Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Are you an Indigo Child?

Issue 16 August 17, 2004

Fascinating Facts about Indigo Children

Questions and Answers about Indigos

Hello friends, Recently I've received a lot of questions about Indigo children and have actually done many sessions for parents with troubled Indigos (Type 3's). So I thought it would help to answer these questions for everyone for a few reasons. The first thing I want to do is clear up misconceptions about Indigos by describing genetically how they are different and what the different types of Indigos are. The second thing I want is to give you some characteristics of Indigos so that maybe you can discover if YOU or one of your children could be one and what this means. And finally, I want to go over the mission of Indigos and how we can help "wake them up". So, on to the questions!

Q: Who are the Indigo children and why are they called that?

A: Over the past 100 years, a new "breed" of children have caught the attention of the scientific communites in the U.S., China, Mexico, Russia, and other countries because their unusual physical and psychological attributes separate them from the "norm". These children display enhanced immunological systems, advanced genius or highly gifted intelligence, and oftentimes extraordinary abilities of a "paranormal nature" such as "seeing blind" (see while blind folded) and communicating using telepathic visioning (transferring visual imagery and direct cognition to receivers). The "Indigo" description of these children emerged through intuitive observation of the "subtle body" or Auric Field, in which a greater concentration of color in the BLUE wave spectra is a dominant feature.

Q: Why are the Indigos here?

A: The Indigos are in truth representatives of a very old breed of consciousness once prevalent on Earth, and they are coming back as the way-showers of things to come, and are here by design and intention. They are here because they were asked to come and fulfull their part within a much grander evolutionary mission. That mission is to reverse-mutate the human gene code and restore the original Diamond Sun 12 strand DNA template potential within the Earth human lineage. The plan is being orchestrated by members of the elder races of higher evolution that still reside in higher harmonics of matter.

Q: How does the DNA of Indigos differ from contemporary humans?

A: Contemporary humans are currently in the 5th Aryan Root Race evolutionary cycle in which the 4th DNA strand begins activation. Aryans (and this DOES NOT mean white supremacy, Aryans have all 5 different skin colors :), are born with the imprint for DNA strands 1-4 with varying degrees of 3rd strand activation. Through the course of a lifetime, the 4th strand begins activation, through a process of frequency accretion (drawing consciousness, in the form of frequency, into the personal morphogenetic field via the DNA). Contemporary humans are born with portions of the imprint of their DNA strands 7 through 12, potential for full 12 strand activation, and may have activation of strand 4 at birth. Indigos on the other hand, are born with the Elder Race Human Oraphim imprint of 24 to 48 strands of DNA. During fetal integration the Oraphim spirit activates the 5th and 6th DNA strands to retain open connection between its embodied consciousness and Soul Matrix (dimensions 4-6). From birth through age 12, the Indigos rapidly activate strands 4, 5, and 6 and can then embody 6 dimensions of consciousness and COMPLETE soul integration. By age 33, they can activate 12 DNA strands. If their gene code activates properly and they are not tagged by Illuminati drug companies whose agenda is to STOP this evolutionary advancement, they have the potential for shape-shifting, cellular transmutation, ascension, and inter-time teleportation by age 33.

Q: I think my soul purpose is very similar to yours, because I feel the need to raise people and bring them into the true human god state on earth, and I constantly have thoughts and ideas about how I should go about this, like being able to effectively communicate with any person and to create a situation for them that brings out the search for higher knowledge through themselves, so I am not forcing but teaching them through their own experience. But of course I can't perform the way I feel I should be able to. So if this is my soul purpose why aren't I already like that and doing it?

A: To fulfill their potential, Indigos MUST clear distortions in the DNA/Fire Letter sequences that were inherited from the fetal body and PARENTS during fetal integration. As discussed earlier, the Indigo child commences soul integration by activation of strand 6 by age 12. In the fetal integration process, the incoming Indigo spirit brings the DNA Fire Letter/scalar wave patterns of its own consciousness into the fetal tissue, which ALREADY contains portions of the DNA Fire Letter program from both parents. As contemporary humanity carries many DNA mutations and Fire Letter distortions, these distortions are replicated in the morphogenetic field and genetic code of the fetal body and the incoming spirit inherits the DNA distortion from the parents. The DNA distortions that cause contemporary humans chemical imbalance and hormonal malfunction at the onset of 4th strand activation at puberty occur in Indigo children from birth to age 12, creating excessive buildup of frequency within the DNA and bio-energetic field. The excessive dis-harmonic scalar waves in the DNA translate into the further biochemical/hormonal imbalance and amplification of the original DNA distortions. This is why many Indigos are so sensitive to their surroundings and are very prone to to drug use to try to "numb" themselves. But these are mostly Type 3 Indigos which we will discuss later.

Q: You say you have a 48 strand template, what do normal people have? And what is the difference?

A: Indigo Composite Type-1's have an Emerald Order Oraphim 48 strand DNA matrix, which gives them the maximum potential of 30-48 ascension codes through which the Avatar identity may embody and the consciousness may expand into the Ascended Masters identity levels. Type-1 Indigos are part of the Oraphim-Human hybridization program, serving to accelerate and expedite reaching critical mass of the 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA matrix within the race gene pool, before 2012. Type-1 Indigos have advanced psychic and occasionally direct manifestation abilities, are sensitive to everything, and often remain detached from human issues to focus on their service contract. They hold great love within for all life forms.

Indigo Dominant Type-2's are also here to restore the codes of ascension to the human lineage. They have a maximum potential of 24-30 ascension codes through which the Avatar identity may embody and the consciousness may expand to the Rishi identity level. They have advanced psychic development, are very personable, but may become excessively introverted due to the fear of the Earth environment. They are gifted in linguistic translation, the arts, music and interpersonal diplomacy.

Indigo Recessive Type-3's are the most common and often troublesome of the group. The reason is that they are literally incarnations of 2 different avatars in ONE body, an Oraphim avatar overseeing a Nephilim avatar spirit essence. The core of their life purpose is to mend the extremes of polarity between the reversed 11 strand DNA matrix of the Nephilim and the 12 strand Diamond Sun matrix of the Oraphim. They have a maximum potential of 12 strand DNA activation, but their lifetimes serve an important role in the greater plan of healing the DNA distortion within the Nephilim, Annunaki and Human genetic lines. Type-3's have the most extremes in polarity of all Indigos, are highly intelligent, mathematically inclined, and athletic. They may sometimes seem like "angel and devil" in 1 body. They are most vulnerable to obsessive-compulsive behaviors, bi-polar disorders, and extreme polarity in perspectives. The Nephilim imprint tends to activate first in the Type-3, often creating an aggressive, hyperactive child that spends most of its early life testing the extremes of the boundaries between right and wrong, constantly challenging authority. Just as any Type-3 may sometimes seem like the "Child from Hell", it may do a complete turnaround into nearly Angelic, loving behavior.

At times it may seem as if the child has an "evil twin" that emerges, a dark side of the personality that is capable of extreme thoughtlessness and cruelty. Indigo 3's are usually the ones responsible for going on shooting sprees in schools. The negative characteristics of the Type-3 Indigo emerge as the DNA imprint of the Nephilim activates, and shortly thereafter the Oraphim part of the identity attempts to clear the distorted DNA imprint by counterbalancing it with its opposite Fire Letter sequence, creating the most extreme and rapid shifts in polarity within the behavior and attitude. The polarity extremes in the personality of a Type-3 often lead to self-destructive behaviors and substance addiction as the identity tries to numb itself from the near constant feeling of internal conflict and apprehension. If the Nephilim avatar identity attempts to OVER-RUN the identity, the Oraphim avatar will ASSERT it's authority, shutting down the communication facilities if necessary. Most cases of AUTISM occur in Type-3 Indigo children as a result of the Oraphim avatar "unplugging" some of the Nephilim codes to retain control over the body.

Q: So what is the best way to treat an Indigo child if you are a parent of one?

A: When dealing with Type-3 Indigos, it is best to realize that 2 different beings are literally inhabiting the same body and that frequently, they DON'T get along or agree. Tough love and clearly defined boundaries are often necessary, but must be administered with fairness, not using phrases like "BECAUSE I SAID SO". Type-3 Indigos can be helped immensely by bio-energetic healings such as DNA Activation, but must usually be done without the child's conscious knowledge, as there is usually too much distraction by internal emotional conflict to allow understanding of what is taking place. The softer side of the Type-3 can be very innocent and childlike, with a quizzical desire to learn and expecially to experience emotion involving bonding, although the Nephilim part of the Indigo-3 has difficulty with this because it is a new experience. Though Type-3 Indigos may seem as highly conflicted souls, and sometimes die early, it is important to realize that their lives are not wasted. They have incarnated to assist in the creation of a new race line through which an ancient race can re-evolve back into the light.
They are doing a great service for both the Nephilim and the Human lineage in terms of realigning the Annunaki genetic distortions in both races.

Q: How can you tell if a person is an Indigo?

A: Once you have developed some of your higher dimensional senses such as higher dimensional sight, you can do a specific meditative technique to request to see a person's original root race, family line, divine blueprint, DNA strand template, number of activated strands, and type of Indigo coding. These appear in specific symbols that correspond to the various kinds. I can tell if a person is an Indigo when I do DNA Activations. Usually people who are interested in ascension, DNA Activation, earth grid mechanics, and helping raise the frequency of other people ARE Indigo children and they are in the process of WAKING UP.

My practice is dedicated to helping these people remove the karmic imprints from their parents distortions so they can wake up and realize what they came here to do. If you are an Indigo and would like to expedite the process of waking up so you can realize your soul's purpose, or if you are the parent of a Type-3 Indigo, I highly recommend that you schedule some sessions with me to clear these blockages. I hope that you enjoyed and benefited from this information.

Please do not drug your Indigo child. If you cannot afford sessions, please e-mail me and I will help you anyway that I can. With much love, Toby Alexander Founder DNA Perfection http://www.dnaperfection.com


  1. metaholic8:49 PM

    I believe I am crysal, or an "Dominant" type indio child.
    Yet this terminology of "domminance" is bothersome.
    Further more, the information provided is filled with magic words regarding spheres, dimentions and DNA strands with numerical ID's.
    This is not helpful, since even within this terminology one would probably has to open a media wiki or give a holistic view.

    The global consciousness is awakening, and I beleive that a self-sustaining community will form at 2012 that will rival the quality of life in modern cities, while providing an upgraded cultural operating system. Capitalism and the illusion of democracy can be expanded greatly.

    Test me mighty tester! I shall submit to your system of symbols :)


  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I believe I'm an Indigo 1 or 2. I'm deeply interested in ascending spiritually. I'm dedicating my life to help people and to wake up spiritually (in the future healing and ascension). I'm a Reiki-healer (I do healings only on myself and family) and looking into other forms of healing and ascension like Reconnection and DNA-activation.

    Any recommendations or anything that might help me, useful information etc.?

    Can it be that I have been injected a vaccine when I was little and that prevents me from something? How can I get rid of it?

    Is this indigo-thing inherited? My mom is highly spiritual. Will my children be indigos?

    Where do you get this information? I'm interested.


  3. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Im a type 3
    I have done much work but I'm tired, so so tired.

    Pray for me, Please! I will link into the intention, I promise I will.

    I need help ;(


  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I am pretty sure I am an Indigo 1... some 2 type. I am waiting for guidance to begin the work we have to do. To make connections with other Indigo 1's and 2's. To Indigo 3's check out ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal. Might help to balance the polarity. I pray to you all. I have close friends who are Indigo 3's. Don't give up. Stay in peace.....

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    This information is much more than I have been able to glean from other sources. Although unfamiliar with some of the terminology, this tends to confirm what I suspected thus far. I still did not accertain exactly how long the Indigos have been around, or how many there might be at present. I also would like further clearification on your comment that these "genetic types" are not targeted by the Illuminati Drug companies. I feel that it is unfortunate that there cannot be a clearer understanding of these extraordinary souls.

  6. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Regarding the type 3 indigo children What is a a bio-energetic healing? And , how do you do it without there knowlege?

  7. I find this information very easy to understand compared to others I have read. I have two sons who have always been "different" One son has seen auras, colors and other things since he was very young, he also leaves his body and talks of information that he is given and cant remember when he comes back. This son is extremely mild, calm, patient, and at peace. I don't know if he is an indigo or not,but somethings up with him.
    My other son however, seems to be the type 3. In constant conflict with himself. He is bipolar, is obsessed with reading information about et influences on human DNA, the real history of earth and before earth, and what we have to do to get this planet and ourselves to ascension. He searches night and day for books, on the internet etc. He devours book after book on the topics like a computer. He is so driven to find the truth he can think of nothing else. He seldom sleeps, or eats. He has been like this since he was a child and has been on various drugs and therapies. He is determined not to take even drugs prescribed (good choice, I think) because he feels it affects his research. Any information you can give me on how to help him is appreciated. It has only been in the last 3 years that I 'somehow' became aware of indigos, and Chrystal children . Since then I have wondered if my sons fit in one of the categories. I now think they do.


    Please contact me at findersinc@gmail.com

    I am a 32 year old indigo 3 who has been through a lot of work and is pretty happy with his state.

    Your child seems to be on the same path I tread, except I didn't start with the heavy research until I was in my 20s.

    I have a very large library of books in digital form, and I would be happy to supply some reading materials as well if you wish.

    I understand where the kid is at and I found my truth...and it felt so good to arrive at the end of my time of being a "seeker".

    I highly suggest "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch" by JJ Hurtak in 1975 as a read. It will help him immensely! THere are several others and I have digital copies of many I suggest.

    Please write me and connect. :)


    1. revelationtime5:42 AM

      please contact me at lara.burnell@yahoo.co.uk

      I am 23 years old and believe I am awakening as an indigo 3.
      I have spent all of my life as long as I can remember in a state of war or unrest internally and often feel myself as another being, in recent years I have felt as though this other part of me or other being inside is manifesting under the name of 'revelationtime' within my left side, seeing through my left eye.. ( this sounds bizarre i know)
      I feel I am slowly beginning to unravel to myself who I am and am on the path to finding my true self although the internal war rages on. sometimes I struggle terribly with so many jumbled up thoughts colliding in my mind I feel I can literally feel them bashing against one another. It is so hard to determine which side is dominant and where to go from here, from just knowing to fully understanding the true nature of who I am and what I am here to do. Any help you could offer to ease this constant affliction would be greatly appreciated!

      please write me


  9. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I am Indigo type 3. I am Indigo WOMAN. I am here to help the WOMEN

    1. Anonymous7:38 PM

      i am quite positive that your gender is not relevant, angelic races are androgynous,and no longer need to experience themselves through the masculine or feminine energies separately, existing outside of polarity.

  10. noelle4:17 PM

    Hi. I know I am an indigo child. I could feel something different when I was younger and now it has awakened again. Definitely type 3...having a lot of troubles. What is your email?? I dont see it anywhere.

  11. Hello Noelle,

    My email address is chen789@gmail.com. I like to tell you that the post here wasn't my article. I posted it here for my own reference because I used to have an adult child very possibly an Indigo Type 3.

  12. I think I am a combo between 1 and 3.

    Diane I know how your son feels. I am very similar....although I only began hardcore research also in the 20's. Type 3's have it hard, but unlike how these descriptions make it sound, they are IMO the bravest.

    Imagine jumping into a world full of turmoil and darkness. Then imagine, doing this with a darker soul fighting for control over you! Imagine how it views earth..like a playground! Nephilim/Annunaki souls who need healing are normally dark essences. But with the Oraphim they are both. To be non-polarized is the greatest gift of all. Type 3's have the potential to integrate polarity! And experience the blessings of "both sides!"

    Don't forget that, and as such, they may not be able to immediately remember all of their origin or always align themselves towards the light. But they are VERY powerful on the material plane, and are able to help others around themselves overcome duality too! It is a gift dear friends!

  13. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Thank you - Zaelanyu

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Is it possible that an indigo Type2 become very sensitive to their surroundings and be diagnosised as
    schizophrenia(slight) when he is in teenager(because you said "mostly"),or is it possible that a child combine indigo Type2 with Type3? Or is it possible that not every indigo type3 are so aggressive, hyperactive in evidence when they are a child(not yet a teenager)?

  16. Anonymous9:50 AM

    ummm this is illuminati propaganda, lol. i thought it was crazy you mentioned the illuminati because most new agers dont want ppl to know about them and their works. now what you said about them is true, the medicating of add/adhd is the work of the illuminati for control purposes, on the other hand this indigo type 3 nonesence is new age progression propaganda. i being a person said to have add/adhd am very aware of the medication route and, im not a fan. as for the type 3 theory, it is easy to see how it would be complelling to most. with thoughts being implanted like im special, or i have a grander mission, and so on. i myself have felt these same things to my core. and i have done other research on indigo children, and just cant stop shaking my head in disapprovment. myself being a believer in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior sees through both sides of propaganda previously mentioned. please people, if your looking for answers in life, turn to the bible. i know it doesnt always seem that way at first, but the bible has all the answers. and having faith in Jesus will help you see and understand those answers. Hope you all know i love ya and thats why im commenting on this. here is a link so you can see how this is connected with the new age movement and how the origins are from an evil nature.


    Good luck to you all and may God bless you.

    1. I am very sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about. You are probably in a deep denial. Ask your self, why the hell you have visited this website? Bye now:))

  17. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I just found this. I know this is really old. I feel as though I am an Indigo 3. I have had people do channelings saying that I am a star child which is how I started researching all of this. I have been on all kinds of medication for ADHD for a total of about 10 years. 11-20ish. I am not on it anymore. But I know it changed me a lot. It was not something I enjoyed. It caused me to shut down. Is there any advice for an indigo that has been through many drugs for ADHD?

  18. To Ngatai...

    I feel you my dear friend. I also am indigo type 3. Like you I am very very tired, but you have an incredible power inside of you. God never gives what you can't handle. Be aware of this. We are warriors and never ever give up.



  19. Hi

    The term Indigo linked to my persona, or identity if you will was given to me many years ago by a female friend. That year and the year before has turned out to be of major significance to my path.
    Now, many years later, I experience synchronicity once again, and I recognized them as giant neon signs in the desert.
    After 1 shamanistic ceremony in the forest (something I had been looking for a long time until the opportunity manifested itself), the term started to pop up in my conscience again.
    So, out of curiosity, I looked up the term, and found some tests for the fun of it. I "passed" one test. I thought "well, most traits seem to fit me, but this cannot be right!" I have never considered myself a genius, even though I have heard I am a gifted writer. One of the paths that was laid before me at the age of 18 in 1991 that is still on a struggling learning curve.
    So I took another one. With some different questions and angles. Still the same. Never 100%, but up there.

    As a Sherlock Holmes chasing the dragon, I feverishly search for answers. Get a video clip from a "drum circle" friend which has shook the foundation of everything I have ever believed, or not believed.

    I do not dare to look at what "kind" I am. Reading through the traits, I "feel" at home in all three. God knows I am not easy to be with if I am not in my own skin, or gets rubbed the wrong way.
    I am still not satisfied with my own conclusions.

    Why all these sudden changes right now?
    Why do I all of a sudden get this craving for vegetarian? I have been an unapologetic meat eater all my life.
    Strange sensations running through me as if I am getting a mobile phone with a vibrator installed inside me.
    3 chakras taking turns running wilde.
    Tears, laughter, just a chord to strike a core and make me do both at the same time.
    A lived life passing in review.
    Less interest in going out.
    Chain smoking pot. Spending days in a state of half meditative and awakened emotions,.

    I know this is an old article.
    But I just want to know what the hell is going on and why nobody in my surroundings are experiencing the same. I am talking about the neighbours and the people I pass by when I am out.
    So if someone can give me some answers to this, I't be appreciated. I feel like I am going nuts here.