Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Positive Zero

It's an interesting fact that the concept of zero had to be
invented. In fact, it was invented around 500BC by the
Babylonians for largely mathematical purposes. Prior to that,
there was no such concept.

In fact, it's not too hard to realize why it took so long for
this concept to come to us. The concept of "nothing" or "zero" is
an abstraction; a mathematical concept that we need to juggle
numbers, but which does not really exist as such in Nature.

Does that seem absurd? Think about it for a moment. Everywhere we
look around us, we see a fullness of something. If a person
leaves a room, you don's see "nothing", but rather, you see a
room. It may have a lot of other things in it, but at that
precise moment, there is no person there. That is not "nothing"
or zero.

The vacuum of outer space is not zero either. It is filled with
particles and energy. Indeed, it is particles and anti-particles
are continually popping into existence and disappearing again
through the vacuum of space. There is no zero there.

Zero is a mathematical tool that we are so used to that we think
it is in Nature. However, for the most part, it is not. You can
readily see the numbers in Nature, e.g. two (arms), six (legs on
an insect), and so on. Where do you see zero, apart from in your
own mind?

We continually conceive of things in Nature emerging from zero or
going back to it. Science tells us that the universe came into
being from nothing. Many believe that after death, there is
extinction. However, if zero is really the abstraction we have
been discussing, then it might be better to think of it, not as
extinction and non-existence in a negative sense, but rather as
an invisible fullness, a field of latent possibilities from which
all things emerge.

Not only is this more representative of reality, it is also a lot
less unnerving. Throughout Nature, we see transformation from one
form to another. We see growth and decay. But we do not see a
move to "nothing". Perhaps you fear extinction when you die? Yet,
this "extinction" is no different to the mode of non-existence
you experienced before you were born. At that time, you were
awaiting manifestation out of the fullness of the zero from which
all things emerge. Upon death, you simply transform back into
that state.

Behind the universe moves the unnameable mystery of nothingness.
However, it is a nothing that is really a something that can only
be described in negative terms by human language. It is a
pregnant darkness of thought and intelligence, ready to
continually give birth to new forms and absorb old and wasted
ones in order to give them rebirth in new forms.

This zero is the mystery behind the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It
is the Brahman of the Hindus. It is the Nirvana of the Buddhists.
In modern scientific terms, it is the quantum flux underlying the
matter and energy that manifests in our visible universe.

Hence, Zero has a POSITIVE quality about it. It is not the
depressing void of extinction and emptiness that our habitual
mental association with mathematical conceptions has led us to
believe. Perhaps we can even say that the zero better resembles
infinity, i.e. infinite possibility, than it does nothing.

This has tremendous practical applications. One of the most
important is in facing Death. With this new understanding, it is
possible to understand that your life energy GOES somewhere on
death. It does not fade out to non-existence. If we think
otherwise, it is because we associate too much with the false
"permanence" of the body, and this physical life we have created
for ourselves, and not enough with the processes of change
transformation and rebirth that are the very fabric of the

You can meditate upon this. Contemplate zero, the infinite mother
of all manifested reality, and the home to which it all returns,
only to emerge once more in new and interesting forms. As you do
so, it will be a comfort to your life, and a source of spiritual
insight and depth for you.

Copyright 2004. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

A beautiful Saturday morning meditation

Today is my favorite day of the week. After sending my mom and my sister Ming on their way to Falung Dafa's annual meeting, I enjoyed beautiful sunshine outside of my house. Then I headed toward library to return some books and of cause did my meditation in my car outside of library.

A beautiful day indeed. There must be more than a dozen little birds in one of the large bushes chirping constantly, as if they were having a meeting or having a concert of some kind. It was a very pleasing environment to meditate. But later on I decided to roll up my window cause the noise was distracting.

There were many thoughts in and out of my consciousness, I was not very still but I managed to have a certain degree of stillness. While I was observing the black screen on my forehead, I thought there were a flash of several faces appearing in my inner mind. When I tried to focus on them, they disappeared. It could be just my hallucination. Since I did not have much other experience so I ended my meditation thinking, well, if God, my master guide or my soul have to take vacation from me from time to time, that was just fine with me. I just have to trust my inner wisdom to progress in its allotted space and time and ask no more.

"A warm and inspirational response from Lisa Gawlas"

I got a reply email from Lisa Gawlas. She is scheduled to leave for Idaho. These are certainly very hectic days for her. But I thank her for taking the time to write me back. This is her response for my email introducing myself.

Hi Ming,

I am sorry I didn't write to you yesterday, I am really starting to run out of time. I am moving tomorrow morning and still have everything left to do!! I had no choice but to cancel all my readings (chat and email) that were scheduled for today and yesterday.... otherwise I would have not be ready for my shift!! I am not sure if I will be online this evening... my day is filled with appts to close out things, pick things up... ship the last of my stuff... load up the car.... and I am hoping to be on the road about 6am tomorrow. Our private chat may not happen until I get to Idaho. I am still deciding whether to ship part of my computer or just take it all in my car with me... I think as I finish packing the crates to ship... will be my deciding factor.... so I may not have a computer to use this evening.

I would like to touch on your comment about the stage of no growth. I do not think there is such a thing really. There are times when we hit what I call the spiritual void.... which is talked about in the handbook... where we come to a point in our path of learning where we just have to allow all that was just learned to integrate within us. This does create a cosmic down time..... but it is not permanent at all. I feel, how we react to this down time determines the length we move thru it. If we reach this (reoccurring) stage and feel we are broken or at a standstill.. then that is where we are. However, when we understand it is just the body and minds way of adjusting to all that we took in as we came to this stage... then we shall pass thru it more quickly.

We can look at awakening to our own spirit and the multi-verses around us as waking up to a 220 voltage line and for all of our life's we have been working as if a 9 volt battery. The more we learn and take in, the higher our own voltage is and the more we can experience... but as our body reaches these higher frequencies, it must take time to adjust... to stop taking in and allow itself the opportunity to adjust to its new frequency and then be able to take more. If the body was to go from 9 volts to 220 amps... the body would burn out... it is a slow and evolving process... but one that will always continue.

As far as meditation practices... I strongly feel that directing your meditations to the places you wish to go is vital to experience all you wish to experience. It is like getting into a car, turning on the ignition, but then expecting it to take you somewhere without you steering it or stepping on the gas. I have talked to so many people who have practiced meditation a lot longer than I have... that just go into meditation... and that's it... people tend to go there and wait for something to happen.. or just to relax, which is ok... but if you have this really kewl car, why not learn every little trick it is capable of... and the capabilities are endless... but you have to take the car to the areas you wish to go and learn how to navigate.... we will work on this.

You say you have no more astral travel experiences..... may I ask what exactly you do when you astral travel?

I think I am now understanding your reading a little clearer too. The length of hair was very symbolic... like I said I felt a very Rip Van Winkle connection. You have been on your spiritual path for some time... but yet have not realized your dreams and desires of connection yet. The mechanical aspect of the heart.... I understand more now too, as well as the appearance of the male going into the heart.

The path to spirit is found in the heart, which I am sure you know and realize. We tend to mechanicalize the pathway there...... learning from others, doing the things that got them to where they are... and logically, this would make sense to do... but it is not always the best way to do things. I will let you in on a little secret, I have no formal training in what I have learned. I have not gone to one class, read one book to show me what to do or how to get there. The only thing I ever used outside of myself was John Edwards tape set to help me learn to visualize in a constructive way. Everything else I learned, spirit thought me.... everything.... even how to do my own meditations... and do them well. Other peoples information was just confusing me and not working, which was very frustrating.

The course I offer does not teach my way, but your way. I listen to your guides and what is best for you. When we are in private chat and I get an exercise that I share with you, it appears to come from me, but it is passed thru my by your spiritual team. I have learned a lot of very interesting meditation techniques since I have offered this course (smile).

You have your own very special, very truly your own pathways to reach the areas of spirit you wish to reach.... it is in your own fluidity of exploring that you shall find all that you seek.

Now in getting to your desires:
In this course, I will like to learn how to connect and commune with my higher self and my spiritual guides ( I heard that I have 5 of them), remove any blocks that hinder my personal growth, develop my intuitive abilities (if I have them), truly know my life mission and purpose, and the highest goal of all, to reach enlightenment or Christ Consciousness in this lifetime or hopefully in a near future.

I think you have 1 master guide (a guide that has been at your side since birth) and many teachers standing in the wings. Teachers come into our energy to teach whatever their chosen thing is to teach you.. and then go once you have learned. So you will see that your "guides" will come and go.... but the main one that I call your master guide will remain all-ways.

You do have a depth of intuitive abilities.... as you become more free flowing in your meditations, you will find that your intuitiveness enhances naturally along the way.

I have a little exercise to leave you with...

Once you have gotten into that zone of meditation where you are totally and deeply relaxed.... see a white candle infront of your inner vision. See that this candle has a flame that is burning so brightly that it is inviting you to come into the flame.

As you concentrate your vision on this flame... you can feel the light of the flame drawing you closer and closer into the flame.... so much so that you move naturally into the center of this flame (you are no longer looking at the flame but standing in the middle of it.

Look at the light and warmth of this flame that surrounds you... begin to feel it as if you and this flame are one and the same.... as you find deep union with this flame start to look around thru the light... you will see an image or outline start to appear.... connect with that image... talk to it... listen to what it has to reveal.... and take notes after each meditation. (Keep in mind "listening" is not only hearing... but also feeling and seeing... spirit talks in many ways, listen with every part of you).

I will be in and out today into this afternoon.... if there is anything that needs clarity, please just email me back.

Lots of love and excitement to you Ming,

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

"An interesting energy reading from Lisa Gawlas"

Tonight, I have received Lisa Gawlas's first energy reading of me. Here is her email:

Hi Ming,

I am very sorry to not have done this reading before today... my days seem to be disappearing faster than I can accomplish all my tasks within them. Please note that your new course ending date is April 15th 2004. It is my fault that this is starting so late.

Let me know if we can chat before I leave on Saturday... and which forum you would like to chat on.

Here is what I received:

Your entrance to our connection comes from above (spiritual). What is most striking that I see is your hair... it is very long almost down to your knees. It is jet black and very noticeable against the red long silk or satin dress you are wearing. This dress is very beautiful and very simple. There are designs on this dress but I cannot seem to understand the design.... I want to say a dragon... but the image is not clear to me at the moment, (I am still adjusting my vision). Yes it is a green dragon that seems to go the length of this satiny dress.

The color of the dress or garment that you are wearing is as important as the symbol on it. Red is the color of the root chakra which connects you to the earth energy. Because this garment is red from top to bottom except where the dragon is... I feel the solid connection to earth. I would also like to give you some information on the totem or spirit animal of the green dragon as well: Dragons are the guardians of much magic and mystery in the Universe. They are wonderful guides and teachers. They have a wonderful wit and charm about them. At the same time, they are the epitome of raw, magical power. If you choose to work with them or they choose you, be prepared to work hard as they are persistent and insistent. But as they say in the Army "its the toughest job you will ever love". You will be nothing short of amazed at the brilliance of these creatures.

Dragons are also aligned with the very "physical" aspects of Spirit. Those aspects being: Manifestation, Form, Transformation, Transmutation and Regeneration. Magic and Alchemy are methods to create and express these Sacred aspects of Spirit. It is in this Spirit these essences are created.

Emerald Dragon: Emboldens the heart to become the crucible of transformation. The heart is the kiln where all we create is fired in love. True Spiritual Alchemy happens when the heart is transformed into the seat of pure love. When this heart is open, it transforms all it touches. The essence of Alchemy.

I am not quite understanding the length of hair as shown in your appearance. The first thing that I thought of was "Rip Van Winkle" (Washington Irving's famous tale of Rip Van Winkle's twenty year sleep and his realizations that you must work hard to make your dreams come true.) and stays with me as I contemplate the hair.

As I watch you land on the ground in front of me I noticed that you are barefoot and you land in a small pool of water (water represents emotions). The water is clear and calm... crystal clear actual with the slightest ripple going thru it as you connect with the ground. (The ripple can be seen as the waves of emotion you send out as you enter new territories and experiences... soft and subtle).

As I continue to view this scene... I suddenly see the dragon... which actually now looks very much like a snake, still green tho... slithering off your red garment and becoming part of the scenery around you. (The aspects of the snake are: Snake - power, life force, transmutation, rebirth, shrewdness, sexual potency) I think the two go hand in hand together (the snake and the dragon)... one governs your spiritual journey (the dragon) while the other governs your physical journey (the snake) but equally work in harmony with each other.

As we move towards you right side (your female/emotional side) I am seeing the most unusual thing.... as we start to walk, the dress you were wearing as we connected (as well as the female energy brought forth with the connection) is starting to fall away. The dress has disappeared and what I see now is the bare chest of a male with pants on. The hair has become short and the whole appearance of you has turned into a male. (This is really odd because we are walking to your female side.) Understanding the male aspect which governs strength and logic.. I feel the change has come as more of a "guard" to your emotional side. This is your protection from emotional hurt. The fact that your male has shown up without a shirt on shows that you are exposing your masculine attributes thru your heart center.... (again stemming from logic instead of the true heart).

As we arrive in your right side I see what looks like a very large mechanical machine. I can see all kinds of wheels that keep turning, lights flashing... like your emotions are working off of a mechanical order... very repetitious as well. There doesn't seem to be any diversion.. which would seem to coincide with using and protecting your emotions "logically" instead of allowing them to be free flowing. (We will attempt to slowly disassemble this machine so that there is more freedom of Self... and not so hmmm mechanical.)

The next area we go to is your left side. Immediately I see you get on a horse as opposed to walking to the left side with me. The horse appears as brilliant white... very spiritual in appearance. I feel this is how you bridge your two worlds together (spiritual {emotional} and physical). I will give you the attributes of the horse as well: Horse - Power - Travel - Communication
teaches us life cycles - to look at the roots of things - teaches us power, playfulness, to enter the void, enlightenment and wisdom - responsibility - how to bear a burden gracefully - to remember the total journey with caring, compassion - to share our talents and abilities, that they are gateways to power. They have been associated with wealth - luck - protection - and the ability to transcend morality.

As we arrive at your left side I see house (the house represents aspects of your physical life). The house is fully built and is white (spiritual) with green trim (love). There is a swimming pool in the back and to the left (again water represents emotions... and you are being shown that you tend to keep your emotions separate and contained in the pool... away from your physical life, but close enough to access them).

Because the house is appearing "finished" I feel you have a good part of your physical life in order... there seems to be good balance with your spirutalness as well as the loving relationships that you have formed thru out your life. I am feeling tho a connection between this mechanical machine from your right side and the visual of the pool in your left side... like the machine fills and draws from this pool. (We will work on draining the pool and integrating the water/emotions that are needed and letting the rest of the water/emotions drain away that are not needed any more.

I have now gone to the place in-between your left and right sides... that which would show your present and future paths.

I am viewing this part as if I were in the sky looking down... I can see the two of us standing there.. we are tiny specs on the ground. (I have never viewed this part of a reading this way... I usually am in the me on the ground... so I am going to try to understand why I am getting a "birds eye view" of this.)

As I watch us together... I see that the road we are traveling is bringing us to a city.. a very large city but actually very beautiful. This city does not feel like something of this earth or time period... it is filled with lots of gold statues (gold being he highest vibration of spirit)... I think what we are viewing is one of the ancient cities of Lemuria (here is a link to some info about Lemuria: )

I think I now understand why I am seeing this from above as opposed to being in the scene... we must prepare to walk that path... to get you ready for the information that will come to you... I will explain more about this in chat.

This ended our connection.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I was a little disappointed that I have not received a full energy reading from Lisa Gawlas. I was expecting to receive it on Monday night, now it is Tuesday night already.

Sometimes, I feel the only true master that I have ever encountered is Dr. Jonathan Parker. With his knowledge, wisdom and experience he is far more qualified to write those so called spiritual book. But he presents himself humbly and stays very low key in terms of reputation. He is the person that walks the talk, do not recycle other people's teaching. There are many guided meditation in his programs were from his own meditative experiences. The music is beautiful and relaxing and his voice is calm and soothing. He is the one that opens the door for my personal development. Other than working diligently on his tape programs, I do not communicate with him too often, but whenever I sent email questions he always responded within a day or two. Such is the teacher with compassion and consideration. I am very grateful.

There are so many programs now available if you search the Internet, but Jonathan Parkers' Enlightenment Series are still one of the best. I am very thankful that my higher self ( or my spiritual guides) guided me to learn from a true master.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Almost a week has passed that I have not logged into my journal page. Here comes the beautiful Saturday. Today I am planning to do at least one session of meditation.

I have signed up for the spiritual development course from Lisa Gawlas, she has only been in her path over 3 years, but she has accomplished a great deal. In this course, I will have many chances to consult with her in the private chat room sessions and she will be giving me a full hour energy reading before the contact start. I am looking forward to receiving my first reading on Monday.

I believe it is time for me to have a chance to communicate with other like-kind minded people about my journey and further my development. Yes, the journey that I have walked mostly through cassette tape communication. They are wonderful and aspiring every time I listen to Jonathan Parker's tape. But now I need a bit of human touch. I have been all alone (physically) in the journey. However I do believe I have been guided every step of way. All the meditative experiences, astral travels, books that I have read, the love that I emanated to people that I come in contact, have been initiated by my spiritual guides. I wish to develop conscious two-way communication with my spiritual guides and to truly know my path, to reach a state of enlightenment (cosmic consciousness).

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Paralyzed by the feeling of sweetness

This morning, I did my meditation in my car enjoying beautiful sunshine. After about may be thirty minutes, I had that profound sweetness feeling again . This feeling started on my forehead and expanded throughout my body, I even felt that feeling in my knees. My entire being seemed to be paralyzed by that feeling. I was wondering was the feeling a sense of love? I don't know. It was pleasing and uncomfortable at the same time. It is very difficult to put into words. I remembered somewhere I read about it, there is a sense of sweetness and ecstasy when we are in a deep state of stillness! Is that ecstasy? I don't know. I am also aware of something else. When I am in that deep state, even other thoughts that pop into my mind would not interfere with the feeling of sweetness. But usually there is not much thought in that state.

Then when I had recovered from the meditation, my forehead was still swimming with that feeling for quite some time. Dr. Jonathan parker said I had contacted the presence of God within. I probably had. Then the question is what is the next experience of meditation? According to Dr. Parker, next level would be a great sense of expansion and stillness. I might achieve the level of cosmic consciousness in a very short time if I stay with my meditative practice. Now, that is exciting !

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Cosmic Consciousness?

On the way home tonight, I thought about the concept of cosmic consciousness. While I was driving on the freeway 57, I saw hills, trees, cloud, birds flying, even cows grazing on the plain. I often wonder what will it feel like if my consciousness is not confined in my physical being, but expand to encompass all the things that my eyes can see?

Sometimes, when my bird (Fluffy, we call him Nerd lately) was looking at me, I just can not help but thinking, what was his impression of me? Does he see me the same way as I see myself? James likes to play with him and annoy him. If he can talk, what will he say about James? What does it feel like to be Fluffy, how does he see the world, what his surrounding means to him? Questions and more questions.

My goal of meditation is to reach this level of understanding and experience. Expanding my consciousness, so that I know all there is to know, to see all and know all. It is a lofty goal. The way to achieve it is through meditation. The stillness is the key indeed.

With this goal in mind, I know I have a long way to go. But I know I am not alone in my journey, I have many helps externally as well as internally. Yes, I am not alone.

Monday, February 09, 2004

My Toyota Camry, a sanctuary for meditation

Tonight, about 6:30pm I joined Dr. Jonathan Parker's conference call. The call was not about any subject, but a complete silent meditation.

Since I do not have headphone, I was carrying the phone about 40 minutes, then I got really tired of doing it. So, eventually I just hang up the phone and continued my own meditation. I had this incredible sensation of sweetness overflowing from my forehead and spread through my entire being. After that feeling came with an expansion of my consciousness. I wish I can explain it in words, but I couldn't.

I also had a very fulfilling meditative session on last Saturday morning. I found out long ago, the best place to meditate is in my beloved Toyota car. The seat is firm and when I close my window, I am at that moment shutting out entire physical contact of the worldly matters. I am in my own world and I can freely go within to meet the master within. I believe I am not the only one discovering this way of meditation. As we have understood, God is in all space and in all time, so no matter where you go, God is with us at all times.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Many Lives, Many Masters

According to the "Living with the Himalayan Masters', there are four things that I need to master in order to achieve a level of perfection.

Have a desire to meet and know God
Have no selfish desire to acquire things for myself
Give up anger, greed and attachments to people, places and things
Practice meditation regularly

The best place to practice all these are here and now. I have come to understand and appreciate every moment of my life. Yes, I come to work everyday, do my duties diligently, I also try to radiate my inner light whenever I interact with other people. I found out long ago, the more radiant your inner light is, the easier and smoother your life is. I have very good relationship with vendors ( traditionally, they are pain you know where) because I can see the God within them. I see that they are doing their best at any given moment. Actually, everyone of us are doing our very best at any given moment. With this state of mind, I can totally accept others. That was also one of the lessons that I learned from Dr. Jonathan Parker. He is a great teacher, from his teaching, my inner spiritual life unfold beautifully.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Last weekends seemed to just fly by. I have read a book call: The Four Agreements. The agreements are as followed:

1. Be Impeccable with your word
2. Do not take anything personal
3. Don't make Assumptions
4. Always do you best

These four agreements are quite powerful. If incorporated into our daily life, they can transform a society, dissolve many conflicts, make this earth a heavenly place to live. Yes, the application can be quite difficult due to our negative programming since beginning of time. That is all the more reason we need to break the false agreements that were implanted within us by our parents, teachers, authorities, political figures, priest and others.

Sunday was a good day. I did two meditative sessions, one in the early morning, the other in the afternoon. I sometimes felt unfulfilled if I don't have the chance to connect with my higher self. The lunch hour is my happy hour, I usually take 10 to 15 minutes light lunch, and then I do my meditation. I don't necessary need to have any deep insight, just to attune my body, mind and spirit to the consciousness of my higher self is enough to energize me. I noticed that my affirmation worked the best when I was in deep relaxes state. In that deep state, the thought became amplified, and seemed to fill my entire brain area. I don't know if it will speed up the manifestation, but I certainly feel my thought become much more powerful.