Sunday, January 14, 2007

Elevator Ride - A Dream

I was glad to get a different assignment and out of this boring desk, and was happily walking on all floors delivery some important documents to all department VP. I stepped into the elevator again to the sixth floor.

As soon as the door was open to the sixth floor, I found myself stepping out of the office and into the balcony. That was very odd. I turn a corner and expect a door leading into the office, but there was none. So, I decided to walk around to find the entrance, and finally there was a narrow doorway but it was completely blocked by a huge black pick up truck.

I was wrestling with the idea of how to get back inside. To climb the truck would be useless because there was no room on the top for me to climb down. I decided to climb the back of the truck and peek down the balcony on the fifth floor, hopefully there were smokers that can help me out. Sure enough, there was a gentleman deep in thought and smoking.

I was somewhat excited and yelled my dilemma to him haphazardly saying there was a truck blocking my entrance to the office. But he seemed either not understand my predicament or completely indifferent of my situation. I tried several times and there was no action on his part.

I was hanging on the rear end of the truck, and felt exhausted. And then suddenly I realized that what I was hanging on was not a metal part, but instead a cardboard, and the cardboard was bended down from the stress of my weight. I looked down and started panic knowing there was good 40 feet down to the cement. I could not survive the impact.... The alarm sounded just that moment, I awoke with a start and very glad that it was just a dream.

So, this was a typical non lucid dream. A dream that everything happened was real to a dreamer. If I had been lucid, I could let go of the hanging and let myself fall and know full well that nothing can hurt me, or if I were bold and adventurous, I would fly and out to the sky and visit Himalaya mountain. Well, I was disappointed of myself for not being lucid and taking control. I suspect it will be a long journey till that day.

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