Saturday, January 27, 2007

Egyptian Wall Exhibit - A Mind Travel

I woke up from the loud and incessant alarm blaring next to my bed. I felt groggy and tired but I had set an intention for my meditation as a daily ritual. I struggled out of bed, went to bath room and drank some water. After all these, I was sufficiently awake. After forty minutes of meditation focusing on the brow chakra, I laid back to sleep......

The vibration started and off I went floating around my room several times, and then I deliberately urging myself to float out of the room. The scene had changed, I was not outdoor as I always was in the past, I was in a large exhibition hall. The wall was the reflective grayish black tinted with exquisite gold tone. On the four walls were Egyptian art, resembled the ancient historical museum that we sometimes watched on the History or the Discovery channel.

I was marveling at the beautiful life-sized paintings in the room, then I heard a chattering noise , sounded like coming from a radio, piercing the pin drop silence in the museum. I was startled and annoyed, so I floated around trying to find the source. I saw it. It did not look much like a modern radio, it looked more like a black bottle. There was no knob that I could turn it off so I yanked the cap out and the noise stopped. I floated out of the museum and was happy to be outdoor.

It was a countryside with lush forest and green pasture, I floated happily. But my momentum of floating was about to fade, I immediately took a deep breath, like infusing a balloon with air, I floated again. I was quite surprise that it actually helped. I did it several times while I was floating, but then gradually the floating stopped.....

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