Friday, July 23, 2004

Profile of Your Mystic Nature, Prepared on 07/22/04 for Ming Chen , Your overall score is 156.5 out of a possible 180 points.

Overall Score:

We're happy to report that either you're pulling our leg or you have great mystical talent. Indeed, you are nearly a mystic already. You have several good tendencies and characteristics, especially Mental Equilibrium, Strength of Character, Dynamic Volition and Emotional Harmony. These traits indicate that for years you have enjoyed higher levels of consciousness at times.

Category Score 0 to 30
Strength of Character 29
Vitality of Life Force 19 Lowest
Mental Equilibrium 29.5 Highest
Emotional Harmony 27
Dynamic Volition 28
Mystical Attunement 24

How balanced are my scores?

1. Strength of Character
A fine character is the aspiration of beginning mystics and the dearest treasure of illumined mystics. The mystic journey tests, seasons and reveals your character in numerous ways. Integrity, truthfulness and honor make your life deeply satisfying and they also increase your mystical realization immensely. Character is the most important key to your mystical development.

2. Vitality of Life Force
The vigorous and precise concentration of your life force is crucial not only to your health but to your mystical awareness as well. Many higher states of consciousness rely on sustained momentums of your life force. Also the ability of your subtle nervous system to conduct and sustain increased levels of spiritual energy is critical to mystic enlightenment.

3. Mental Equilibrium
Mental balance and equilibrium in the important times of your life is a significant indicator of your present level of mystical awareness. A mystic seeks to live in a state of ongoing mental equilibrium. A great benefit of mystical development is equilibrium in the midst of life's challenges and changes. People tend to be confused and at their worst in times of difficulty — or opportunity — rather than at their best. Mystics seeks equilibrium in all the peaks and valleys of their lives.

4. Emotional Harmony
Emotions are a mighty force for good or ill. Harmonious emotions empower you to care about other people, to know and love them. Inharmonious, destructive emotions bring estrangement, conflict, prejudice, hatred and war. Harmonious emotions also enable you to enter and abide in mystical states of peace, bliss, fulfillment and well being. The mystic finds universal love and ever-increasing joy.

5. Dynamic Volition
Your will faculty enables you to create and manifest true change in your life and world. By dynamic volition we mean constructive use of your will, both in terms of self-discipline and in aligning your personal will with your higher mystical creativity.

6. Mystical Attunement
Mystical attunement is your present level of sensitivity and responsiveness to the spiritual and subtle realms of life — including awareness of mystical abilities. (For example, extrasensory perception, the projection of your awareness to other people and places, visions, foreknowledge of events.)

How Balanced Are Your Scores?
Regarding the level of mystic equilibrium and balance in your life: Your profile indicates you have strong and weak suits. Your strong areas are Mental Equilibrium and Strength of Character. Your weak areas are Vitality of Life Force and Mystical Attunement. If you develop these weak areas, you will greatly increase your equilibrium and delight in your newfound satisfaction — and success — in life.

Your Highest Scoring Category
Mental Equilibrium is your strongest category. Constructive use of your mind and its thoughts will make you a wise, creative and deeply mystical person. It all depends on how you direct your thoughts. You can live a life of mental turbulence, worry and chaos — or you can direct your thoughts toward health, success and greater personal fulfillment. Your thoughts will make you or break you.

When you apply your thinking nature to the mysteries of life, you will astound yourself. You can transcend your normal habits of thought to directly experience intriguing higher levels of awareness and well being. Like the great author and thinker Thomas Aquinas, you may one day say, "Such things have been revealed to me that now all I have written appears in my eyes as of no greater value than straw."

Your Lowest Scoring Category
It may be useful to mention also that in this profile your selections revealed your weakest category is Vitality of Life Force. That is, based on your answers, your health and vitality may not be receiving the attention and appreciation they truly need. Are you taking good care of yourself? Are your diet and exercise adequate? Do you get enough rest and recreation? These, of course, are matters for you to ponder — food for thought. Health and vitality, along with a direct awareness of the Infinite Energy within you, are not only great joys in life, they are essential to the continuance of your existence.

In behalf of the Mystic World Fellowship, I wish you, Ming, the very best in all areas of your life.
Graham Ledgerwood
Mystic World Fellowship

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