Friday, February 03, 2006


A volition is the act or an instance of making a conscious choice; the power or faculty of choosing.
A volition consists of a series of continuous, undiscourageable, unceasing determinations and acts revolving around a desire, until it becomes dynamic enough to produce the much-craved result.

There are times in our life, volition is needed in every turn of our path in order to attain our life-long objective.

I had a hard time falling to sleep last night until about 1:00 am, I set my alarm to wake up 4:45 to meditate. When the alarm sounded, I almost tried to turn it off and went back to sleep. But I am glad that I didn't. I fought back the desire to go back to sleep and followed my schedule to meditate 1 and 1/2 hour. Even though I had to spend at least 10 minutes to clear my thought, I felt triumphant after the meditation.

For the last several days at work, I am happy with the action and attitude that I had towards some personnel in other company. I believe I handled the situation well. In addition to the right attitude, I presented my case very convincingly. Finally the other party had agreed with my finding and my conclusion. The situation is by no means resolved, but that section of the issue is cleared.

Come to think of life, most of people seems to fully immerse in the physical world without any inkling of our truer and grander reality. The result of this kind of attitude is division and conflict.
The notion is forever you or I, yours or mine, win or lose, have or have not, good or bad, the typical polarity of the physical dimension. The ultimate reality is that whatever we experience in life, be it pain or pleasure, all but entertaining and learning opportunity for our higher self. It is only the ego that always gets in the way of judging and labeling the situation as good or bad.