoes on for about 5 minutes and I'm fully awake at this point try to make it stop so I relax again then the serge intensifies and the fan goes full force and I jump out of bed and it stops. My arm is still tingling and my muscles are a bit sore. What was this? How is it possible to physically affect the electricity of an object with my body?

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