Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Mantra - Om Ma Ne Pad Me Hum

Lately there were too many things happening in my outer world making my meditation a very difficult task. I had a sense of desperation in my work situation. I simply could not empty my mind while meditating. As soon as I felt I was ready to clear the thought, a full motion picture will stream through my consciousness. The movie in the mind screen would play back frames after frames of daily encounter, before I knew it, it was completely out of control.

So, two days ago, I set out to revise my meditation routine, I chanted a Mantra to help clear my mind of intruding thought. The Mantra that I use is one of the highest Mantra blessing for humanity according to Tibetan Monk.

I started using it on Friday morning meditation, I was quite successful with it and since this mantra also invoke a cosmic sound of blessing, I felt that my situation in life can only be helped by it. So, I used the Mantra again this morning. When I finished my meditation, my anxiety, sadness and hopelessness that I felt for the past several days was gone, replacing it with a sense of calmness and serenity.

The most incredible thing is I set out to solve problem that I have at work. I have some kind of inspiration and just know what to do to solve it. This afternoon, I went online to my company website, retrieved the needed data for my experiment. After about one and 1/2 hours concentration, I have figured out the problem of the account that I am currently managing. I feel great confidence that I can present the case. Here is the affirmation I have used for the last several days. The affirmation helped me to set a positive mind set in a could be very negative situation.

I relax and cast aside all mental burdens,
allowing God to express through me
His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.