Sunday, January 01, 2006

A flashback

My main spiritual goal for last year was to learn lucid dreaming. I will not say that I failed, but I could say that I was not successful. Actually the last several months I practically giving up trying. The main reason is that I had decided to focus my energy to serious meditation. I can not juggle, within my limited time, with both meditation and lucid dreaming. I have to choose either one of them but definitely not both.

I had some interesting dreams, read some good books, took a trip to Hawaii, rode a helicopter. These were the things that I did, but the most important growth came from within, an inner understanding and constant endurance of personal relationship among family members and my co-workers.

I have known several wonderful people in my professional life outside of my company. I can impart goodwill,fairness and understanding towards others, because they don't stay with us at the end of the day. The most challenging interpersonal activity will always be the people in our inner circle. life is not a race that you win or lose, life is a progressive learning toward the realization of our infinite self.

I shall continue walking the path of liberation!