Wednesday, March 31, 2004

A spiritual junkie

Today, I got a call from Visionary Music (Linda) responding to my message from yesterday. The music is supposedly to activate your DNA stream. Sound Intriguing! I am willing to give it a try. I sometimes feel like I am a spiritual junkie. I am contantly seeking out esoteric teaching, having read many metaphysical books relating to Astral Travels, Lucid Dreams, meditation and all kind of inner experiences.

No one will believe that I can be so full of excitement just by getting a book from a library. Come to think about it, I believe my path to enlightenment will be by meditation ,contemplation and gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom. But I also do not forget that all the knowledge and wisdom that I gain ultimately is to transcend the physical limitation and to experience my spiritual self, my true essence.

Daily living is a test to see how well I have applied my learning. For the last two weeks, I have encountered the situation in my work that I could have been bitter and blame other people for the difficulty that I have gone through or about to go through. But I have come to my senses that I am fully responsible for what have happened to me regardless the situation. I have maintained a positive composure toward myself and the people involved, I even love them and bless them for they are my teachers. With this thought I know I have transcend my ego consciouness for the moment.

Since I have walked this path, I found myself battling between my God Consciousness and my ego consciousness almost constantly. But I shall say the God Consciousness are the winner most of the time and I found that It is getting easier and easier to think of others as myself. After all, my goal is to achieve cosmic consciousness, one with God and one with all beings.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Where is my master guide?

I don't seems to make much progress on my path. Lately I have trouble waking up early. I got up feeling tired. I am longing for the astral travel experiences but I have none of those experiences for months now. If I did, the experience was not quite satisfying. I am still meditating and still affirming everyday. I call upon God, my High Self and my Master Guide's help to break me out of this inertia.

I don't know when I will have my next breakthrough, if I ever have one. Lisa kept telling me that I have made connection to my Higher Self, I am just not consciously aware it. Dr. Parker said I have made a contact months ago. So, what now???

I sometimes wonder, if my Higher Self is my Higher Self, why that it has to talk to me through Lisa or through anyone else? Why not just talk to me directly? It really does not make any sense. I have been calling upon my spiritual teams for months, and yet the result eluded me.

I guess I will be doing what I am doing all along, meditating, affirming, listening to Dr. Parker's lectures, reading metaphysical books, practicing my love and kindness lessons every day, journalizing my thought and reflecting the insights that I receive from daily living. There is no turning back to worldly pursuit. I will continue on course, doing whatever it takes to reach enlightenment.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Tonight I have a chat session with Lisa. This session seemed to be a bit more productive. She gave me some suggestions to do in the meditation. For example, after climbing up the ladder to the sky, then visualizing a clean and clear pool, seeing tiny pebbles on the bottom of the pool, placing fingers in the cool water, hearing birds chirping, feeling warm sun on my face. All this imagery is to create a tranquil and harmonious setting. With these beautiful and serene setting I had set the stage for my spiritual guide to reveal him or herself and make a connection. I like those ideas. I will be integrating them in my meditative practice.

Friday, March 19, 2004

A little insight of many centuries of conflict between Israeli and Palestinian!

To continue to explore the possibility of astral projection, I have listened Holosync tape for an hour before going to bed. For this past week, there seem to be no sign of return of my astral projection.

I have established contact with Lisa, and had a group chat session last Monday. I found out that the chat isn't my thing. It will take a very disciplined moderator to get everyone on the same page. But the group chat that I had attended was very disorganized, people were boasting their wonderful and peculiar experiences, Lisa will just go along with it endlessly. The subject was how to identifying and learning to resolve the past lives issues. A subject that I always wanted to explore, but I didn't gain much further understanding at all in that group chat. After about 45 minutes non-sense chatting, I finally were able to get everyone back to the issue we were supposed to work on. Finally Lisa agreed to have a group past lives session on Thursday. But I did not attend knowing that I would not gain from that kind of endeavor.

I always believe spirituality is a very personal thing. It is not something that you boast about even if you have many wonderful realization. It is between GOD and me and no one else. That is why I call it inner journey. In light of wanting to explore my past lives, I have tape recorded Brian Weiss's past live meditation and use it for about 2 days. Of cause I can't expect result so quickly, but the meditation and sound of my voice is pretty relaxing. I am going to give it many tries to see if I have any insight to be gained of that meditation.

Today is supposedly a day that we will know who is in charge in Taiwanese political arena. For that last 2 weeks or so, there are many activities going on in my own household relating to this political excitement.

I always believe I am a citizen of the world, or even citizen of the universe, belong to no nation, no race, no gender, boundless, limitless and all encompassing. Essentially that is what we truly are.

The law of Karma and reincarnation indicated that what we hate we become. I am contemplating that many centuries of conflict between Israeli and Palestinian was because they are un-aware of this karmic truth. I am also suspecting that people in Israel and Palestine were born many lifetimes as both Palestinian and Israeli. Underlying the seeming conflicts and bloodshed they were really the same people living over and over, again and again as each other interchangingly. Isn't that fascinating? It is like an endless soap opera.

People can be so caught up with what I call historical drama and completely unaware that they were creating their own situation and environment with the attitude of hatred and prejudice. The way out is to see truth of our oneness with GOD and with our oneness with our fellow residents of this planet earth.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Out of body, another dimension of experience

To add another dimension of my spiritual growth, I am trying to induce out-of body experience at will. So far, it is not very successful. I have many spontaneous out of body experiences, but I have no control of the content. To explore our inner world is to explore our true identity. We need not experience death to know we are not our body. The knowing that we can go anyplace, do anything and learn our true mission in life in split seconds are enough for me to want to explore that realm of existence. It is fascinating.

I remember the first time that I have OBE was when I was meditating with Holosync technology tape. After that I have the experiences either with or without tapes. That was such a mind boggling experiences that I abandoned the tape being very afraid. But just like everything else in life, the more you experience the more you get used to it. Then later on , I read many books about it and discovered that it is a genuine spiritual practice for many meditators and yogis. Not only that, some people can will themselves to different places, many dimensions, witness past events and even project into future. That was so exciting that I hardly can contain myself. I have so much to learn and and so much to grow into. The world of physical dimension is not it appears to be any more. There are so much more than the eyes that you can see and the ears that you can hear. I am totally blown away by the prospect of mastering the OBE. Well, I will be experimenting and be patient.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Our Subconscious Mind -Enlightenment Series Dr. Jonathan Parker

I have just tried some of the Silva Ultramind ESP system. For most people who have never experienced meditation, this could be a mind opening session. But from my own experience, I know that even an experienced meditator could not achieve what they have described an easy and simple approach for the solutions that can transform your life. In theory it is simple, but the practice is another story.

The method is valid and long lasting if we apply them everyday. There were discoveries in the last 20 or 30 years in the field of brain research. There are 4 levels of brainwave in terms of cycle. The Beta state is the waking state, a deeper level is called Alpha state , that is what we considered a super learning state, the Theta level is deeper still and Delta state is a state of deep sleep.

Our subconscious mind resides in these deeper state of consciousness. This is a huge storage that houses our past memories, past experience of our every incarnation and emotional baggage that go along with those memories. That is why most of the self help book is not helping. By reading book alone the concept and ideas can not penetrate into our deeper subconscious mind. That is why meditative state is the best state of mind to transform our life. It is not as an easy task as it appears to be. But with practice, we can program our mind to change behavior pattern, eradicate addictions, plant seeds of greatness if we like.

The Silva system teaches the relaxation technique which is very helpful. For as long as I can remember of my meditative practice, I deliberately ignore my body, thinking it is not important. However, I discovered that by deliberately relaxing each part of the body the mind benefit as well. After the body is fully relaxed the mind then becoming quieter. That was a leap forward discovery. I am glad!

The Silva system teaches us how to tap into the Alpha state of consciousness by relaxing each part of our body. Once Alpha state of brainwave level has been reached, then we can use visualization and affirmation to reprogram our mind. The method is absolutely valid. I am still in the process of learning deeper relaxation. it is quite exciting!

However this knowledge is not new to me. In Dr. Parker's program, each major concept is followed by a guided meditation so that what we have learned in that session can be integrated into every level of our consciousness. The only difference is just relaxation part. Again, I have read many books, tried some programs, I found out that the most comprehensive and most exciting journey that anyone can take is to work on Dr. Parker's "Enlightenment Series". They are gems and jewels. After working on the program for over 3 years, I am still amazed of the richness, beauty and timeliness of the truth streaming from a true master. I am truly blessed! Thank you, Dr. Parker!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Disappearance of the Universe - A Book

I have just finished reading a book called: The Disappearance of the Universe. Some of the ideas are very provocative but they ring true for me. Let me outline the major concepts:

  • Practice forgiveness
  • There is no one out there, there is only one ego appearing as many
  • Whenever you condemn, judge, criticize another, your salvation is off to a flying stop
  • This world is a world of illusion

I have integrated these concepts deeply in Jonathan Parker's Enlightenment Series. It does not hurt to periodically remind ourselves what we have learned. I smiled when I saw truth in the books that I read.

In "Piercing Illusion" album, Dr. Parker has in-depth discussion of the above metaphysical concepts. I had hard time accepting them at first. I had probably listened more than 20 times on each of the tape 6,7 and 8 until I finally intellectually accepted them. With the understanding of how the universe works, I found myself greatly relieved many quilts and many negative thoughts about what had happened about my life and all others.

There is a master plan underlying each of our incarnation. We are not thrown into this physical existence without our consent. Believe it or not, we had agreed ( in different levels) to our basic life challenges, obstacles, lessons and everything else that had happened to us. The world is meant to be a stage or a playground that we take up many roles, meet many challenges in order to perfect our soul.

Let me comment on the practice of forgiveness. If we know that there is only one mind in entire universe. Everything is the manifestation of God. In order to experience and from the Big Bang scenario of the universe, God fragmented oneself to billions of billions of particles, the physical universe hence were born. We are actually unconsciously connected, we are from that one source, we are one and the same.
That stands the reason that when you hurt others you actually hurt yourself.

Another interesting and very enlightened discussion from Dr. Parker's work is about reincarnation and Karma. This concept you will also find in the "Disappearance of the universe". We often have problems about relationship, about work, money, children, health and all kinds of things. Our inclination is to blame fate, luck or others for making things difficult for us. However, from metaphysical points of view, all these challenges were meant to strengthen our character. All the seeming tragedies, bloodshed, catastrophe, natural disaster and all human conflicts were all meant for something else. They were the tools for us to learn and grow. After all, no one really dies. We merely change form and phase out from this dimension and emerge into different, higher dimension.

From this standpoint, you can see that the world and all the things in it is transitory, it does not last, and the most important thing to remember is that we last and we live beyond this space and time. Isn't that fascinating? Isn't that enough reason to feel joy? Nothing that we learn will be lost, anything seemed unbearable won't last. That meant to be tests and exams, that is all.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Truth shall set you free

For the last a couple of days, I have gone back to re-listen Jonathan Parker's "The Quest" album. It was like meeting an old friend, receiving great wisdom from an ascended master, enjoying beautiful sunshine after cold days. It is wonderful experience.

We are living in a illusory world of people, places, events and things, they are all demanding our attention. But just in a short moment of driving to and from work, I fully enjoy his many metaphysical and spiritual narrations. Actually by listening Jonathan Parker's "Enlightenment Series", I start my day in a right mind set, get a positive and happy attitude. With the wisdom and knowledge I gain from his teaching, I can smile inside of me no matter what happens on the outside. Yes, "Truth shall set you free", how true!

Monday, March 01, 2004

See through the eyes of God!

Last night, after two sessions of meditation I still could not fall sleep. I was probably in what you can call twilight zone.

Suddenly there were moving images as if I was watching a movie, the background was like in Middle East or may be Egypt, I watched people doing things and I was both participant and an observer at the same time. I even see myself attending a class and noticing my teacher wearing a very bright blue color dress. I saw kids playing hide and seek and then I got curious about what was there over the next wall. I saw something look like pyramid and statue and I suddenly were floating over some kind of temple. While I was floating, I saw eyes, beautiful eyes, and faces, the color and image were very distinct. The most shocking image is a handsome face with a patch of blood over his cheek. While I was floating I also heard chanting type of music in the background. Then I heard the affirmation: "See through the eyes of God", "See through the eyes of God"......, it could have been me affirming it but I am not sure. Gradually the images faded and I came back to my senses.

This mind projection was very vivid and colorful unlike other sessions of OBE. I do not know what it means, or it could just be my hallucination, but I am recording my impressions just for future reference.