Saturday, September 04, 2004

Wealth Session
Ming Chen

Dear Ming,

Your session went very well and we removed many blockages to you realizing fabulous wealth. At the start of the session, I asked to see the issues that were blocking you from this and this is what I found:

Self-power – due to some past ingrained beliefs about women and their “role” in your family line and culture, you were not realizing your true intrinsic power and taking advantage of this. Women are NOT supposed to be subservient to men and can actually do a better job than most men, since they are more loving and compassionate in general. So I removed all of the Ids associated with you believing that women don’t hold the power, and was able to transmute these all the way up the levels and unplug it from the neural nets of your brain. With this gone, you will not hesitate to take on a project or challenge for fear of men not thinking you can do it or believing that it’s not something you have the power to do.

Working in line with your soul’s purpose (passion) – the next thing I saw blocking you from fabulous wealth is that you are not currently doing what you are really passionate about or that is in line with your soul’s purpose. This is something that everyone usually struggles with, trying to balance the material demands of supporting a family with what doing what you really love to do. So what I did was remove all blockages to you realizing your soul’s purpose and any fears preventing you from making the leap. This will most likely happen gradually, but when it does, you will see how much easy your life will be. When you love what you do and are passionate about it, the money will come.

Deservedness – I found some past programming around having to work really hard for your whole life and that if you didn’t then you didn’t deserve success. This is within the collective consciousness of most countries, especially America. They think that one must go to college, study hard, and then get a job with a big company and work their way up until it’s time to retire and die. Many people get sucked into this and this is often pressured on us from our parents. But in reality, this is not the way that you are going to achieve fabulous wealth. The very wealthy people are entrepreneurs. They dream big dreams, and then make their ideas a reality. They refuse to be wage slaves so they can buy more things and get into more and more debt like most people. So I removed some of these beliefs that you had to work so hard to be successful and that you didn’t really deserve it yet. What you can do consciously is start thinking about your passions and then maybe start a business that allows you to start doing this part-time, until you can afford to do it permanently.

These were all the blocks that I saw preventing you from being fabulously wealthy now. You are very conscious of how to act in line with Divine Right Order so I don’t see you creating much more karma in this lifetime. After I removed all of these, I then focused on activating more of your DNA corresponding to wealth consciousness. This went very well and now that this is done, you need to do a few things to help manifest this.

Focus is VERY important and the best thing I can teach you is that you must have something in CONSCIOUSNESS before you will have it physically. What this means is that you have to believe you are wealthy BEFORE you actually have the dollars in your hand. You have to literally vibrate at the same frequency of that which you desire in order to attract it to you.

So, some of your conscious thought processes have to change and you have to act as if this is already so (because it IS in your consciousness and your DNA now). Every thought that you have has to be that of how a very wealthy person would think, not how you USED to think. Before you do something, ask yourself if a wealthy person would do that.

Another key is to keep the money flowing and not be so tight with it. Money is an energy and you have to create an opening for more to flow to you. This means being generous and not afraid to spend it. I’ve noticed that the more money I spend, the more money I make. And now I know that this is just universal laws of physics in action. Don’t worry about what you spend – just know that more is coming back to you. This is especially important in giving to others, gratuities, and in every day situations where you are paying for services. Tip well and you will be rewarded thrice-fold in the future.

Ming, I hope that this session helps you manifest that which you desire in life. Just know that you truly deserve it and that with focus and confidence, you can create anything that you want. Please let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,

Toby Alexander
Founder DNA Perfection

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