Thursday, August 05, 2004

Entering the Circle: Spirit Twin...Deer Hunting! - A Book

I have just finished reading a book called: Entering the Circle. It was fascinating, it kept me spell-bounded for several days. It was about a Russian Psychiatrist's mystical experience in Altai, a place in Siberia. I am going to copy entire two paragraphs here so that I can refresh my mind with this wonderful wisdom.

"Every human has a particular entity who inhabits the place of their Spirit Lake. These entities exist within this inner space, waiting at the entrance to Belovodia. I call this entity the Spirit Twin, but its name could also be Spirit Helper, Shadow Watcher, Spirit Guide, or Inner Guardian. They are really many different things. "

"To begin with, they are intimately connected with the ultimate purpose given to each person at birth. They are also pure observers, set apart and invulnerable to the influences of the outer world. They watch and silently consider everything we do. They are the holders of the primal essence of our natal being. If called upon in the proper way and circumstances, they can be important helpers to us in performing actions that move us in the direction of our correct purpose. And finally, they can be our guides to Belovodia. "

"There are seven different kinds of these Spirit Twins. Just seven and no more. The seven types of Spirit Twins that exist for people are these: Healer, Magus, Teacher, Messenger, Protector, Warrior and Executor. Understand that the last is not a person who kills, but one who make things happen."

"One of our most important tasks is to learn the identity of our Spirit Twin and then to integrate fully with it. In this way, we come into unity with the ultimate purpose of our being. When our lives have finally been illuminated by the pure light of our inner observer, everything we do becomes much easier. Only by discovering the nature of one's Spirit Twin, and then by coming into total association with it, can one really find and open the gate to Belovodia."

There is one more section that I would like to copy down, this is an experience of a doctor who went hunting in the area of Altai.

"It's amazing what a simple change in perception can do to our minds. As I walked through the forest, I realized that just leaving behind all the noises of the big city and entering the primordial silence seemed to alter my state of mind even more greater than some of my patients experience in the deepest stages of their hypnosis. I walked in utter silence, relaxed and absorbed within a special kind of meditation, yet still with keenest instincts of a hunter. It was exactly what I had anticipated in going there, and I was enjoying it."

"Then a small sound on my right drew my attention. I looked, and there she was. A beautiful young deer, standing near the trees. She seemed somehow strange to me, and I knew indistinctly that she would need a special strategy to be hunted."

"She stood watching me in absolute silence. She made no movement at all, but she was not immobilized by shock or fear. She was like a sculpture. Her graceful pose, her beautiful shape, could only be compared to a masterpiece of art. Every line of her body was drawn with incredible grace."

"Always before, my relationship to the animals I had hunted had been purely utilitarian. They were simply impersonal quarry, and if I could outsmart them and shoot straight, they would be food for the table. I don't know why I never saw more than this, but until that moment I had never imagined an animal could hold so much beauty. "

"At the next moment my eyes met hers. Her gaze was straight and direct. I lost all track of time. I was looking into the soft black eyes of nature itself. Then something happened inside me, and I realized that it was my own eyes that were looking back at me. The boundary between me as a human being and the deer as an animal completely dissolved, and we were one. I became hunter and prey at the same time. It was real, not just something I imagined. It was a hundred times stronger than imagination. I was connected with that animal throughout every level of my entire being, from the smallest molecule to the depths of my very soul. At that moment I lost the curse of my damned rationality, my usual need to explain everything logically, to symbolize everything. It was a moment of pure, concentrated existence. "

"At the next moment, my hand moved without thought and pulled back the hammer of my rifle. It was all part of the same flow of energy that connected me with the deer. It was all natural and right, because I felt both sides of what was happening. I was ready to kill, and I was ready to be killed. It was all part of the same continuum, the same balance. "

"I aimed and pulled the trigger in one motion. At first I heard no sound. I saw only that this beautiful wild animal, the deer, swayed slightly and then started to sink. Every tiny fraction of her movement formed an intricately choreographed pattern, accomplished within itself, as if a set of beautiful pictures were placing each other in my mind. And at the same time, I felt that it was me falling, falling out of this life. Then her eyes finally closed, and the connection stopped."

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