Friday, May 27, 2005

A fantastic astral flight

"I feel that my head is being squeezed, there is a tremendous pressure around it, it is unbearable and scary, I yell " I am God, I am God" several times, then seconds later, I am floating out of my house into the darkness. I float down to a grassy area, I can actually feel the texture of moisturized grass. It is so real, I am conscious and aware.

I say to myself, I should be able to fly. So, I get up and jump several steps and there I go. I fly higher and higher, I feel that I am flying toward Los Angeles area. I am having a good time. I encounter some people, have conversations , actually in complete conscious awareness. I bump into ceiling of a large building just to see if I can pass through it since I am aware that I am only invisible energy, an astral body....."

When I came back to my senses, I felt that my memory did not do justice of my experience. I have experienced a lot more but I can only remember a small portion of it. A lot of details were not remembered. This astral projection last the longest that I have ever recalled, and this is also my first astral experience that it was not just happened spontaneously. I was actually conscious and aware after several seconds initial out of body and was able to direct my movement and had intention to experiment while I was in it. The state of emotion was elation, a sense of awe and excitement. WOW! It was fantastic!

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