Sunday, May 08, 2005

Magical gadgets - A Dream

Early morning, I remembered a vague dream, but when I fully woke up, I can only remember a sentence, " The bloodline is pure", whatever that means!

Then I fell back to sleep again, I dreamed a group of us taking a trip onto the woods, and deep in the jungle, but we all had miraculous gadgets helping us out on the expedition. For me, I had a pair of magical shoes that I glided along the trail, making my hiking effortless. James had a giant sleeping blanket that kept him warm and somehow also helped his jouney. My sister in San Diego was a director of this trip. After the trip, we settled in a villa in the woods. I remembered we were looking at some sentences, every sentence represented an accomplishment. We checked each sentence and fully satisfied that we indeed accomplished what we set out to do.

Even though the dream seemed to be quite satisfying, but I woke up exhausted, tired, disoriented, my brain was unclear and I was spacing out. It took me sometime to re-orient myself to the waking reality.

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