Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To Know versus To Believe

With over five years working diligently on inner wisdom development, it is time for me to contemplate of my next stage of growth. With the help from Dr. Parker's tape program of Pathway to Mastership to countless books that I have read over the years, I have sufficiently cleared many false beliefs that were implanted and gathered during hardship and bruises of possibly many lives.

Knowledge is a good thing, but it is the experience that put us into absolute knowing instead of just vague and unsubstantiated belief. I don't believe that we are immortal, I know that we are immortal. It is difficult to convince others buying into your personal unworldly experience. After all, you can't prove anything, at least not with our present material technology. But someday, we all can experience the grand view of our true nature and there will be no need to prove anything.

I am still working on lucid dreaming induction every night even though the success rate is about less than 1%. Often time, I will get back to sleep right after my meditation and found myself fully awake and aware the whole time. As of now, Lucid dream is still beyond reach.

Our conscious portion of the mind is like tip of the iceberg, the sub-conscious mind is the part that is submerged into hundreds of feet under vast ocean. To explore our dream, particularly lucid dream is like deep sea diving into the treasure chest of the gold mine, but for most of us it is more like open up the skeletons in the closet. Subconscious mind could be our best friend or our worst enemy. One of the many ways to learn and understand the hidden part of ourselves is to dream consciously so that the uprising of the issues that lingering in our psyche could be brought into surface, acknowledged and cleared.

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