Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Magic Eye - Now You See it.. Now You Don't!

Ever since I bought the book "Magic Eye II" to practice seeing the hidden images in the book, I have tried at least once a day for about ten to fifteen minutes. Several nights ago, I resolved to finish my day by practicing one last time.

Sitting on my bed next to the dim light from the night stand, and as I pulled the page further away from my face inch by inch, I suddenly saw the image becoming three dimensional. I can see the depth of it. It was an incredible experience as I remembered. After that, I tried several times to make sure it was not illusory. I went to bed happy since it took me many days before I can see the 3-D image.

But the ultimate goal is not about seeing the 3-D image, but to see the hidden white image supposedly hanging in mid air between the space of the image and the observer.

Now, you may ask, why do I want to delve into this trivial pursuit? According to my metaphysical study, this is one of the skills that I can use to see Aura of things. Aura Viewing is one of the spiritual abilities that can be handy for working on transformation and purification of etheric body.

So far, I do not see any white image forming in my practice. The longer that I stared at the 3-D image without blinking, the more my eyes filled with water. Due to the eye stress, I lost my divergent focus and 3-D image disappeared. The image that I held in my hands became plain and flat. The magic was gone. I understand that to reach the goal of seeing the hidden image could take a lot of practice and patience, but I hope to have a breakthrough soon!

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