Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Barbecue chicken - A Dream

"We have a picnic at my work. We went to an underground cave to retrieve a chicken that we stored there earlier. We were debating if the underground cave was a good place to keep chicken fresh. After sometime, we established that due to the low temperature setting at night, the underground is perfect to keep chicken fresh.

We then contemplate how to cook the chicken. I suggested to wash it clean, tenderize it, chop it or ground it so that we can make chicken steaks and barbecue them. Well, everyone seems to agree with that!

The scene then changed to a lecture hall, I attended the lecture but had no recall what was being said...."

Our dreams are sometimes hilarious, the stone age and the modern era are all mixed up. The people that I dream are real but setting and logic are quite off on this dream. Well, who will be putting chicken in underground cave for freeze? None of us in my dream have heard about something called refrigerator?

Imagine how this dream would be different if I am lucid, conscious and immediately I will realize that it is ridiculous to freeze chicken in a cave. I might have a good laugh of myself and my coworkers by being so stupid. And yet, I and my coworkers had no questions about what have been presented to us in my dream. We take everything in face value in our dream, or may be I should say "I" take everything in face value in my dream. After all, dreams are the construct of my own mind. To shackle the illusions of dreams take lucidity of our conscious mind. Well, I got a lot to work on!

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