Thursday, August 12, 2004

Karmic Session Report
Ming Chen

Hi Ming,

Your Karmic Session went very well and you were able to release some important past attitudes and energy blockages.

For this session, I focused on calling up and removing the highest priority issues your Higher self showed me.

The first thing that I was shown was that you had an actual blockage to receiving information and guidance from your Higher self. This was preventing you from receiving your intuition and being able to act on it. So what I did is remove the blockage, and then did a technique to open up the connection between you and the 5th dimensional level of your self. I did this by running frequency through your 6th and 5th chakras. Now if you can just quiet your mind, you will be able to tap into your higher sensory perception, and receive guidance or even ask questions and receive telepathic answers.

The next thing that I saw were some identities (ids) associated with fear, guilt, worry, and sadness. At one point in your incarnational cycle, you considered yourself a failure, and this generated a very solidified complex of little energy blockages inside and around your 3rd chakra. This had a tendency to make you sometimes be criticizing and condemning to others because in reality, you had a lot of guilt constructs about yourself. Guilt is the great boulder that blocks joy so I was happy that I could transmute this for you. I also focused on and removed the Ids associated with your worry and fearful thoughts. With this gone, you should feel much more at peace with yourself, and will not have to get approval from others regarding your self-worth.

The most important thing that I did was more work on your heart chakra. What I received is that you have been subjected to a lot of “hard” love in this life and many past ones. While hard love can be appropriate at times, it’s not really what you needed. You were very sensitive before being exposed to this, and afterward it made it a bit difficult for you to completely open up and give your OWN heart and trust to anyone. So you had some Ids scattered through your heart chakra that were keeping it closed and even though it made you “tough”, it did not allow you to become really intimate with anyone. With this gone, you should be able to accrete the frequency of unconditional love for yourself as well as direct this to others. Since love and bliss are actually what make your DNA immortal and keep you healthy, it was very important that we helped you with this.

The last thing I did was ask about James and why you two were mother and son in this lifetime. What I received is that James is a special type of Indigo child called a Recessive Type-3. Indigo Type 3’s are literal incarnations of 2 different soul’s in one body. They are part of a program to allow a specific race line to re-evolve by mending the extremes of polarity between the 2 different soul essences. One soul essence has reversed 11 strand DNA template while the other one has 12 strand potential. The core of their life purpose is to heal the DNA distortion between the 2 different template combinations. This is why James has emotional bonding issues and up and down mood swings and why other Type 3 Indigos may seem like “angel and devil” in 1 body.

Probably the reason James picked you as his mother is that you have the qualities to deal with him and help him with his struggles. When dealing with Type-3 Indigos, it is best to realize that 2 different beings are literally inhabiting one body and that frequently they disagree. Tough love and clearly defined boundaries are often necessary with the Type-3, but must be administered with fairness and democracy. Working with the bio-energetic field as we have done with James is the best way to assist Type 3’s, as there is usually too much distraction by internal emotional and perceptual conflict to allow true conscious understanding of what is taking place. They are better off not consciously knowing that they house 2 separate beings, and function best when in calm environments without many distractions or unnecessary interactions with others. Like all Indigos, Type-3’s often feel out of place, bored or disinterested in earthly affairs. They definitely “march to their own drummer”, so please keep these things in mind when dealing with James. I hope this helps you understand him more and what you can do to help him along his path.

At this point, your Higher self said that was all we could do in this session, so I ended the session by extending gratitude to your guidance for helping me and by asking that you integrate this session in the best way possible for you. Please let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Toby Alexander
Founder DNA Perfection

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