Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lost My Way in Corporate World - A Dream

I am leisurely walking down the mass hall of the company that I am working for. One end of this mega company is in one city and the other end happens to be in another city, the length of the corporation stretches over several miles long.

It's been known that each department has its own unique architectural design. marketing department particularly, is hailed as one of the marvels of technological prowess and I have not gotten the chance of witnessing it until now. I walk a long way down and finally reach the marketing department. I swear I have not seen the inside of Plaza Hotel in New York, but the spectacular lighting, high ceiling with exquisite design and sparkling floor give me the impression of what Plaza Hotel must look like.

My accounting department is usually a quite place. We are a bunch of unassuming, down-to-earth people spending hours immersing ourselves in seemingly endless number crunching loop. But not here in marketing department. This is the place buzzing with people coming and going with posters and notebooks in their hands, walking with great sense of posture and purpose. The scene seems to have a dizzily hypnotic effect on me.

Suddenly, I remember that I have a 10:30 meeting to attend and it's time to get going. I search my mind for what is the fastest way to get back, instantly my logic ( however faulty it is ) tells me to get on a train ride. But I don't know which train I should be taking, so I ask one of the conductors for the correct train number, I do not receive any verbal confirmation but I get on the first train that roll on the station anyway. When the train is moving out of the station, I suddenly realize that it is heading the wrong direction toward Hollywood. I start to panic and feel anxious that I would not be able to get back in time for the meeting.

As the train snail its way, I see rundown inner city littering with trash and graffiti, with youths carrying an air of idly, indifferent attitude chatting away on the sidewalk looking rather bored! It is definitely not scenic for my taste. Gradually the scene fades, I regain my senses and wake up with a great relief that I am soundly in bed and there is no meeting. The time is 4:35 am.

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