Sunday, January 15, 2006

Autobiography of a Yogi

It is fortuitous that I have the opportunity to read "Autobiography of a Yogi". It is a treasure for people who seek the truth of our ultimate reality without outward guidance of a teacher. My teacher is my living environment, my teacher is my daily interaction with people, my teacher is the book that I have the fortune to read, my teacher is my meditation, and ultimately, my teacher is my Higher Self, the part of me infinitely resourceful and infinitely wise. My Higher Self that sets up circumstances so perfectly for me to learn and grow not just once, but numerous times until I assimilate each lesson into part and parcel of my very being. Yes, the learning opportunity is relentless, and insistent. Yes, the lesson will be presenting itself over and over again until I got it. Some lessons I will learn it in an instant, but some may take me a few hundred years, nevertheless, learn I will. And so will everyone else in this world. Not a soul will be lost!

When I read this book, I am savoring the aroma of wisdom emitting from the pages. I will read a sentence or two and so enchanted with the profound meaning and wisdom that I will put the book down and contemplate it. It is a splendid gem among the spiritual jewels.