Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Energy and Matter - A Layperson's View

I don't claim to know much about energy, but we know a lot about matter. We live in a physical universe that we enjoy many things including the gorgeous sunset, the mind exhilarating music like one of my favorites, " The Procession of the Noble", the experience of feeling the refreshing raindrops hitting our face, the smell of the aroma of our favorite dishes and savor the eye opening morning coffee. The physical reality is indeed rock solid and absolutely real to our five physical senses.

Then, there is another level of awareness like our nocturnal musing of dream and astral travel when we are supposedly asleep and our body tugged under the comfort of our bed; yet we see and we hear, we travel to places, we visit other dimensions and we converse with others.

However, the ancient mystics of both western and eastern culture had the notion for thousands of years claiming that the matter in the physical universe is illusion but the invisible and unquantifiable mind stuff is paramount important from our evolutionary viewpoint.

Quantum Physics postulated that the very essence of our being, atoms, are made out of vortex of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. The picture of balls and the sticks of atoms that we had learned from our physics class is not the true property of atom. The stuff that we call matter is not made out of matter, it is made out of energy. The six-million-dollar question is how does the energy coalesces into matter? So far, it either remains a shrouded mystery for the mankind in spite of our advanced scientific achievement or the topic is just way over my head from my measly understanding of physics. May be it has to do with the vibration and density of the atom? I am not technically proficient to understand the detail of how it works.

The atom exhibits the properties of both wave and particle. Observation coalesces the wave into particle. Thought is also a form of energy, an electric current. If we substitute observation with thought, then the previous sentence will read " Thought coalesces the wave into particle." So, thought with direction and purpose is a driving force of our advanced civilization. Every man-made creation first exist in some one's thought. The concept seems to be basic, but yet profound in a way indicating that our mind is a controller of the matter and event to a certain extent.

Take an example of my night time excursion. I will spiral out of my body and pass through the wall of my room with my physical senses fully intact. I can see and hear. I travel to snow mountain, fly on the expansive ocean or glide over the sandy beach. None of the place was close to home. In a matter of seconds, I will traverse a vast distance to unfamiliar places.

According to my very rudimentary understanding of Quantum Physics, the property of wave is not confined in any space or time. The wave property of the atom is fluid and can travel beyond the speed of light. It could potentially be thousands of miles away in seconds. May be our soul, the essence of who we are, is made of vortex of energy. If that is the case, we can make an assumption that our energy body also has the property of wave that is transcending our current linear concept of space and time. We could potentially travel back to past or move forward to probable future accessing the all encompassing Akashic record.

I admit, without proper scientific training, the science of energy and matter is mostly beyond my intellectual comprehension. This article, like many others, merely extrapolates its profound implication from the viewpoint of a novice trying to make sense of the correlation between science and spirit.

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