Thursday, April 29, 2004

Experience of " Journey to Wild Divine "

Recently I am playing a computer game called: Journey to Wild Divine. It is a very fascinating game. It is more like a training than a game. The challenging tasks are to measure how well you manage your state of mind. They combine ancient wisdom with modern bio-feedback technology to help you achieve total mind-body wellness. The scenery is tranquil, breathtaking and relaxing. There are times you need to totally relaxed into meditative state to get into beautiful temple or to meet masters.

I am having some breakthrough recently. There is one level of game that I need to fully relaxed in order to have gate of temple open. I have spent more than 30 minutes the first time just to get through 1/3 of success level. But about two night's ago, I have only spent about 10 minutes to have gate open, the night before less than 5 minutes. This is indeed a training to help me learn to know myself in the level of physiological and emotional being. Great game. I will learn to enter into the meditative state with open eyes. That skill alone can greatly enhance my daily living. Imaging that I would not have to close my eyes and retreat to the private place to meditate. Now I can meditate anytime and anywhere, I will maintain a tranquil state of being in the midst of hustles and demands of daily living. That would be a great achievement.

Saturday, April 24, 2004


There is not much significant inner experience lately. Two days ago, after I listened to the DNA Activation CD, I started a floating sensation. I floated in usual circular motion but then I suddenly stopped. So that was the end of story.

However, I am still fascinated by the DNA Activation CD #2. As I said in earlier session, the CD #2 had very interesting quality. I seem to have different type of awareness every time I listened to it. I am beginning to be able to anticipate the next movement, but not completely. I enjoyed listening to it very much. I hope to have good effect as they claimed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Experience of DNA activation-shapeshifter CD 2

I have been listening to the DNA Activation audio CD at least twice a day. For the CD number 1, I had an instant rapport with it. I like the entire track, almost as if I was meeting an old friend. I probably have listened at least 15 times before I go on the CD number 2.

But, I had a completely different feeling about the second CD. It is alien to me, even though I have listened more than 7 or 8 times, I still feel we are strangers. Every time I listened, I will pick up something I have not noticed there before. They are there all along but my reception changes every time that I listened. Fascinating!

Last night after listening the second CD, I entered into the light trance state (or altered state of consciousness), I had a very unusual mind projection experience. In the beginning, I felt great pressure on the top of my scalp, then I started the floating sensation, vaguely remember my going through a tunnel. The strange thing is all the time that I was projecting, I heard baby crying loudly and insistently. I don't know what this experience mean. Well another hallucination? I think I need a training in remembering and understanding what was happening while I mind project. But I don't know where I can get that kind of training. So, in the meantime, I will call upon my Higher Self helping me understand my experience.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

When the mountain casts its shadow - A Book

I read a book called: When the mountain casts its shadow. It is the stories about high altitude mountain climbers. Most of them were obsessed about climbing even when they were having family. They would often leave their family behind for months in order to pursue their interest. The risk is high compare to other kinds of hobby or interest.

From the point of views of family and friends, especially when they died from mountain climbing, there were devastating experiences, often the trauma and scars they carried could drag on for years. Some of the accidents happened but could not locate the dead, they were either buried in the avalanche or they fell thousands of fts. from the mountain. The lack of proving dead body led to the illusions of family members, they simply refused to accept their death for many years.

From the transcendental point of view, the climbers were only pursue what their soul's desire for experience. Since no one really dies, and we will all someday pass away from our physical experience, we can say that the death because of mountain climbing are no different than that of other forms.

Some said that mountain climbing is a selfish act, the action does not contribute to the benefit of society as a whole. But every soul has its own agenda while descending down to this incarnation, who is to say what actions are more noble than the others? We are all coming down here to learn, to experience and to grow with various kinds of actions and activities.

For me, the spirit of mountain climbing is inspiring. Up in the mountain of 26,500 Ft, there are practically nothing can grow, the environment does not sustain life, and yet climbers were undaunted. Transcending the established human limitation, they demonstrated the ability of human being to conquer the natural world, and to define our true potential. I am fascinated by their acts. I personally can not imagine people willing to sacrifice the comfort of modern dwelling and risk the pain and suffering to reach the summit of Everst. However, I can imagine the Grandview of standing on the summit overlooking the world below, the feeling must be blissful and God-like. Perhaps just the journey itself is worthwhile.

Friday, April 09, 2004

A breakthrough on Newmans Own account

Today is what so called good Friday. Our company let us go home by 2:30pm instead of regular 5:00pm. I skipped lunch and went straight to listen to the DNA Activation 1 soundscape.

For the last two weeks or so, I have been trying to solve a problem at my work. The Newmans Own account that has problem was never clean and clear from the start about three years ago. I have been contemplating and have done many soul searching, the account in General Ledger was never balanced with the Aging amount. So, there are elements were missing and Accounts Receivable person that booked the entries was also had no clue. Until about a week ago that I carefully observing the in's and out''s of the monthly entries, and then I discovered the incorrect booking in general ledger that will never balance with aging, not even in a million years.

I then set out a learning and teaching lessons for myself and for that person. After collaborating with that person back and forth many times, finally March's journal entries appear to be clean and correct. I then worked on March's reconciliation, and yet, something was still wrong. What was the problem???? My deadline for solving and booking the entries was Wednesday 5:00pm, and yet It was 11:00 am Wednesday morning. After looking at it again and again, manipulating some numbers, I finally believe it was time to give myself a break. So, I went to bathroom, relaxed myself and said some prayer as I usually did. After about 10 to 15 minutes, I got up and walked out of the bathroom. The incredible thing was that after sitting on my chair about less than 5 minutes, I cleared up some numbers and put in some numbers then, Bang!! It is balanced.

The whole scenario was quite a learning experience. I now have a good understanding of how this account work. I was truly happy, it was as if a huge, 10 pounds stone just fell out of my shoulder. Beautiful!

I heard that the astral journey can be used to solve our daily problem, so about more than a month ago, I was praying to have astral travel experience so that I can see the missing pieces of Newmans Own account, but no astral travel experiences all this time, at least not for me, it did not happend the way I thought it would happen. I had to probe into the detail account of each entries, taking each little pieces and patched them together to gain understanding. I suddenly realized the one of the most important elements of successful living: pay attention to detail. By not paying attention to detail as I have done before, I would not have learned and solved the problem.

Yes, when we look at the beautiful flower, not a pedal is missing, every pedal is carefully placed in its wonderful position. Most of us do not examine flower so closely, but I sometimes will look at a blossomed flower closely, I know there is a presence of intelligence in every one of the pedal. There is God presence permeate in all living and non-living beings. In science there is a saying that everything has consciousness to some degree, even non-living things. Incredible!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The Holographic Universe - A Book

I have been using DNA Activation program faithfully every night and during the lunch hours. So, all together I have listened more than the prescribed 7 times. I intend to listen to the first CD till the end of the week. It is early to tell it's effect, but I have a feeling that this sound of light will raise my frequency and vibration and expand my consciousness and awareness in a short time. About two night's ago, I continued my meditation after the music is over, I found myself having a sense of expansiveness.

I have re-borrowed a library book from Michael Talbot called: The holographic universe. Very fascinating book, I did not enjoy it as much the first time I borrowed a year ago, I remember I read it but found pretty boring. But this time is different, there are many concepts and ideas seem to be in agreement with what I have known.

Indeed, the entire universe could have just been interpenetrating holographic images. The part indeed contains the whole. The instant access of any knowledge is available because of the universality of akashic records. Everything is stored in that vast storage house called akasha. Every emotion, every speech, every thought and every action that any humans have ever existed is recorded. The universe is like a cosmic tape recorder. So, in a sense the human body is truly a minature universe. The thought that one creates will mold, influence our etheric body, and coalesce into our physical universe. Fascinating read. A five star recommendation from me.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The pattern of my personal growth

It is Saturday again. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am experiencing a last stage of cold, which is a ravaging cough. I did not sleep well at all, I constantly woke up and had a strong urge to cough, I fought hard not to cough but did not succeed at all. When I was awake, my lung (or my heart) was in excruciating pain.

I started listening the DNA activation music, very intriguing, and I like it. This afternoon I did about an hour meditation without electronic gadget, I was able to focus without much thought.

I think there is a pattern of my personal growth, they are always followed by a minor illness. In January of year 2001, I had a minor surgery and stayed home for 2 1/2 weeks, during that time I fiercely studied Jonathan Parker's program, hence the journey began. In January of year 2004, I got a cold and when I was home two days, I started journaling my ups and downs, my insights and frustrations of the journey. And then Last night, I received the package from visionary music, I started listening the DNA activation music. Whether this new venture will be a transformation process or not is yet to be determined.

I believe our progress of evolution does not go on a straight line, but a zigzag approach. This is understandable. If we are always aware of our true self in every lifetimes that we have experienced, we would have been living in a blissful existence long ago, the universe that we know would have been disappeared eons ago.