Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Through the Gates of Hell For A Wounded Marine

If you like to read, then you should know that there is a place that you can receive good service and wonderful product that will breeze your mind away in a land of imagination, contemplation and understanding.

Yes, I am talking about your local library. Year ago, I had a preconceived notion that most of the library’s books were old, torn and out of date. That is no longer true. If you live in LA County, you can borrow the newest book on the block in most of the subjects in your local library in days or just in a few weeks. Every library in the county pulls their resource together to serve the avid reader like you and me. How does that feel for such a royal treatment?

That is how I came across a book called "On Call In Hell" that I consider a “must read”. As of today we are still in the midst of campaign of Iraqi Freedom. Undoubtedly, more stories will stream through as our troops remain in the region to fight and struggle for a better place to live for Iraqi citizen.

This book is one of the kinds. It is a story told by a surgical doctor who accompanied our Marines to the forefront of the battlefield of Fallujah in Iraq. For the next six months he faced wrenching and grueling casualties of war and first handedly experienced the sinister and brutality of war to men. I can’t even begin to describe how that I feel after finished reading the book. It is certain that Doctor Jadick had fulfilled his life’s purpose and mission by witnessing and serving the medical needs of our brave Marines abroad in Iraq. In the book, he honored the courageous action of all the Marines with whom he had the privilege to serve. You can sense the brotherhood of men were forever bonded by taking care of and helping each other in the tough time. He is, what I believe, a person with great integrity and humility. The book is very good read, and is surprisingly entertaining in spite of the fact that the backdrop is in the hostile combative war zone.

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