Saturday, August 28, 2004

DNA Perfection

DNA Activation 2 Session
Ming Chen

Hi Ming,

Your 2nd DNA Activation went very well. Let me give you a little background on this so you can understand the process a little better. In the previous evolutionary cycles of humanity, actualization of the 12 strand DNA potential took place slowly in Earth terms, spanning multiple incarnations and many thousands of years. Due to distortions in the Earth's grids, for over 200,000 years humanity has been unable to realize this 12 strand potential because the 12th dimensional frequencies were blocked by these distortions.

The people living on the Earth can only accrete the types of frequencies that are available to Earth itself, so we've basically been in a frequency fence for a very long time. But, in January 2000, these 12th dimensional frequencies were re-anchored here as the grids were fully repaired and thus this is why 12 strand DNA Activation has been re-introduced to humanity - because it's now possible. So, in my sessions, I use this 12th dimensional frequency and run the current from my own template into yours to clear energetic blocks, karmic imprints, and eventually activate your dormant DNA.

When the human genome was operating in its original organic form in pre-ancient history, the process of cellular transmutation took place in ONE lifetime, over a period of about 44 years. The whole idea of evolution is to be able to bring in and embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness and be at-one with Source. This means activating our complete 12 strand DNA blueprint and thus being able to change the angular rotation of particle spin inside each of our cells to be able to ASCEND to another dimension through a stargate like Jesus and other Avatar masters.

So for your 2nd DNA Activation, I first connected to your higher self and did some techniques to remove the inorganic crystal seal implants that ordinarily block the activation of the higher DNA strands. Then I worked on activating the 2 dormant Kundalini currents that are spiraled within the 1st 8 cells of conception, located in your tailbone at the base of the spine. This went well and now that these currents are activated, the frequencies of consciousness for dimensions 4-9 will progressively awaken within your body, fully activating 4-9 strands of your DNA template. I next asked to see your DNA template and the current activated strands. I then asked permission from your Higher self to activate as many as I could, one by one, including all of the sub-harmonics of the strands. I was able to fully activate strands 1 through 6 and then your Higher self said that was all we could do at this time. The final step in the procedure that I did for you is to activate your 12th chakra, which is located 6" below your feet. This allows the 4th dormant Kundalini current to activate and allows you to anchor 12th dimensional energy from Source and the Earth's grids, initiating the process of cellular transmutation and intentional de-manifestation of the biological form. It also prepares strands 10-12 for activation, and as soon as you can handle this frequency within your biological form, it will naturally occur.

So….. Ming, we've removed a lot of blockages, karmic imprints and miasms to prepare you for these DNA Activations and you are progressing well. You are at the point where you have strands 1 through 6 active and can now basically embody your soul's frequencies. You can also tap into the knowledge of your other incarnations that are happening in different time vectors now. As your frequency rises even more and you use your free will choices more in line with that of the divine right order, you will quickly activate the additional strands and then be able to embody your Oversoul, and eventually reach Avatar consciousness. Or you can choose to have more sessions to speed up the process.

Everything can be achieved now as long as you set your focused intent. You don’t have anything holding you back because you have the DNA active to do all of these things. The key for you now is to just apply yourself and use your intent to coagulate your dreams into reality. In 3D it takes most people about 3 days to manifest something so please keep that in mind.

So that's where you are at this time and it's the highest level of consciousness that you've ever embodied so you should be proud of yourself. Please let me know how you're feeling and if you have any questions.

Kindest regards, Toby Alexander

Founder DNA Perfection

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