Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A shadow

Last night I had two cups of coffee before going to bed. I figured that I probably could not fall asleep immediately, so I meditated about an hour. It took me quite sometime to fall back to sleep after that. During the transition, I had the following experience.

Seeing through my mind's eye, a shadow emerged from nowhere, it blended into my being and I floated out of my body immediately without vibration or other usual sensation. During the time I floated out of my window, the flying got faster and higher, I looked down on the changing scenery below and felt that I was not alone. There was something else that was present that blocked my view below while flying. I saw the usual city, mountain and trees quickly zoomed by. After a while the floating sensation stopped and the scene faded!

When I got back to my senses, I could not make out what was happening. I have done the Aura Cleaning before the meditation. I believe my aura was fairly bright, strong and clear. There would not be any intrusion into my energy field and I was certain of that.

It was an interesting experience. What was that shadow? I don't know. It did not do any harm, on the contrary the flying seemed to be invigorating.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Trial?

A trial meant to test how well that we have learned our lessons and how well we have applied our lessons to our daily living. For the last several months, I feel that I am in a stage of being tested spiritually. Sometimes I am triumphant, I am being my best self, loving and supportive in every way. but other times I fall back to my old doubtful and bitter self. Am I encountering what they called, "dark nights of the soul" that every seeker bounds to meet sooner or later?

For all that I know about why are we here, why some people have to suffer while others live a charmed life (at least it appears that way). I still can not brush off the possibility of my contribution to other people's suffering. I have a feeling that finally karmic debts that have accumulated over past and present lives have caught up with me. In spite of good work that I have done ( at least I think I have done) at work and in other areas of my life, my family situation is dire. Bitterness, blame, illness and depression hung over the air that we breathe, most unhealthy to the spirit.

I hope I know the answer of what should be done! But non existed that I know of! I shall continue walk the path and do the best that I can and let the Divine take care of the rest.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

"The Genius Factory" by David Plotz

This is incredible. I accidentally picked up this book from Rowland Heights library. I never heard of sperm bank before. After I read the book, I searched Internet, there are several such banks exist just in California. The whole thing sounds very much like science fiction.

Mr. Plotz took us a wild ride of grand venture about parent's shopping for a genius child, the long tale of one man's crusade toward saving humanity and the complication of seemingly single-minded mission. This is indeed an eye-opening book.

In the end, no one really knows whether a Nobelist's sperm can produce a Nobel Prize winner. We just don't know enough whether or not if we can engineer our next generation with scientific precision. Mr. Plotz told the story with consideration and compassion toward the donors, parents and children. A very interesting read.

No matter how is our upbringing, in the end there is "free will" involved that ultimately determine the path of our life. Yes, there is destiny, but there is also free will. You have a choice. The choice we made today, may not change much of our immediate future, but it will definitely shape our distant future. And yes, we will be back again to resume our study once we are done with this incarnation. Unless, of course, we have reached a state of being that we have graduated from this earth school of ours.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I must be in a dream - cell phone as a dream sign

I checked in a hotel. The next morning, While I was walking on the lobby, I suddenly heard an announcement through intercom, "James will not have... class this morning. The class has been cancelled". Well, I heard James name. I said to myself, I need to call James to let him know.

I searched in my purse and found my cell phone. I quickly used my normal voice command to dial. Well, it did not have any response, so I manually dialed it again, still no dial tone. I then found that cell phone looked strange; there was a Viking Marking on it. It did not look like my phone. When I looked a little closer and the cell phone turned into an old worn black shoe. And all this time I was holding a worn shoe? How strange! I remember I brought a cell phone with me. So, I searched my purse again, now I touched my cell phone. Instantly I felt relieved that I did bring my cell phone.

I took the phone out and it looked more like a camera than a phone. At that instant, I said to myself, "I must be in a dream, I am in a dream". At the same time, I also realized that I will be late to work, I need to get up now. I got up fully awake. It was 10 minutes later than my usual get up time.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Lightning Strike" from Donald Davis

All the last week, I read a down-to-earth accounting of what truly happened of WW II, Chief-in-Command General Yamamoto incident in the battleground of Pacific Front. A history book read like a novel. Very interesting.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Three women hanging clothes - A dream

Keep going!

I had a good session of meditation. I usually lied down for about 15 minutes afterward. I started a sensation of vibration and off I went floating about in my bedroom. It was dark and I could not see anything. After several rounds, the floating stopped. I was disappointed and I thought to myself, "Is that all"? Then about one minute later, I floated again, this time while the floating almost stopped, I thought to myself "keep going, keep going". To my surprise, I started the floating sensation again. I floated out of the window of my bedroom. The atmosphere was gray and chilly winter scene. Immediately, I saw tree leaves spreading over the concrete floor, brick houses dotted below from my aerial view, three women were working outside their houses hanging clothes. I was so close to the ground, I felt that I was almost able to touch the women. Then gradually the scene faded.....

The place that I have been did not feel like in United States, it almost like in China or something. The fact that women working outside hanging clothes indicated an unusual phenomenon if it was in US. But who care? I can't get verification anyway.

This conscious projection was not any different than others, except I was able to consciously prolonging the vibration and floating process by just saying to myself "keep going". I am still not able to direct my travel destination, but at least my consciousness has played a part in the process. That was significant.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vacation In Hawaii

Mom, I, my sister MingYea and her husband Jim were on our long-awaited Hawaiian 9-day trip from October 21 to October 29. It was made possible by my sister's effort. She arranged everything from where we are to stay in hotel to airline ticket purchasing. We stayed in the Kona Island four days and another four days in Maui. What was my impression of Hawaii? It is a beautiful place, green and blue all around. The condo we stayed in Kona Island is just absolutely wonderful. There is a golf course in front of our second story porch, and beyond the golf course, there you are, a 180 degree ocean view. The condo is lovely furnished with crafted sea life, turtles, fish dotted the wall. In the early morning, there were all kinds of birds chirping happily. I got up 6:00 am as usual to do my meditation.

I intended to see the live volcano in Kona Island. We drove to the Volcano National park, but due to our Mom's physical condition, we hiked a little bit but did not venture far enough to see the volcano. But on the way, we saw blackened lava mud and lava rocks all over the place. Jokingly, I was proposing a business deal with Volcano National Park to sell lava rocks and lava mud to the civilized population overseas. Later on, through conversation with locals, my sister found out that the legion has it that the Goddess of Hawaiian Volcano, Pele, is safeguarding the lava rocks and Lava mud as if they were her children. Therefore removing lava rocks from this island is doomed to bad luck. Well, that is the end of our proposition.

In Maui, we drove to the summit of Haleakala National Park of 10,023 feet above sea level. The crater on the summit is expansive and awesome looking. I took a picture on the summit, and probably should have left a graffiti behind noting that I have been here on the wall or something, like some travelers that wrote their names on the bathroom door. :) One of the most impressive trips was the one we visited a rain forest in Iao Valley. Just several miles outskirt of small village, there you are, a sanctuary away from civilization.

On second day in Maui, we traversed on northern coast of Maui called Hana. The Hana highway is a narrow winding road along the coastal area, there are 600 turns and a dozen narrow one-lane bridges. The road to Hana isn't far, but the twist and turn make it a slow going highway. We traveled about half way and decided to turn back, and it took about 6 hours for round trip. The rain forest along the highway is beautiful and it is worthwhile experiencing it's unusually frequent tight turns.

I took a helicopter ride in Maui against the opposition that tried talking me out of it. The ride was an air tour exploring the west of Maui where there are beautiful rain forest, 4000 feet high waterfalls and then across expansive Pacific Ocean to Malokai, known for its highest sea cliff in the world. Through this trip I was able to get some verification or confirmation of my inner experiences.

For years, I had astral travel or mind project experiences at night. I never was able to compare my inner experience with real, physical counterpart. Now that I had it. Yes, my inner experience are just as real as my helicopter ride. While I mind travelled, I sometimes felt the sensation of sharp turn when changing the flight direction without my conscious control, I felt the same sensation when I rode on the Helicopter. While mind travelling without a body, I felt the same way as I did in the helicopter ride.

This experience got me thinking, what a crude method of travel with a body! If I train myself long enough and hard enough, I would be able to surf the Himalaya mountain, cruise over the Mount Everest, fly above the galaxy, the star and anywhere I want using only my consciousness with instant vibration! It is not impossible to do! Why a body that need to wait in the long line for custom checking and inspection, a body need to be fed, a body need to sleep in a fancy expensive hotel, a body need to be transported by car, by plane that cost thousands of dollars. Why?

I know it is a strange phenomenon that I have experienced in my inner world. But the truth is, it is not strange at all. Majority of humanity forget about the origin of who we are, our divine origin that is. We are free spirit, pure and simple.

Last night, I had a strange pressurized sensation around my head area while I was ready to sleep, it felt like someone was pulling my hair, and in an instant I was off flying. My night musing is usually short, it lasts about 10 to 15 seconds. Since I am conscious and aware and the places I visit are unusual, all the while making the experience very memorable.