Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Last Hope for Malta

My memory of history is vague and tilted toward non existent about WW II. We have learned that "The War" had favorably determined the fate of mankind, was the largest and deadliest conflict involving many nations and decimated a population of sixty two millions worldwide.

Ironically and incidentally, The massive technological advancement of WW II had a great impact on the scientific community and it was for the benefits and enjoyment of many generations to come.

What I indulge myself is one of the great stories of what human equation had played in the Mediterranean front of the war. A small island nation of Malta consisting of seven islands situated in the middle of Mediterranean Sea just south of Italy. These islands had long and interesting history way back since 5200 BC. A small island nation may be, but it had a strategic importance during the WW II. During the war it became one of the most bombed places on earth.

Sam Moses took us back in time to witness how Malta played a crucial role in defeating the Axis Power. Through the courage and bravery of many merchant marines and convoy's concerted effort sailing over treacherous battlefield of Mediterranean Sea , Malta, desperately dependent on outside resources, was saved and was able to turn the tide of war favorably toward Allied. Securing Malta was to prevent the unlimited fuel and oil resources of Middle East to be captured by the German. Hence, the Operation Pedestal was launched and changed the history as a result.

It is interesting to note that history making events are convergence of many seemingly isolated, unrelated bits and pieces of events developing on a unbelievably synchronized time scale. On a hindsight, there seemed to be a set of destiny inherently built into the world events, and it may also be true for the individual for that matter.

I truly enjoy the book, "At All Costs" by Sam Moses. This is the book that educate and entertain as you step back and relive the history.

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