Thursday, August 10, 2006

Earth School

This post is not intended to reveal me in an ordinary sense. Long since I have walked the path, I have examined and decided that whoever I am from other people's point of view could not and should not disturb me in any circumstances. In a way, I live with this philosophy on a daily basis. I no longer try to impress others, and I no longer feel sorry for people who have psychological or mental difficulty, cause I for one live very closely with this situation. Basically, I understand that I may be playing a role of villain for all to see, but each of individual soul has a hidden agenda that is not apparent in the midst of hustles and bustles. Sometimes let it be is the wisest approach.

My take on the people that I deal with is that I know fundamentally we are part of this cosmic consciousness. Everyone comes in the world has spiritual help whether one is aware of it or not. With this knowledge, I tend to err in rendering free will as my strongest belief when dealing with others who have rough edges. I usually do not impose my view, my way of thinking or doing as absolute and uncompromising. I leave plenty of room for people to experiment and to make mistakes. As a result, the outcome that shows to the world is not too pretty. But then again, given the illusory nature of the world, and the possible eternity of our existence, what is the hurry to get it over and get it perfect the first time or the first 100 times?

Nothing that happens is truly random. It may seem that way from our naked eye for our naked eye can only discern very limited range of perception. Our naked eye can only see the tip of the iceberg, while the masses of iceberg is beyond our detection.

As far as I know we are here to learn lessons whether we are old or young, a parent or a child. A parent isn't necessarily wiser than a child. A position in a company or in society isn't indication of one's spiritual level of achievement. A homeless people that we see lying on the grand central station could be a old and wise soul incarnating into this lowly social status so that he or she is able to invoke our sense of compassion and help raise our level of consciousness. In a way, the homeless is helping us evolve, not the other way around as normally perceived. I know to some people this is completely against conventional wisdom, and does not make any sense. Well, obviously I can't prove my point here, at least not until I have evolved to certain level of mastery, but there are infinite ways that we can learn, conventionally and unconventionally.