Sunday, November 20, 2005

"The Genius Factory" by David Plotz

This is incredible. I accidentally picked up this book from Rowland Heights library. I never heard of sperm bank before. After I read the book, I searched Internet, there are several such banks exist just in California. The whole thing sounds very much like science fiction.

Mr. Plotz took us a wild ride of grand venture about parent's shopping for a genius child, the long tale of one man's crusade toward saving humanity and the complication of seemingly single-minded mission. This is indeed an eye-opening book.

In the end, no one really knows whether a Nobelist's sperm can produce a Nobel Prize winner. We just don't know enough whether or not if we can engineer our next generation with scientific precision. Mr. Plotz told the story with consideration and compassion toward the donors, parents and children. A very interesting read.

No matter how is our upbringing, in the end there is "free will" involved that ultimately determine the path of our life. Yes, there is destiny, but there is also free will. You have a choice. The choice we made today, may not change much of our immediate future, but it will definitely shape our distant future. And yes, we will be back again to resume our study once we are done with this incarnation. Unless, of course, we have reached a state of being that we have graduated from this earth school of ours.


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