Monday, April 30, 2007

The Impersonal Life

It is because of Dr. Jonathan Parker's recommended read, I have this book for over five years. I have re-read it several times, but have never understood it so clearly just a few days ago when I re-read its entirety for the jewel of wisdom it imparts. It is a book for keep in eternity or for as long as we human are struggling for the ultimate expression of God Consciousness.

This whole book is about empowering the I , the You and the Us, and recognizing that the true Master is within us, is US, the soul.

Here is the excerpt for the lecture of "Masters" that I would like to remind myself of not overly seeking truth in the outer world. Instead of constantly looking for new programs or Gurus, I should go within myself and meditate on "Be still!-and KNOW-I AM God."

The book is almost out of print. There is an E-book version available online, please see the following link, or click on the title of this post.
You, who are still holding to the idea, taught in various teachings, that I will provide a "Master" or Divine Teacher for each aspirant towards union with Me, hear My Words.

It is true I have permitted you in the past to delve into all kinds of mystical and occult books and teachings, encouraging your secret desire to acquire the powers necessary to attain this union extolled in such teachings, even to the extent of quickening in you some slight consciousness of the possession of such powers.

I have even permitted the belief that by practicing certain exercised, breathing in a certain way, and saying certain mantras, you might attract to you a "Master" from the unseen, who would become your teacher and help you to prepare for certain initiations that would admit you into an advanced Degree, in some Secret Order in the inner planes of existence, where much of my Divine Wisdom would be opened up to you.

Yes, I have brought you through all these teachings, desires and beliefs, trying to point out to your human mind the Forces I use to bring into expression my Divine Idea.

I have portrayed these Forces as heavenly Hierarchies, and that your human intellect might the better comprehend, I pictured them as Angels or Divine Beings, Impersonal Agents or Executors of My Will, engaged in the process of bringing into expression of My Idea that was the beginning.

But you did not understand.....

That any being, either in human or spirit form, that presents himself to your consciousness and claims to be a Master, or who permits you to call him Master, is nothing more or less a personality, the same as yours, and therefore is not Divine, as your human mind understands that term, despite the many wonderful truths he may utter, and the marvelous things he may do.....

As your human mind is constituted, it at certain times think it needs a Master, one to whom it can turn with its human trials and problems for explanation and advice, thinking life's problems can be settled that way. If I draw to you one who fails you or deceives you and throw you back finally upon me, your own self, discouraged, disillusioned and humiliated, it is only that perhaps then you will be ready to turn to Me within, and will listen to My Voice, which all these years has been speaking to you, but to which your proud and egoistic mind has not deigned to listen.

Now the time has come for you to know that such beings are not Masters, also that Divine Beings do not call themselves Masters; that I , and I alone , your own real self , AM the only Master for your now, and until you are able to know ME also in your brothers.

Why seek in human or spirit teacher, guide, master or angel, for the necessarily limited manifestation of My Perfection, when you can come directly to Me, God within you, the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, the Inspiring Idea back of and within ALL manifestations?

As I AM in You, even as I AM in any you seek, and as all the wisdom, all the Power and all the Love they possess come only from Me, why not come to me, and let Me prepare you also so I can express My All through you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Through the Gates of Hell For A Wounded Marine

If you like to read, then you should know that there is a place that you can receive good service and wonderful product that will breeze your mind away in a land of imagination, contemplation and understanding.

Yes, I am talking about your local library. Year ago, I had a preconceived notion that most of the library’s books were old, torn and out of date. That is no longer true. If you live in LA County, you can borrow the newest book on the block in most of the subjects in your local library in days or just in a few weeks. Every library in the county pulls their resource together to serve the avid reader like you and me. How does that feel for such a royal treatment?

That is how I came across a book called "On Call In Hell" that I consider a “must read”. As of today we are still in the midst of campaign of Iraqi Freedom. Undoubtedly, more stories will stream through as our troops remain in the region to fight and struggle for a better place to live for Iraqi citizen.

This book is one of the kinds. It is a story told by a surgical doctor who accompanied our Marines to the forefront of the battlefield of Fallujah in Iraq. For the next six months he faced wrenching and grueling casualties of war and first handedly experienced the sinister and brutality of war to men. I can’t even begin to describe how that I feel after finished reading the book. It is certain that Doctor Jadick had fulfilled his life’s purpose and mission by witnessing and serving the medical needs of our brave Marines abroad in Iraq. In the book, he honored the courageous action of all the Marines with whom he had the privilege to serve. You can sense the brotherhood of men were forever bonded by taking care of and helping each other in the tough time. He is, what I believe, a person with great integrity and humility. The book is very good read, and is surprisingly entertaining in spite of the fact that the backdrop is in the hostile combative war zone.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Symphony no. 9 - A Retreat for the Spirit

This is a beautiful Saturday morning in Southern California. I drove along locally and spontaneously, I just felt like listening to Beethoven's Symphony no. 9. This is an exceptionally long symphony lasting more than an hour. I occasionally indulge myself with listening over an hour of Symphony No 9 during the weekend. I felt wonderfully refreshed afterwards.

This is a symphony can take your mind away from mundane daily grind. At that invigorating moment, my spirit hiked in the celestial realm of heaven. I was transported from movement to movement in this glorious musical compositions that was hailed as one of the greatest masterpieces of Beethoven. It was also one of the highest achievement of man ranking along with Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The following is part of the English translation of Ode to Joy, the "Choral"
  • Oh friends, not these tones!
  • Rather let us sing more
  • cheerful and more joyful ones.
  • Joy! Joy!
  • What custom sternly divides;
  • All people become brothers
  • Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Magic Eye - Now You See it.. Now You Don't!

    Ever since I bought the book "Magic Eye II" to practice seeing the hidden images in the book, I have tried at least once a day for about ten to fifteen minutes. Several nights ago, I resolved to finish my day by practicing one last time.

    Sitting on my bed next to the dim light from the night stand, and as I pulled the page further away from my face inch by inch, I suddenly saw the image becoming three dimensional. I can see the depth of it. It was an incredible experience as I remembered. After that, I tried several times to make sure it was not illusory. I went to bed happy since it took me many days before I can see the 3-D image.

    But the ultimate goal is not about seeing the 3-D image, but to see the hidden white image supposedly hanging in mid air between the space of the image and the observer.

    Now, you may ask, why do I want to delve into this trivial pursuit? According to my metaphysical study, this is one of the skills that I can use to see Aura of things. Aura Viewing is one of the spiritual abilities that can be handy for working on transformation and purification of etheric body.

    So far, I do not see any white image forming in my practice. The longer that I stared at the 3-D image without blinking, the more my eyes filled with water. Due to the eye stress, I lost my divergent focus and 3-D image disappeared. The image that I held in my hands became plain and flat. The magic was gone. I understand that to reach the goal of seeing the hidden image could take a lot of practice and patience, but I hope to have a breakthrough soon!

    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Traverse off the Path!

    It is more than two months now that I have completely unable to remember my dreams. I will wake up heavy headed and sensing some vague and foggy dream content but couldn't get any clear sense out of it. At the same time my meditative practice is also going nowhere. I will either fall asleep while meditating or could not get myself up after the alarm goes off. I feel that I am now traverse off my intended path.

    I signed up for a Gnostic web's astral travel course near the end of last year, but was told that the class was under major construction and would not be available for several months. That was not an encouraging news. After several months' patient waiting finally the class is set to start on April 23. I am elated for the good news.

    There are several siddhi ( spiritual power) that I have steadfastly determined to achieve in this lifetime. Meditation is my lifetime pursuit, astral travel and lucid dreaming are enhancements for understanding and experiencing our true eternal nature. I figure that if I have ever needed to come back for next incarnation then siddhi will help me remember what I have learned and get me up to speed. Instead of waiting to be initiated to come in contact with the esoteric knowledge after forty nine long earth years of this lifetime, I can be awakened to the spiritual knowledge when I am in my twentieth the next life. Since everything that we have learned will be tugged away under our consciousness when we leave the physical plane, I reckon it is essential that I pay attention to what is important and what is not.

    With the course of astral travel, I will be able to know the truth of things, to gather information about the nature of the world and universe, to learn hidden wisdom about death and life, to receive guidance and discover the purpose of life. I decided not to borrow any book from library for the next two months so that I can dedicate my energy on astral travel course reading and exercise. This is the kind of ability that do not come easily to ordinary people like me. My previous astral travel experiences were random, sporadic and beyond my ability to control. Perhaps real effort is needed to make it a routine part of my inner exploration.