Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Paradox of Free Will

Hello all of you beautiful people~!

In this issue of the DNA Perfection Online Course, I will explain the paradox of free will and the energy mechanics associated with it. This will give you a better understanding of how Source-God perpetuates itself and how WE can perpetuate in the best way possible. It will also help those who have gone through the DNA Activation process to understand how to use their new abilities and free will choices in the best way possible.

All individual manifest beings within a time matrix and its universes come into being through initial embodiment of the God-spark, which exists as a living standing wave of tangible, quantifiable radiation within the core divine blueprint manifestation template through which an individual consciousness manifests. This spark is actually located in the first cell of conception, located at the base of your spine.

Creation was set in motion upon the God-Source Original Divine Intention of PERPETUAL MOTION, ETERNAL LIFE, LOVE BASED, CO-CREATIVE, and FREE WILL expression (a direct reflection of the nature of the God-Source). God-Source embodies the intention of unconditional love while ALLOWING the right of free will choice, EVEN if that choice leads to choice of OPPOSITE expression to the Original Divine Intention and Divine Will of God-Source.

However, since allowing this FREE WILL of OPPOSITE expression could potentially destroy the Original Divine Intention, the God-Source and all of its manifestations also embody the characteristic of CONSERVATION of Original Divine Intention, which expresses itself in terms of natural physics laws as "CAUSE and EFFECT" or "Action and Reciprocal Reaction". Which means that there IS a dynamic of consequence to chosen free will choices known as the LAW of RECIPROCITY ("what comes around goes around"). In other words, every thought and action has a consequence.

God-Source does NOT pass judgment on any of its individuated manifestations of itself that choose to embody the OPPOSITE expression of God-Source Will, BUT the mechanics of physics that God-Source created as the mechanics of Cosmic Order are imbued with Perpetual Motion, Unconditional Love, Eternal Life, AND CONSERVATION of these attributes of creation. Cosmic Order is designed to be a SELF-SUSTAINING, SELF-BALANCING system.

If through the excessive mis-use of free will choice, the choice of OPPOSITE expression of Divine Intention reaches the point at which it jeopardizes the Perpetual Motion, Eternal Life expression and continued existence of Cosmic Order, the Cosmos itself will restore order and balance through the dynamics of cause and effect energy inter-relationships inherent to the design of Cosmic Creation Physics Mechanics.

When manifest beings use their gift of free will choice within the cooperative co-creative relationship to the intrinsic natural laws of energy and the Original Divine Intention, the state of AT-ONE-ment with God-Source can be known and embodied while WITHIN the manifest experience. Being both a sentient individual manifest AND simultaneously KNOWING oneself as a direct, embodied expression of the God-Source is known as the state of God-Actualization. This state creates the experience of fully engaged non-attachment, (not DIS-ENGAGED DETACHMENT) accompanied by perpetual Unconditional Love, Peace, Spiritual and Material Mastery, and Ecstatic Joy within the manifest arena.

At this time in this universe, there is a LOT of healing to be done because of people embodying the OPPOSITE expression of Original Intention. This is how energetic blockages occur, karmic miasms are created, and DNA distortions arise. Once you understand the laws of the universe, then instead of fighting them, you can flow with them, and it makes your life a lot easier. And in the next issue, we will discuss the actual merkaba mechanics associated with those who choose OPPOSITE expression and thus the true scientific meaning of "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust".

I wish you all the best and please let me know if I can assist you on your path.

With love, Toby Alexander

Founder DNA Perfection

Monday, July 26, 2004

Dad's Karmic Removal Session

Dad's Karmic Removal Session!

The following is the Karmic Removal session Toby Alexandria has done for my father:

Before the session I asked Toby to ask my father's higher self of any possible unresolved issues that could be the causes of his lingering on this earth plane. If we know them, we might be able to do something to release him from the bondage.

What I found out from the following session is that my father may be engaging in purifying process. By suffering he is purifying himself of what he did wrong, this is what so called "walking the karma". The state of being is purified of karma debt.

The other reason is much more urgent. My father is actually fearful of what might happen after his passing over. I am going to chant mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" for my father, hopefully I can mentally communicate to him that after his karma resolved, aura cleared, he is now free and clear. There is no need of any fear of passing over. The heavenly worlds of one million times more wonderful and beautiful is waiting for him to explore.

Subject :
Re: Karmic session- Hua Ping Chen

Hi Ming,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been trying to gather more information from your father regarding unresolved issues. During the Karmic Session, I was shown many issues having to do with guilt and self-judgment and I believe that now he feels that he is punishing himself for things that he thinks he did wrong. I removed all of the past ids of guilt and worked on his heart and throat chakras for most of the session to allow him to let go, forgive himself and others, as well as try to own his experiences in this lifetime as wisdom.

I don't think he is staying on this plane because of unresolved issues. It's more about being uncertain and fearful as to what will happen once he passes over. It's difficult because I can't really spiritually educate him by doing these sessions - although I wish I could. I can just
clean up his energy and karma as much as possible so that when he does drop the body, he won't have to go through the same things in the next incarnation.

And that's what I did in the Karmic Session - ask to see the highest priority miasms and transmute them up the levels and out of his manifestation template. There was some disappointment and bitterness that also came up and this seemed to be family related. These ids took a long time to totally release and the energy was very thick. I know that his higher self was showing me the most important things to work on, and I feel like the session was very profound.

I hope that everything works out for him in the best way possible and that everyone in the family is in peace.

Kindest regards,

Friday, July 23, 2004

Profile of Your Mystic Nature, Prepared on 07/22/04 for Ming Chen , Your overall score is 156.5 out of a possible 180 points.

Overall Score:

We're happy to report that either you're pulling our leg or you have great mystical talent. Indeed, you are nearly a mystic already. You have several good tendencies and characteristics, especially Mental Equilibrium, Strength of Character, Dynamic Volition and Emotional Harmony. These traits indicate that for years you have enjoyed higher levels of consciousness at times.

Category Score 0 to 30
Strength of Character 29
Vitality of Life Force 19 Lowest
Mental Equilibrium 29.5 Highest
Emotional Harmony 27
Dynamic Volition 28
Mystical Attunement 24

How balanced are my scores?

1. Strength of Character
A fine character is the aspiration of beginning mystics and the dearest treasure of illumined mystics. The mystic journey tests, seasons and reveals your character in numerous ways. Integrity, truthfulness and honor make your life deeply satisfying and they also increase your mystical realization immensely. Character is the most important key to your mystical development.

2. Vitality of Life Force
The vigorous and precise concentration of your life force is crucial not only to your health but to your mystical awareness as well. Many higher states of consciousness rely on sustained momentums of your life force. Also the ability of your subtle nervous system to conduct and sustain increased levels of spiritual energy is critical to mystic enlightenment.

3. Mental Equilibrium
Mental balance and equilibrium in the important times of your life is a significant indicator of your present level of mystical awareness. A mystic seeks to live in a state of ongoing mental equilibrium. A great benefit of mystical development is equilibrium in the midst of life's challenges and changes. People tend to be confused and at their worst in times of difficulty — or opportunity — rather than at their best. Mystics seeks equilibrium in all the peaks and valleys of their lives.

4. Emotional Harmony
Emotions are a mighty force for good or ill. Harmonious emotions empower you to care about other people, to know and love them. Inharmonious, destructive emotions bring estrangement, conflict, prejudice, hatred and war. Harmonious emotions also enable you to enter and abide in mystical states of peace, bliss, fulfillment and well being. The mystic finds universal love and ever-increasing joy.

5. Dynamic Volition
Your will faculty enables you to create and manifest true change in your life and world. By dynamic volition we mean constructive use of your will, both in terms of self-discipline and in aligning your personal will with your higher mystical creativity.

6. Mystical Attunement
Mystical attunement is your present level of sensitivity and responsiveness to the spiritual and subtle realms of life — including awareness of mystical abilities. (For example, extrasensory perception, the projection of your awareness to other people and places, visions, foreknowledge of events.)

How Balanced Are Your Scores?
Regarding the level of mystic equilibrium and balance in your life: Your profile indicates you have strong and weak suits. Your strong areas are Mental Equilibrium and Strength of Character. Your weak areas are Vitality of Life Force and Mystical Attunement. If you develop these weak areas, you will greatly increase your equilibrium and delight in your newfound satisfaction — and success — in life.

Your Highest Scoring Category
Mental Equilibrium is your strongest category. Constructive use of your mind and its thoughts will make you a wise, creative and deeply mystical person. It all depends on how you direct your thoughts. You can live a life of mental turbulence, worry and chaos — or you can direct your thoughts toward health, success and greater personal fulfillment. Your thoughts will make you or break you.

When you apply your thinking nature to the mysteries of life, you will astound yourself. You can transcend your normal habits of thought to directly experience intriguing higher levels of awareness and well being. Like the great author and thinker Thomas Aquinas, you may one day say, "Such things have been revealed to me that now all I have written appears in my eyes as of no greater value than straw."

Your Lowest Scoring Category
It may be useful to mention also that in this profile your selections revealed your weakest category is Vitality of Life Force. That is, based on your answers, your health and vitality may not be receiving the attention and appreciation they truly need. Are you taking good care of yourself? Are your diet and exercise adequate? Do you get enough rest and recreation? These, of course, are matters for you to ponder — food for thought. Health and vitality, along with a direct awareness of the Infinite Energy within you, are not only great joys in life, they are essential to the continuance of your existence.

In behalf of the Mystic World Fellowship, I wish you, Ming, the very best in all areas of your life.
Graham Ledgerwood
Mystic World Fellowship

Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Answer! Modern Prophet-Answers your key questions about life" from Harold Klemp

I logged onto my blog page several issues ago, complaining that I have no more phenomenal spiritual experiences for the last three months.

Today, I found the answer in a booked called: "Modern Prophet-Answers your key questions about life" from Harold Klemp.

He is a master of Eckankar. On page 19 it said " As one unfolds spiritually, the inner experiences become less phenomenal. Soul is gradually being led from the phenomenal worlds toward the worlds of true being at the soul plane and beyond", " Yet some feel unhappy when they no longer have the experiences that date back to their spiritual childhood". "It is like a high-school student demanding to become a first grader again because he was happier then. Life always takes us forward if we will go".

Fascinating! that was the answer I was looking for all along for the last three months or so. I guess my higher-self no longer needs to demonstrate my essence to me, I know it from my direct personal experiences.

The OBE experiences that I had of floating out of wall or window, passing through solid black wall, suddenly visiting beautiful pasture and mountain range, flying over a snow capped mountain, being hit by a spear and immediately at the last moment, my soul bailed out and I had no feeling of pain, and just a couple of days ago, a beautiful piece of celestial choir played out while I was out of body, all these experiences served as confirmation of our true identity, a god being, an eternal and indestructible spirit.

I have no need to know my true self through books, or through masters but to listen to my own inner self, my soul. It does not mean that I am at the end of my spiritual journey, on the contrary, it is a beginning of unfolding even greater knowledge and wisdom beyond space, time and physical dimension. I am on it and enjoying every moment of it!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dad's Auric Field clearing!

I had ordered Auric Clearing and Karmic Removal session for my dad. There is nothing much I can do for my dad's condition now. A few months back, I had opportunity to visit many websites about aura clearing and karma removal by people having remote viewing abilities. Toby Alexandria is one of those talented people. I posted one of his article about karma removal in my blog page for reference a few months earlier.

I am not surprising of many occupants and discarnates could be lingering in our energy field and constantly affecting and influencing our thoughts and our behaviors. Considering how many lifetimes that we have gone through, and the fact that we are not that much enlightened from lifetime to lifetime, we have been holding on issues, habits, attitudes eons of time. How can we break out of this wheel of life? Not a million year!

But thankfully after year 2000, a breakthrough of human evolution is in place, the veil of ignorance is lifted, we are given opportunity to clear these lower level energy field and bring in more light and love to our body, mind and spirit. This is what DNA activation does.

I hope by clearing my father's aura, removing his karma debts, he can be free and clear in his energy field before he decides to go to his next adventure. He will be uncluttered and free in spirit and be able to accomplish even more in his next incarnation whether in earth plane or in other dimension.

Today, I got a report from Toby about what he has done removing and clearing my dad's aura:
Hi Ming,

For your father's Auric Clearing session, since his chakras were so weak, at first it was difficult to make a connection. But I finally did on Sunday night and this is what I removed:

Head - 1 occupant and 2 discarnates affecting mental cognition and ability to focus.

Throat - 2 occupants and 1 discarnate representin un- expressed emotions.

Heart - 1 occupant and 3 discarnates. Much sadness and despair about missed opportunities. Practiced "tough love" with those around him because this was the way he was raised.

3rd chakra - 1 occupant - self-power and fear of the loss of it.

2nd chakra - 1 occupant - victimization consciousness

1st chakra - no occupants

Portals - 1 portal from head to heart. Affecting upper body energy and circulation.

I tried to communicate to the higher self about the transition process and how you can "die well". There is a process that the ancients used where they would pull all of their energy and chakras into a ball in their chest and then push this consciousness out the crown chakra to whatever plane they wanted to go to when the body died or even when they were ready. I tried to communicate this telepathically and I'm sure on some level, he understood.

I'm sure that this session will help him with rapidly transitioning to his next adventure and I wish him the best. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

My favorite day of the week

My days off normally do not fill with activities like others. People usually ask me "What do you do this weekend?", I will typically say "nothing". Yes, nothing is what I do. May be I am a bit extreme in the practice of personal development, but now I regard the worldly things, worldly achievements, and adventures as non-issues, unimportant. Several years ago, my mentality is to chase after rainbow like getting a second degree, advancing my career, making money. But now the life-long goal is somewhat different. I have a sense of urgency of my reaching a goal of enlightenment.

But sometimes I ask myself, what is enlightenment? If I have ever achieved it, would I even know that I have achieved it? Honestly, I don't know. I guess you can say that the journey itself is wonderful and worthwhile . I do have some glimpse of what to come in my night vision when I mind-project, but nothing spectacular has happened. Nonetheless, I will continue plowing along as long as it takes. I have committed to that cause more than three years ago, and I will stick to it to the end.

Monday, July 05, 2004

What is free will?

I have been contemplating the saying of "We all have free will". Generally speaking, in modern society we have tremendous amount of freedom of speech and freedom of action. This is a good thing. We are gradually coming out of cocoon of ignorance. We have gained much knowledge about science, physics, philosophy and technology. The gaining of this knowledge has greatly improved our living environment.

But if I put this phrase in the context of our true purpose of incarnation and ultimate goal in our soul achievement, this might not be what you think.

I believe the development of our souls meant to span across thousands if not millions of years. If we exercise your free will in alignment of our soul purpose, then the person is using free will for the good of his (her) soul's evolution.

For most of us, the free will is nothing more than the accumulated personality disposition of many life times biases, prejudices, habits, likes, dislikes, desires and others. We are indeed what we think and that thinking that embedded in our energy fields were carried from lifetime to lifetime. According to that accumulated energy field we are attracting the situations and life circumstances that most in synchronization with that field. Some are good and some are bad, some are beautiful and satisfying and some are challenging and unbearable. Therefore the drama of life unfolds from lifetime to lifetime.

So, the question is, are choices we made on our thoughts, speeches and actions are really so free? I think not. The choices that we made can only be intelligently free by knowing the truth of our spiritual identity. Most people simply have not been given the chance of experiencing their true self. The bottom line is ignorance. We don't know what we don't know. We are in an all around dark room, we can't see the light therefore we claim there is no light.

Our 5 senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are sometimes can be our obstacle toward making sense of the invisible spiritual energy. Most of the metaphysical concept can not be scientifically verified or confirmed by our modern day instruments. I trust one day in the future, we may be able to advance our technology to devise an instrument to quantify or verify the existence of spirit. So according to the scientific community, the experience of OBE, NDE, Lucid Dream are nothing but hallucination in its finest. These are the thing that you can't explain to others and it won't make any sense unless they have direct personal experience.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

A tiny coincidence?

For the last 3 months or so, I have not had single out-of-body experience. I sure missed it. I keep thinking, the evolutionary path should go higher with my constant inner dialogue with my higher self. And yet, I have none of those exciting experiences any more.

All this time though,I keep reading books relating to metaphysical ideas and listening to visionary music, remote-viewing tapes in the hope that I can start exploring my inner consciousness again. I am not very successful in this aspect. This afternoon, I did one session of remote-viewing session, but I had very hard time shifting my focus, well, I just don't get it.

On my way home, I had a distinct feeling of wanting certain kind of dish for dinner. When I got home, turned to kitchen area, I found the dish that I wanted right in front of my face. Coincident? May be! Since I supposed to record every detail of my consciousness exploration, so even if it is coincidence, I still feel there is something to it. What is it, I don't know.