Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lost in Philadelphia - A Dream

I was back on Temple University campus in Philadelphia. For some reason, I lost contact with my sister. I do not have transportation to go around the campus.

It is getting dark and I have been carrying a shopping basket full of stuff walking on the city street. The inner city of Philadelphia is not exactly safe. So, I left an urgent message to my sister but then I remember that she is taking classes at night so she might not be able to give me a ride back to campus.

What a dire situation that I let myself in ! Even worse than that, my sense of direction is terrible, I can not remember where I am just five minutes ago. I am desperately need some help, or else I will be left homeless in the danger looming inner city. My mind is in over drive, I can sense stress and nervousness swelled up in my body.

After walking aimlessly for a while, I notice there are still some people walking around in this late hour. I tell myself that I can not walk aimlessly, I need help. I finally get enough courage to ask several people that I need protection and direction to get back to campus....That was when I woke up.

When I open my eyes, I found myself in meditative sitting position. That means I was dreaming while meditating.

Lately I have experienced a little strange phenomenon. I will close my eyes and relax in various location, not necessarily to meditate. After a while, I will have inner dialogue within myself, as if I were talking to a person, addressing some urgent issue or just chit chatting away. Several times I will wake up from the brief relaxation and ask myself, what is going on there? I have a tendency to dose off when I am too relaxed! The dialogue may be a condensed, short dream!