Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Simple Joy

I was driving home tonight with this beautiful piano piece swirling graciously in my car stereo streaming from Southern California Classical Station 105.1. I was enjoying the music and suddenly I looked up to the sky in the east, and there it was, a huge glittering, shining full moon with its incredible glow. It looked like it was just quietly observing a river of night lights of traffic buzzing below.

If moon were conscious and aware, what would be its impression of human and earth? I am sure it will enjoy our beautiful night sky at Las Vegas, the awesome Eiffel Tower in Paris or the mysterious Aurora Borealis in Alaska. We can also be sure moon has visited many hundreds of earth's magnificent mountains, cities and oceans.

It is hard to imagine such a beautiful moon of ours is a barren land devoid of life. The piano piece ended and the freeway exit was near....

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