Saturday, April 14, 2007

Symphony no. 9 - A Retreat for the Spirit

This is a beautiful Saturday morning in Southern California. I drove along locally and spontaneously, I just felt like listening to Beethoven's Symphony no. 9. This is an exceptionally long symphony lasting more than an hour. I occasionally indulge myself with listening over an hour of Symphony No 9 during the weekend. I felt wonderfully refreshed afterwards.

This is a symphony can take your mind away from mundane daily grind. At that invigorating moment, my spirit hiked in the celestial realm of heaven. I was transported from movement to movement in this glorious musical compositions that was hailed as one of the greatest masterpieces of Beethoven. It was also one of the highest achievement of man ranking along with Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The following is part of the English translation of Ode to Joy, the "Choral"
  • Oh friends, not these tones!
  • Rather let us sing more
  • cheerful and more joyful ones.
  • Joy! Joy!
  • What custom sternly divides;
  • All people become brothers
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