Thursday, April 05, 2007

Traverse off the Path!

It is more than two months now that I have completely unable to remember my dreams. I will wake up heavy headed and sensing some vague and foggy dream content but couldn't get any clear sense out of it. At the same time my meditative practice is also going nowhere. I will either fall asleep while meditating or could not get myself up after the alarm goes off. I feel that I am now traverse off my intended path.

I signed up for a Gnostic web's astral travel course near the end of last year, but was told that the class was under major construction and would not be available for several months. That was not an encouraging news. After several months' patient waiting finally the class is set to start on April 23. I am elated for the good news.

There are several siddhi ( spiritual power) that I have steadfastly determined to achieve in this lifetime. Meditation is my lifetime pursuit, astral travel and lucid dreaming are enhancements for understanding and experiencing our true eternal nature. I figure that if I have ever needed to come back for next incarnation then siddhi will help me remember what I have learned and get me up to speed. Instead of waiting to be initiated to come in contact with the esoteric knowledge after forty nine long earth years of this lifetime, I can be awakened to the spiritual knowledge when I am in my twentieth the next life. Since everything that we have learned will be tugged away under our consciousness when we leave the physical plane, I reckon it is essential that I pay attention to what is important and what is not.

With the course of astral travel, I will be able to know the truth of things, to gather information about the nature of the world and universe, to learn hidden wisdom about death and life, to receive guidance and discover the purpose of life. I decided not to borrow any book from library for the next two months so that I can dedicate my energy on astral travel course reading and exercise. This is the kind of ability that do not come easily to ordinary people like me. My previous astral travel experiences were random, sporadic and beyond my ability to control. Perhaps real effort is needed to make it a routine part of my inner exploration.

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